Catering Equipment: Prepare Your Guesthouse for the Holiday Season


The holiday season is around the corner. At this stage, your guesthouse would already have received the reservations for the holidays. That means you know how many guests to expect and you should prepare your guesthouse for the demand of the busy season.

Guesthouses quite often offer a bed and breakfast option for their guests. And this is well received because after a well-rested night, guests can simply enjoy a leisurely breakfast before they go out for the day. As the guesthouse owner, you need to ensure that you have the correct catering equipment to make your guests feel at ease.

Usually breakfast is laid out in a buffet style, so here is a list of the catering equipment for this purpose.

  • Infiniti Cereal Dispensers – these are highly polished mirror finished cereal dispensers that have a transparent tube to view the contents. It dispenses a good portion of cereal at a time.
  • Infiniti Croissant Warmer – this high mirror finish warmer keeps croissants warm in a beautiful dome covered display unit.
  • Infiniti Round Chafer – this roll top catering equipment also has a mirror finish for elegant display. It has a two way heating option being fuel or a heating element which will keep eggs, bacon, and sausages warm.
  • Jam / Honey Stand – this is a three way stand that allows you to place jars of two flavors of jam and a jar of honey on each guest table.
  • Infiniti Juice Dispenser – a similar design to the cereal dispenser for consistent display. This unit has a dispensing tap to pour the juice.
  • Bristol Cream Jug with Lid – a 230ml jug with a lid which is ideal for warm milk or cream. The lid keeps the heat in and the stainless steel finish creates a mirror appearance.
  • Bristol Sugar Bowl – the sugar bowl and milk jug should always match. This sugar bowl with lid has the same finish as its cream jug counterpart.
  • Ovalina Teapot – a mirror finished teapot with 600 or 900 ml capacity is hygienic and perfect for serving guests tea with their breakfast.
  • Ovalina Coffee Pot – the teapot counter. This coffee pot has the same finish with a 600 or 900 ml capacity. You can serve one, two or three guests per table.
  • Infiniti Bread Basket – this catering equipment has a stainless steel basket design that makes it an elegant way to serve and display bread.

Infiniti Butter Bell – place butter in this mirror finished dome shaped butter server to impress your guests.


Source by Stana Peete

Holidays Can Produce Depression


There is another reason why people suffer from depression at this time of year. It has to do with loneliness. When people feel lonely at this time of year they get quite sad, and if you are already suffering from symptoms of depression, this can jack your symptoms up a few notches. But there are a few things that you can do to keep from being alone at this time.

The first is to get together with other friends who are not spending the holiday with their families. If you live far from your family and you have other people who are in the same boat, get together and have a holiday party for yourself. Become each other's surrogate family and keep each other company. You will be entertaining yourself, and you might even have a better time than if you were with your real family.

Another idea is to volunteer. There are senior centers and homeless Shelters that are always looking for volunteers, but because of the cold and extra donors around this time of year, they are looking for more volunteers to help serve food. This will allow you to help prepare food if you enjoy that activity, and it will allow you to be around people who are grateful to see you and are grateful for your assistance. This will leave you with a good feeling and a great memory for the holiday.


Source by Justin Meyer

Holiday Stress (Take Back Your Holiday)


My, oh my. Holiday stress is here!

I always try to finish my Christmas shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving, but since we had kids it has not really happened anymore. In fact, my Christmas shopping has become such a scary thing that I dread it every year.

Well, this year I was determined to get everything under control and enjoy Christmas again. I HAVE TAKEN BACK MY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas can put a huge strain on your relationships when you are stressed, and it usually comes out most of those you hold dearest. Holiday stress can be so bad that you forget the most important person in your life: your partner.

So here are some things we have implemented this year (and some other ideas that can help you as well):

1. Buy Online.

I have done lots of purchasing online this year – more than ever before. It is amazing how much you can get done in just one hour while shopping in front of your computer. No lines, no traffic. Pajamas and hot cocoa. How could shopping get more relaxing than that? Do it with your sweetheart and it becomes fun instead of daunting. (If it becomes stressful for you, just stop and finish it later.

2. Do not Stress Over Gifts.

I have a mother who is very difficult to buy for. I used to spend lots of time worrying and fretting over her gift every year. I have taken things back and exchanged them before the holiday. I have lost sleep thinking about how much she would or would not like it. In fact, I used to stress over everyone's gifts. Do you see how silly this was? Giving a gift is a gesture. It's not the big decision of your life. Amazon is great for one stop shopping.

Find a nice gift.

Buy it.

Give it.

Forget about it.

Giving gifts should feel joyful, not stressful.

3. Limit Your Activities.

You DO NOT have to accept every invitation that comes your way. Everyone is busy and they understand if you can not attend some activities. (And if your friend / family member does not understand that, then they are selfish and you should not care what they think anyway.) That's my opinion, by the way.

We turned down several activities last year and were much less stressed. That cave us the determination to simplify this year.

4. Spread Your Activities Out.

My extended family are having a Christmas breakfast the weekend before Christmas this year. Because of this and some other changes we have made, we only have to go one place on Christmas day this year and only have to help prepare one meal. (I can just feel the stress leaving my body when I think about that.) You can celebrate the joys and love of the season on any day and new traditions are just waiting to be discovered.

5. Schedule at Least One Date Night During the Season.

During all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, everyone needs a little R & R. Schedule at least one day or evening that's just about you as a couple. DO NOT DO ANY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. You can schedule another couple day to do that.

Find something fun to do that encourages physical contact. Go for a walk and hold hands. Take a carriage ride and snuggle up together. The possibilities are endless. Scientists have proven that physical contact lowers stress levels in our bodies, so take advantage of some reconnect time to lower your stress and strength your relationship at the same time.

Remember, a relationship is like a bank. You have to make deposits if you want to take something out when you need it.

6. Buy Your Partner Something To Spice Up Your Relationship.

Things can get as racy as you want. Girls, if you always sleep in flannel pajamas or sweats, buy yourself something silky to sleep in. Then throw in something silky for your guy, along with some spotted candles. Place it all in a nice box or basket and give it to him as an early Christmas present. (Guys can also do this for your girl.)

You would be amazed at how much a small gesture can spark something larger in your relationship.

I actually made my husband a coupon book a few years ago and it is still his all time favorite present.

Need some more ideas? Here you go:

1. Have a candlelight picnic on your living room floor.

2. Rent a hotel room for one night that has a fireplace and hot tub.

3. Take a thermos of hot coffee or cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas lights.

4. Go see a Christmas movie together after a nice dinner. (Still a classic.)

5. Go to a nice restaurant just for dessert and coffee.

6. Take a hot bubble bath together.

For even more ideas that you can apply now and year round, visit our website. It is packed full of tips and ideas that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

When you read all this, it actually makes Christmas seem fun, huh?

So let's all make this the happiest, simplest holiday season ever. Do not allow holiday stress to come into your life this year. It's your Christmas. Take it back!


Source by Angela Christian Pope

Want An Exotic Holiday In Spain? Explore Ibiza’s Es Cana


Es Cana/Es Canar is a small beach resort village located about 28 KMs away from the Ibiza airport in Spain. This is a very popular tourist destination among the Europeans and travelers from across the globe. So if you are looking for a relaxing and lively holiday, look no further.

How to reach there?

Es Canar is a part of the Balearic Islands archipelago and one can take a tourist bus or taxi from the Ibiza airport to reach here. It takes about 40 minutes to reach there from the airport. This popular resort of Es Cana is located on the east coast of Ibiza. There are several options of accommodation which include low budget hostels and apartments to high-end state-of- the-art hotels which are complete with gym, sauna baths, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars etc.

Things to do on the magnificent island

If you are looking to relax in the beginning of your vacation, after a hectic work life, then take the first few days easy. Stroll on the coastline to the north to Cala Nova and Cala Leña. These idyllic places are ideal to rest in the shade or to swim from the sandy beaches on a bright sunny day. Choose between the beaches of Cala Martina, S’Argamassa, Cala Pada and Niu Blau and sit on the lounge chairs with a martini or long island iced tea.

After you have taken enough rest for the first few days and have regained your energy, take a walk to the coast to Santa Eulalia and rest on hammocks in the shady areas. Take your swimming gear and have a wonderful experience jumping from the rocks into the water. Bask in the glorious Mediterranean sun on the sandy beaches and get a lovely tan. While going, walk to Santa Eulalia and get a taxi or the ferry-boat back to Es Cana.

Think about some water sports like parasailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. Keep one day aside for taking a fun boat ride and ferry trip around in the coastlines.

Once you have had enough of water and Sun and are ready for some sight seeing, taking a trip on the Tourist Train is the perfect option. This train leaves directly from the resort and leisurely takes you around till the final destination of the historical village of San Carlos. This will be an excellent three-hour scenic tour and you can pack a small picnic basket to enjoy in the trip. Explore the 17th century farmhouse and pick up a few souvenirs from there. Take a bite to eat with your favorite cocktail at the magnificent Cesar’s beach bar, before winding your day and heading back to Es Caná. This trip undoubtedly is a fabulous way to explore and experience some of the special sites and uniqueness of Ibiza.

No trip is complete without some fun shopping. Explore the outskirts of the resort on a Wednesday and you can’t take off your eyes from the merchandise sold in the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí. Every woman loves jewelry and you can find some great bargains brought from different parts of the world here. Inexpensive and beautifully crafted silver jewelry from India is very popular among the tourists. Some unique and colorful clothing, shoes and handmade leather goods at a very affordable price will be good gifts for your friends and family back home.

On a Saturday afternoon, take a stroll on the road to San Carlos. The Hippy market in Las Dalias boasts of some great hand-crafted products. During summers they also have a night market in Las Dalias and the color and vibe of this place will make you feel light in the head. Enjoy some interesting parties like Namasté with live music and DJs and groove with the latest hits with some lip smacking local cuisines and cocktails.

Es Cana has all the elements of a perfect holiday without burning a hole in your pocket. So this summer are you going to unwind on the pristine beaches and gain a few pounds gorging on the tapas, slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken, sushi, seafood or other Mediterranean cuisines?


Source by Paul Smith

Beautiful Bali, a Holiday Retreat Like No Other


Experience luxury travel in colorful Bali with a stay at two Orient-Express Resorts offering the best this fascinating country has to offer. Immerse yourself in the lush jungle and vibrant art town of Ubud before venturing to the pristine white beach of Jimbaran where complete relaxation prevails. Luxury travel offers you the benefit of exploring two different areas of this spectacular country while enveloping you in authentic Balinese culture.

Visit the Ubud region of Bali, an artistic swirl of color and culture with a beautiful jungle backdrop. At the heart of Bali's artistic community, Ubud offers popular dance and music shows, excellent boutiques and a large market which sells a variety of arts and crafts. Relaxation and pampering are also central to this region with many hotels offering treatments and therapies. Peaceful yet colorful, Ubud is the perfect introduction to experience Balinese culture.

Spend several nights at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort, a haven of peace and tranquility set among ancient volcanoes and emerald rice terraces. The secluded location compliments the atmosphere of total relaxation, yet the resort is only a twenty minute drive from central Ubud. The resort's immaculate villas are perched on the gorges of the Ayung River providing spectacular jungle views and ultimate privacy. Set on gravity-defying wooden pillows amid steep rice fields, each of the luxury villas are decorated in a contemporary Balinese style with dark wood floors and spacious terraces. There is a sense of luxurious privacy with each villa having its own infinity pool with spectacular views over the mountains and the winding Ayung River.

As with many resorts in Ubud, the Hanging Gardens' Ayung Spa embraces rejuvenating treatments using local ingredients and ancient techniques. Relax in the semi-open pavilions where guests can listen to the sounds of the jungle whilst being pampered.

The Hanging Gardens Resort offers a range of activities to explore the fascinating region of Ubud. Take the Kintamani and Besakhi Temple tour and discover the beauty of this mountainous region as you travel through magnificent scenery and undulated rice fields in the presence of the active volcano Gunung Batur. For the more adventurous, experience river rafting on the Ayung River which is said to have the best rapids in the area.

After exploring the fascinating region of Ubud venture to Jimbaran Bay, a glorious crescent of white beach on the south coast of Bali. Famed for its fishing, people travel from all over the island to enjoy fresh caught fish food grilled over coconut embers on this glorious bay. Located on the beach front the chic and stylish Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort comprises of charming cottages and luxurious villas. For the ultimate in luxury travel, stay in the Deluxe Pool Villa is equipped with a private tropical garden, a traditional Balinese day-bed and a private sunken swimming pool. Inside, contemporary wooden furnishings are complimented by Balinese fabrics and artefacts.

Jimbaran Bay is considered to have one of the finest beaches in Bali, making it the perfect destination to relax under a thatched umbrella with only the sound of crashing waves for company. Whilst staying at Jimbaran Bay, visit the beautiful Tanah Lot temple, a testament to the sea temples that dot the Balinese South coast. This temple is created from a rock formation and is one of the most famous on the island, considered by some as a cultural icon.


Source by Jamie D Richardson

Family Holiday Reps


Holiday Reps

Holiday reps are one of those phrases that either makes you feel safe knowing that there is always someone onsite to help you when you have a problem or it's one of the phrases that sends shivers down your suntanned spine.

Why do we need holiday reps, what's the purpose of a holiday rep?

Well, let's have a defect look

The Pro's and Con's of holiday reps.

They certainly can be extremely useful to holiday-makers when on site, the main function of a holiday rep is to greet you upon your arrival, make sure you had a safe and enjoyable journey, show you to your accommodation, go over any functions that you make like to know like how to light the gas burners on a cooker or how to start the gas BBQ, they should have already cleaned your accommodation to a high standard.

After letting you settle in they will then make a rendezvous with you so that you can ask any questions about the parks facilities or information on the surrounding area.

Problems do arise on holiday, the most common problem is that customers expectations of the accommodation, these expectation sometimes are not met and the customer is unhappy, "it was not like that on the website" or it's smaller than you said on the web "now this is where the holiday rep could get into difficulty, he only has a limit of accommodation units to offer and these are generally taken, so offering the customer a different accommodation can be a difficult task, unhappy customers on holidays normally stay unhappy because the complaint is rarely sorted by the holiday rep because of his limit of authority, his superior will definitely be unavailable.
Holiday reps are paid for by YOU, there wages, rental of their tent on the park is all accounted for in the cost of your holiday – and they are not cheap.

Holiday companies without holiday reps,

There are holiday companies that operate on high quality holiday parks without holiday reps, so how do these fair?
What happens if any of the above problems occur while on holiday without a rep?

If a holiday company operate without a rep, then this can be beneficial to the holiday-maker and the company. Firstly the park direct will greet and welcome you to their park, they will have first hand knowledge of the park and surrounding area, usually far more knowledge than a rep would have. If you are unhappy with the accommodation then the park will have at its disposal hundreds of accommodation units so it will be likely that they can swap the unit or upgrade you, something that a holiday rep will struggle to do.

Cost – well, no rep wages to pay or pitch rent for the holiday season, so this will be reflected in the price of your holiday.

Overall opinion.

In my opinion holiday reps are an old fashioned traditional expense that you can live without, but being British it's the thing to ask, very much like asking for a brochure – but it's the thing of the past, but you just have to start to get used to doing without one.


Source by Iain Williams

Take Your Holiday To Florida And Enjoy The Unusual Side


If you are into paranormal events, you will want to plan your holiday to Florida to start at Tallahassee. The Sunland Hospital is a point of interest for seekers of the unknown. It is said that the patients of the hospital were mistreated and is now haunted by a few. The hospital has been closed for over twenty years. You can not enter the building, but it is something to see. Another fascinating place is the Old City Cemetery in Tallahassee. A supposites white witch is buried in the cemetery and her brave is the most visited brave there. Her gave faces west instead of east like most.

The two other places you might find interesting when you are planning your holiday to Florida are Florida State University and the University Cawthon Hall Dormitory. Some say that formerly cadets that were housed there many years ago haunt the University. A woman can be seen walking outside the campus grounds right around midnight. The dormitory seems to house a poltergeist. This place is something to see and hear the unusual stories. Two other places to explore are the Oak Lawn Cemetery and the Lively Building for some adventure.

Paranormal happening are part of Florida and other areas of the world. It does seem that Tallahassee has more than there share of ghosts and haunting. Your holiday to Florida will be exciting to say the least when you plan a vacation seeking haunting places around Florida. After Tallahassee, you can travel to Fort Lauderdale where you can visit the Butterfly World. It is an amazing collection of beautiful and colorful butterflies. Since you are not far from Miami, you can visit the Monkey Jungle Farm. The monkeys run wild and you are the one in a cage so to speak. It is fun to sit and watch for hours.

Holidays to Florida do not have to be about Disney World or Sea World. It can be about adventure and seeing things that are off the beaten track. The one place to spend the entire day is at the Miami Zoo. The animals and exhibits are amazing to watch. Some of the antics of the habitants of the zoo will delight any age. You can enjoy a nice sunny day without worrying about lunch or dinner. The zoo grounds have some very nice eateries where you can have a quick lunch or a sit down lunch.

When you are planning your holiday to Florida, you want to plan a few other places to see or maybe you will want to spend a few days in the sun. The beaches are enjoyable as well as the nightlife. You can visit some excellent nightclubs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Tallahassee. The areas are interesting and have live entertainment and some fine restaurants for dining. You are going to enjoy your time in Florida no matter how you plan your trip. You should try to see some of the unusual things Florida has to offer.


Source by Michael Hood

A Holiday to Halkidiki in Northern Greece Could Be a Pleasant Surprise


There are many popular destinations worth visiting in Northern Greece. But Halkidiki is the place that is receiving an increasing number of tourists. Halkidiki is on the Aegean Sea coast and the little area is full of seaside resorts. The tourist destination appears as three legs if looked at from above (some will say 3 fingered claw) and these are jutting out into the sea. One has to take a flight to the Thessaloniki airport to reach the peninsula. There are many properties in Halkidiki that you can rent, but the villas are the most exciting ones.

Typical European Style Villas

The Halkidiki villas for rent would mostly be large ones with 4-5 bedrooms and many baths. You can take your whole family or a large group of friends and stay comfortably. You can find villas which are fully furnished and the kitchen also equipped with everything you need to cook your own food during your stay. Since you have chosen a seaside resort for this holiday, pick one of the properties in Halkidiki that is right on the seafront. The amenities provided are at par with similar accommodation you get anywhere in Europe. They provide linen and a television with the DVD player for entertainment and so on. Check the terms of renting out these properties in Halkidiki online and make the booking. Technology allows you to get a fair view of the place on Google Maps. So there will be very little to surprise you when you arrive.

Things to Do at Halkidiki

Depending on your particular interest you can spend your vacation in Halkidiki. Once you have picked up and settled down in one of the Halkidiki villas for rent, the calm waters of the Aegean Sea itself will keep you captivated. The view from the villa's balcony will be another way to relax and enjoy the time. But if you wish to explore your way around, there are historic sightseeing spots on the islands. The Cave of Petralonais is one such attraction that tourists never miss.

If you get to see some of the churches in the islands, take the time and learn their history. Some have interesting stories attached to them like being turned into masks and then reclaimed by the Christian faith later.

No Dearth of Eating Joints

You may never be far from a restaurant in Halkidiki. Like any tourist destination, the resorts have their food outlets and you can find a variety of cuisines there. The local preparations and locally made wines are quite a craze among the tourists. Try them at least once to gather the experience.

Generally a good place to vacation, Halkidiki should be your next holiday destination if you wish to have that laid back and relaxed time; no timings to keep and no rushing through the traffic.


Source by Chris Pap

Passover Holiday Facts And Ideas For The Kids


The Passover Holiday is a festival that usually lasts from seven to eight days in the early spring. Often Passover will start in April, but has been known to start in March. The story of Passover is a part of how the Israelites were freed by the Pharaoh and made the exodus out of Egypt. Many stories also credit Passover as a celebration of the 'birth' of the Jewish nation because the Israelisites traveled through the desert after this and made their way into Israel.

This can be a great holiday to encourage the kids to get involved with; many local programs typically hold a Passover play and use kids as the players. Depending on how involved your family gets with Passover you can get the kids involved in preparations for the festival. Some families follow the guidelines not to eat or own any unleavened products on the first two days of Passover. If this is you get the kids involved in hunting down such products in the kitchen before the holiday and making sure to eat them up before the start of the holiday. Try thinking up other activities or holiday preparations you can make to get the kids into the holiday.

Since much of the holiday motives feasting you may wish to pick up some Passover themed paper products such as plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and plastic silverware for easy clean-up, which by the way is another chance to get the kids involved. The Seder meals on the first two and the last two days of Passover usually involve a fine dining experience with the nice silverware and plates, but you can certainly add some wall hangings and candles to the table to accent the decorative atmosphere. The intermediate days are filled with a light more festive atmosphere, which is the perfect time to make use of those paper party supplies.


Source by Gail Leino

Holiday Apartments


Holiday apartments are a popular choice for many travelers; offering many of the comforts of home, along with the added luxuries of swimming pools, gyms, spas, saunas, BBQ areas and often games rooms and outdoor play grounds to keep the children amused.

Holiday apartments are particularly fashionable for those traveling as a family; while the idea of ​​lying idly by the pool all day reading a book and sipping a cocktail is appealing to most parents, it's an idea not all that exciting to children. Holiday apartments offer the facilities to allow mum and dad to relax, while having enough activities to entertain the children. They are generally located in areas that have many family orientated activities for example, Queensland`s gold coast, which is home to Australia's best theme and water parks and offers a variety of free child activities such as the beach and the exclusion of Caval Avenue.

Another reason holiday apartments are popular which is unlike hotel rooms, which are often quite expensive and generally consist of one (1) room with a bed and a small bathroom, apartments come in varying sizes consist of anywhere between 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Three (3) bedroom apartments are very popular; for those with children it gives you enough space to spread out and for those traveling in a group it offers the advantages of being able to reduce the cost of your holiday by splitting the cost while still allowing you to have your own personal space.

While there are many holiday apartments available on and around Australia's coastal regions, they are not strictly limited to the suburbs. In fact Australia offers a large variety of holiday rental apartments to suit holidaymakers from all walks of life.

Australia is a diverse nation with many attractions for the inner foodie in all of us. Through Australia you will find many flavors worth tasting, from the prominent wineries in The Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and Margret River to the emerging wine regions of Orange and Mugee.

Many companies such as Best Western offer fantastic deals on holiday apartments which are affordable and hassle free with packages available that offer not only offer cheap apartment-style accommodation, but also include tours of local attractions included in the price.

Australia is renamed for its amazing outback, bustling cities, luscious rainforests and amazing coast lines and, while each of these areas offers a new and unique experience for travelers, they all have in common the abundance of apartments to rent, which means, when you are holidaying in these areas, you can focus on appreciating the magnificent delights on offer while knowing you have a place to relax and call home at the end of the day.

Holiday apartments do not have the rating system typical to that of hotels and motels, however, that is not to say there is a variety of different rental apartments available to suit travelers on all budgets. Within the one resort you will find many different types of apartments, ranging from cheaper one (1) bedroom apartments – usually on the ground floor with no view – to higher-end apartments within the same resort, which may have more three (3) or four (4) bedrooms, are a lot more spacious and offer a balcony and a view either of the ocean or pool.

If you are flexible with your dates, or feeling impulsive and like splurging on a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, there are a number of options for booking last-minute holiday apartments. Best Western's website offers a last-minute booking option, meaning you may get a nicer apartment at a cheaper rate.


Source by Kimi Anderson