The Ultimate Family Ski Holiday Packing Checklist

There is no better family holiday than one on the slopes but, even more so than beach holidays, it is important to remember to pack the essentials to ensure you and your family are not left out in the cold. While on most holidays, if you forget to pack a certain item it is just a case of buying a replacement, leaving behind ski equipment can be a costly mistake that is not as easily rectified as sourcing substitute trunks or a spare toothbrush.

This becomes even more important when having to remember that it is not just you or your partner that you're packing for, but your children as well. So, be sure to follow these helpful ski packing hints and tips to ensure the only thing you will be leaving behind this holiday is the stresses of home.

Firstly, the easiest way to guarantee everyone has everything that need is to pack a ski bag for each person that is marked with contact information should it get lost or misplaced. If everyone has their own bag it is less likely that something should be forgotten and it is easier to see what has, or has not, been packed.

In every bag, be sure to pack the basics: ski boots and socks, a helmet and hat, gloves, goggles or sunglasses, neck warmer, thermals, wind and waterproof jacket and trousers, all ski passes and tickets, as well as lip balm , sun cream, hand warmers and an energy bar, just in case. Also, make sure you check each bag before and after your day on the slopes so that nothing is left behind and your packing efficiency is not wasted.

It is well worth doing a run through of the items you pack, too. Before you leave, try on everything as though you were getting ready to ski – this will tell you whether everything still fits and is in working order so that you are not left with scratched goggles or missing mittens at the critical moment.

When sorting out your child's bag, be sure to pack extras of everything; there is nothing worse than getting wet thermals and then having to go without. By giving them their own bag to take care of, it not only makes it easier to keep track of their clothes and equipment, but it also gives them something to look after and helps build the excitement for the trip with their own responsibilities.

Finally, make sure to keep tickets, passports and documents all together in a safe place. By keeping this information handy, you will save time at the airport and at check-in. It also puts a stop to those last-minute panics when you think all the vital papers have been left behind, so your family ski holiday departure will be as chilled as the slopes.

Source by Thom Sanders