How to Get Through the Holidays Without Him

It is unimaginable. Spending the holidays without your boyfriend is something you just do not think you can bear. How are you going to smile and pretend to be full of cheer when your heart is breaking? Getting through the holidays without him may seem impossible, but if you have the right strategy then you can pretty much guarantee you are the one he is ringing in the New Year with.

The first step is to treat yourself. Get a haircut. Buy that perfect holiday outfit. Hit the gym. Getting in shape will make you feel great and ensure that you look your best when you see your ex over the holidays. That is right. You need to arrange a casual get together with your ex. Do not push yourself on him though. Even if it has become a tradition you spend a day baking cookies with his mom before the holidays, refrain from doing so this year. Give him his space. He needs to know how very different the holidays are without you in them. You need to make him think that you can get through the holidays without him. You need to do this even if you are dying inside.

When you feel the time is right, give him a call and ask if you can get together. Keep it light and casual. Make sure the tone of your voice is upbeat and cheery. If he thinks for one minute meeting with you will only end up in another knock-down-drag-out fight then he will most likely come up with an excuse for not getting together.

Regardless of what has happened between the two of you, when you finally do get together with him make sure you are in a happy and festive mood. You do not want him to regret his decision to meet with you. BE NICE! If possible, have a small, inexpensive but thoughtful gift to give him. He probably will not have a gift for you. Do not let this upset you. Keep telling yourself that we do not give a gift to get a gift. At the end of the evening, give him a quick kiss; tell him it was great seeing him and that you hope he has a great Holiday.

Most of all remember to have confidence and do everything you can to make your get together as pleasant as possible. Even if there are many issues yet to be resolved between the two of you, move on. Try to remember what it was like when you first got together. Let him see the you that he fell in love with a long time ago.

Source by Kay Michaels