Catering Equipment: Prepare Your Guesthouse for the Holiday Season


The holiday season is around the corner. At this stage, your guesthouse would already have received the reservations for the holidays. That means you know how many guests to expect and you should prepare your guesthouse for the demand of the busy season.

Guesthouses quite often offer a bed and breakfast option for their guests. And this is well received because after a well-rested night, guests can simply enjoy a leisurely breakfast before they go out for the day. As the guesthouse owner, you need to ensure that you have the correct catering equipment to make your guests feel at ease.

Usually breakfast is laid out in a buffet style, so here is a list of the catering equipment for this purpose.

  • Infiniti Cereal Dispensers – these are highly polished mirror finished cereal dispensers that have a transparent tube to view the contents. It dispenses a good portion of cereal at a time.
  • Infiniti Croissant Warmer – this high mirror finish warmer keeps croissants warm in a beautiful dome covered display unit.
  • Infiniti Round Chafer – this roll top catering equipment also has a mirror finish for elegant display. It has a two way heating option being fuel or a heating element which will keep eggs, bacon, and sausages warm.
  • Jam / Honey Stand – this is a three way stand that allows you to place jars of two flavors of jam and a jar of honey on each guest table.
  • Infiniti Juice Dispenser – a similar design to the cereal dispenser for consistent display. This unit has a dispensing tap to pour the juice.
  • Bristol Cream Jug with Lid – a 230ml jug with a lid which is ideal for warm milk or cream. The lid keeps the heat in and the stainless steel finish creates a mirror appearance.
  • Bristol Sugar Bowl – the sugar bowl and milk jug should always match. This sugar bowl with lid has the same finish as its cream jug counterpart.
  • Ovalina Teapot – a mirror finished teapot with 600 or 900 ml capacity is hygienic and perfect for serving guests tea with their breakfast.
  • Ovalina Coffee Pot – the teapot counter. This coffee pot has the same finish with a 600 or 900 ml capacity. You can serve one, two or three guests per table.
  • Infiniti Bread Basket – this catering equipment has a stainless steel basket design that makes it an elegant way to serve and display bread.

Infiniti Butter Bell – place butter in this mirror finished dome shaped butter server to impress your guests.


Source by Stana Peete