Holidays Can Produce Depression


There is another reason why people suffer from depression at this time of year. It has to do with loneliness. When people feel lonely at this time of year they get quite sad, and if you are already suffering from symptoms of depression, this can jack your symptoms up a few notches. But there are a few things that you can do to keep from being alone at this time.

The first is to get together with other friends who are not spending the holiday with their families. If you live far from your family and you have other people who are in the same boat, get together and have a holiday party for yourself. Become each other's surrogate family and keep each other company. You will be entertaining yourself, and you might even have a better time than if you were with your real family.

Another idea is to volunteer. There are senior centers and homeless Shelters that are always looking for volunteers, but because of the cold and extra donors around this time of year, they are looking for more volunteers to help serve food. This will allow you to help prepare food if you enjoy that activity, and it will allow you to be around people who are grateful to see you and are grateful for your assistance. This will leave you with a good feeling and a great memory for the holiday.


Source by Justin Meyer