Christmas Holidays to the Ultimate Winter Wonderland: Lapland


Put the magic back into Christmas this year with an action packed adventure to the Arctic Circle. With so many bargain holidays to Lapland to choose from, there really is not a better time to tell Father Christmas what you want in your stocking in person. There is plenty to keep all you none-believers entertained too with sledging and skiing galore. That is if you do not get swept along with all the fairytale fun.

Fun with Father Christmas

For fun for all the family, head to Santa's Lapland, a Christmas theme park where everything feels a little magic. Nothing compares to meeting Santa Claus during your time in Lapland. Whether you want to give your list to Mr. Christmas himself or watch the elves in action, there is no better place to enjoy one of the late holidays available this Christmas. You can even escape the cold Arctic climate by the cozy log fire in Santa's grotto.

Alternately, for another traditional experience why not enjoy some Arctic storytelling? In this atmospheric experience, you'll be able to listen to one of the local's reveal the stories of the region in a mesmerizing fashion.

Dashing through the snow

Away from the magic of Santa's cabin, there is a still a lot of fun to be had with an array of snow-filled thrills. Whether it's joining a husky-led sleigh ride or enjoying a fast-paced trip on a snowmobile, there is plenty to get your pulse racing here. You can even embrace your inner Santa Claus during your holidays with a trip aboard a reindeer sleigh. Whether it's taking the reins after learning the basics or hearing the story of Santa's own dashers, this is guaranteed fun for all the family.

Skiing, snow boarding and snowshoe hikes also offer thrill-seekers an action-packed way to explore the picturesque white terrain. You may need your thermals or a warm glass of Mulled wine to complete the experience though.

The spectacular Northern Lights

It is important to remember during your winter holidays that Lapland is not only about Santa though – with one of the reported seven natural wonders of the world also on your very doorstep.

Known as the Aurora Borealis – or the Northern Lights – this natural light display, (created by colliding atoms) is one of the Northern Hemisphere's most compelling, and at times eerie, sights.

Whether experienced as part of a woodland sleigh adventure or on their own, this is a must-see attraction. And with a number of planned routes available, it has never been easier either – weather permitting that is. Other sights, such as a glass igloo village, an ice bar and the world's largest snow restaurant, can also be incorporated to make this an action-packed trip.


Source by Chris LD Brown