Different Colors of Christmas Around the World

Christmas is one of the famous and largest festivals of Christian community. It is celebrated with different colors and traditions all over the world. In India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ and all have their own way of celebrating the occasion of Christmas. Every year 25 December is celebrated as event of Christmas, the day dedicated to the birth of Christ GOD. This festival gives the message of humanity, friendship, world's prosperity and the path of truth and honesty. The day of Christmas is the birth mark of Jesus which is celebrated with great fun and fervor. While celebrating the day of christmas 2010, decorating ornaments, artificial lights, Christmas parties, carols, recipes, exchange of gifts, sending cards, making delegated cakes, arrival of Santa Claus on the Christmas Eve and decorating Christmas trees have played an important role where people have started their preparation from the last two months.

Different countries follow different traditions and customs to celebrate the event of Christmas. Like in some parts of India, Christians uses light small clay oil lamps as part of the Christmas decorations where some of them use to decorate their homes with mango leaves and some other use to decorate the mango or banana trees during Christmas. christmas celebrations around the world Whereas in Europe, Christmas is celebrated with national holiday and all the people, irrespective of their religion and ages, enjoy and celebrate it with complete fun and joy. In these western countries Christmas carols, christmas parties, Christmas songs with different lyrics, Christmas trees and arrival of santa has played an important role while celebrating Christmas in Europe. Christmas is one of the universal festivals celebrated with great fun and joy in all over the world by different communities. There is nothing about standards and rules about celebrity, people can be celebrated with their own way and interest in which they want to celebrate.

With the change in time and generation, the ways of celebrating Christmas is also changes. Now instead of organizing family parties, get together events, now people want to book their Christmas cruises tours and packages, where they get chance of celebrating with luxury facilities, luxury beach resorts and with sand beaches. These Christmas cruises have now become one of the favorable ideas of Christmas celebrity. Apart from these Christmas flowers and artificial lights to decorate indoor and outdoor are usually used to christmas background. This is time of celebration that depicts the arrival of festival week that ends with a new year. In this whole week from 25 December to 31 December people are in celebration mood where you will find decorated street with artificial lights, homes are decorated with different ornaments and shops and other material showrooms are chocked up with different gifts items, recipes products, food items , decoration items, trees of different sizes and lots more that people can purchase during Christmas celebration. Therefore, as you go to different places and destinations, you will find different colors of Christmas with unique traditions and culture.

Source by Kalpendra Singh