The Best Christmas Gifts – A List by Age

Depending on the age of your child, you're going to want to choose carefully what type of toy you're looking at when deciding on a present for this Christmas 2008. You do not want to go too old and you certainly don ' t want to go too young, (in a pinch, it's prefer to go too old than too young, since that way at least the child ever grows into it).

Here are a few of the best suggestions you can have when it comes to age-appropriately choosing the right Christmas gift for you son or daughter.

1-4 years: Elmo Live

For the youngest of all, there's really no better choice than Fisher Price's Elmo Live. The toy is a joy to behold, telling stories, directing your kids in dances and games, and even laughing and sneezing in response to being tickled, pinched, etc. What's even better than watching the doll though, is watching your child's face as he interacts with the toy, and realizing that he thinks it really the real Elmo.

3-6 years: Fisher Price Smart Cycle

In this age of child obesity, sedentary lifestyles and laziness, it's really a godsend to at least be able to count on one fun thing that will entice children to exercise. The Smart Cycle mixes the best parts of video games with the best parts of a spinning class to deliver an entirely new experience to your child, one he's not likely to forget, or want to let go of.

4-8 years: Leapfrog Tag Reading System

The 'mind' equivalent to the Smart Cycle's physical, the Tag Reading System will make it so entertaining for your child to learn to read, that he will not even know it's happening. Using an simple, intuitive optical pen or she can guide them very own story to completion, as well as explore the landscapes on the book for sounds and secrets.

5-8 years: Fur Real Biscuit: My Lovin 'Pup

If you've actually attached to a doll in your life, prepare for a very intense wake-up call. Biscuit is not just a Christmas gift for a girl or a boy, it's a new addition to the family. Everyone will interact, appreciate and come to have real affection for him as the days go by and shows off his voice recognition and clever doggy tricks.

6+ years: Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles

The choice toy for the slightly older kid, or that that slightly young-at-heart adult. With these goggles on, the darkness holds no secrets for you. Imagine being able to see everyone while at the same time nobody can see you … or maybe even know that you're there in the first place. Boy especially will love the power this toy gives them, but it really is a gift for all ages.

With this list in hand, a good and age-appropriate choice for a Christmas gift, while far from being all you need to have a happy holiday season, will go a long way towards achieving it.

Source by Simon Schwartz