Top 5 Steps in Buying a Timeshare

Buying a timeshare can be a great commitment which lasts for years to come. Since the large negative press timeshare has received over the years, the actual product itself is not a bad one, at least not if you approach it knowing what you want and what to expect.

1. Which Timeshare right for you?

So first you have to ask yourself which timeshare is right for you. This will depend on many different aspects really, do you want to stay in one location and build a home-from-home? Perhaps you'd rather buy into a vacation club and have the flexibility of having your vacation in a different location all year around? In some instances a vacation club scheme such as those provided by Diamond Resorts International or Club La Costa can provide the flexibility a fixed timeshare can not. Either way, first establish which would suit you best.

2. What sort of experience do you want?

So what do you want to do while you're away? Spend a week on the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol or skiing in the Alps? This will obviously influence your decision greatly, from the country you choose to the resort you pick. Marbella is a great destination for sun seekers and has the Marriott Beach Club amongstst other top resorts, whereas if you want a highland experience Macdonald is sure to be a better option.

3. Which country do you want to stay?

So you know what sort of experience you're looking for, now it's on to choosing the country. For example, a beach holiday in Marbella is going to be different from a beach holiday on Gran Canaria. The basics are there, but exploring the Canary Islands and mainland Spain is very different. There's the temperature, culture, cuisine, cities, nightlife etc to think about here. Have you been to the country before? Do you have relatives there? Pick wisely and you can not go wrong.

4. What time of year do you want to go?

This is a very important point, but something people overlook all too frequently. Not only do you have to pick a time which is easiest for you and your family to travel to, but you need to keep in mind a whole host of other factors. Cost of flights, can you get flights which suite will your budget? Holiday seasons – if it's easier for you to get away during the Easter or Summer holidays, the chances are it'll be easier for others to do this too. You also must think about what other national holidays might influence how busy the resort is.

5. Which resort do you want to stay at?

So you may have already fallen in love with a specific resort, or hear only good things about it – but there's much more which will dictate which resort you stay at. First thing is cost; while timeshare resales have made many timeshare weeks much, much more affordable, you'll still find that some resorts cost more than others. Beyond that, think about the maintenance costs – the majority of the times these are required yearly. What are the check-in days and times, are the facilities in the resort all you need, is there enough to do within the local area? There are a whole host of questions here which you really must find the answers for first. If you can seek advice or even try and visit first, that way you can see things first hand.

Source by James Toby Howson