Enjoying a Child-Friendly Holiday in Albufeira


The wonderful destination of Albufeira caters to the young and old alike: aside from its "heavier" historical landmarks, there are the beaches (the city has about 25 of them) and the family-oriented theme parks. So those traveling with their kids from the airport at Faro to Albufeira have plenty of options when they arrive to spend the day in the most thrilling way possible. If time is a constraint and you really have to zero in on the best choice of a theme park as quickly as possible, then you can not go wrong with the following three local theme parks.

Endless Fun at Slide and Splash

Make no mistake – despite the quaint general character of the city, it is not at all playing catch-up when it comes to modern kinds of fun. The earliest example of this is the Slide and Splash located on the A22 motorway – an exhilarating place for kids with a wide array of water slides. And when we say that this theme park is huge, we're not kidding: it is in fact one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Getting from Faro to Albufeira even just to visit this theme park with your kids can be conveniently arranged, thanks to competent transfer services and a dedicated bus service.

Educational Visit to Zoo Marine

Another compelling reason to bring your kids on a transfer from Faro to Albufeira is a highly educational visit to the Zoo Marine theme park. Here, you'll not only be treated to astonishing sights and sounds – with the various marine animals (seals, sharks, even birds) and the unforgivable opportunity to play with dolphins (under professional supervision, of course), but your kids will also learn about the extreme importance of conservation and the significance of everyone playing their part in saving endangered species. They will learn about the various conservation efforts through a 4D cinema presentation and an extensive exhibit. There is plenty of physical fun too, with water slides, swimming pools, and thrilling rides such as rollercoaster to complete their day. And even better still, children younger than four years can enjoy it all for free.

The Montechoro Fun Park

The Montechoro Fun Park is located right in the heart of the city, meaning once you arrive on the transfer from Faro to Albufeira, you can be in the thick of the fun within minutes! The theme park boasts a fun combination of rides, family-oriented dining places, swimming pools, and even a bouncy castle.

Dining and People Watching at the Marina

After you've exhausted yourself at the theme parks, you can shift down a gear and head to the famous Marina. The pulse of the city, the sheltered harbor is home to an eclectic stretch of seafood restaurants, buffet dining, bars and shops. It's the best place in the city to wind down and relax before you call it a day and head home.


Source by Lukas Johannes