Tips for Using Christmas Wall Decals During the Holiday Season


Christmas is a period of great joy and the decorations are an integral part of the holidays. Traditional decorations include the Christmas tree along with all its adornments, like baubles, ribbons, etc. along with wreaths and centerpieces. After you have set everything up, you could also consider installing some Christmas wall decals in an appropriate color, to bring more holiday cheer to your home.

These decals are not at all messy and can be installed with minimum fuss. In fact, you could even ask your kids to help set up these stickers on your walls. If you are not used to Christmas decals, here are a few tips you can use.

Do your homework

Before acquiring any holiday decoration, you should make sure that you spend time and research about the product. There are a number of types of decals available in the market. While some require you prime or pretreat the wall, others can be stuck after just removing the protective paper. Most of them can be removed easily, but only very few can be used again later on. The most cost effective solution would be to opt for removable and reusable Christmas decal which is made using non-toxic materials. A water based adhesive would be ideal since it will not cause any damage to the wall.

Select the right design

After you have selected the kind of decal you want, you should opt for a design which works well both in December and January. An ideal Christmas decal should be versatile and include pieces which can be rearranged as it would allow you to use it as a general winter decoration as well. For example, a decal which depicts a snow scene would be ideal both for Christmas time and later on.

Choose the appropriate area

When you are looking for a place to stick the decal on, look for one which needs some Christmas cheer. Your living room will probably have enough decorations as it is. You could opt for decals in the bathroom, kitchen or on the hallway walls. You could also stick decals of snowmen or Christmas trees onto the walls of your child's room.

Keep it fresh

It would be a good idea to use a Christmas decal which comes with repositionable pieces and other accessories. This allows you to redesign the d├ęcor, keeping it fresh and attractive. It does not take a lot of work either and it can be done in about 5 minutes.

Proper storage

After Christmas, the decals on your wall would look out of place. Unlike a lot of other decorations, they are easy to remove and store. Reusable Christmas decals can be stored in their original paper backing, after they have been removed. Make sure to store them in their original containers in a dry area to ensure that they do not get damaged by moisture or pests.

Christmas decals are a great way of decorating your walls during the holiday season. By buying an appropriate model, you will be able to use them for a number of years as well.


Source by Trent Rodriquez