Future Hotels the Place for Ultimate Relaxation


If you are interested in visiting Cyprus for relaxation and comfort then you need to check into any of the Future hotels. These hotels are meant for those customers interested in having a a memorable and exciting stay while in Cyprus. Future Hotels consists of three hotels namely “Sentido Kouzalis Beach Hotel,” the “Pafian Park Holiday Village” and the “Pafian Sun Holiday Village.” Airport transfer services can be arranged by the respective hotel. The hotel chain prides itself in offering ultimate relaxation to its diverse customers.

Sentido Kouzalkis Beach Hotel

This 182 roomed, newly renovated hotel is located in Prostaras on the East Coast of the country. It is built on a small sandy/rocky beach in a quiet and secluded place away from the hustle and bustle. It dons a large pool and well manicured gardens that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Being an adult’s only hotel makes this place appeal to both singles and couples who want to enjoy themselves away from the prying eyes of children. The recently built Profitis Elias chapel which sits on a small rock has increased the attraction on this stretch of coast.

The rooms have well coordinated and stylish furnishings aimed in offering a comfortable stay. The restaurants and bars provide different cuisines and drinks for the hotel’s diverse customers. Additional services are provided for free of charge or at a very low cost.

You can have assistance with your personal holiday arrangements with the Holiday Concierge. The extended breakfast allows you to enjoy your sleep assured your breakfast served as soon as you are awake and ready for the exciting day ahead. The Sentido daybreak is meant to ensure you start your day in a sporty but relaxed way.The Sentido Cuisine is made from fresh, seasonal and regional delicacies. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables you stay connected. You will also benefit from the Early Check in/Late Check Out Comfort. However, this is offered subject to availability.

Pafian Park Holiday Village

This hotel is located directly above the Chloraka beach on a secluded location of the Tomb of The Kings Road. This location ensures easy access to the Pabhos habour which is about 5 Kilometers away as well as the beautiful Coral Bay Beach located near the hotel. It combines excellent service with numerous leisure activities. These activities are provided for “in house” and a short distance away from the hotel.

The hotel has 144 well decorated studios and one bedroom apartments. All the rooms are designed to offer an inland, sea or pool view. A wide range of children leisure activities make this hotel ideal for family outings.

Pafian Sun Holiday Village

This hotel boasts of 223 redesigned and upgraded one bedroom apartments and studios. The hotel is located above a splendid sea view outside the Paphos center. It has a main buffet restaurant, one a la carte restaurant and two bars. You can while away in the long indoor Jacuzzi which is heated during winter or opt for the outdoor free form pool with a sun terrace, parasols or sun beds.


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Top 5 Steps in Buying a Timeshare


Buying a timeshare can be a great commitment which lasts for years to come. Since the large negative press timeshare has received over the years, the actual product itself is not a bad one, at least not if you approach it knowing what you want and what to expect.

1. Which Timeshare right for you?

So first you have to ask yourself which timeshare is right for you. This will depend on many different aspects really, do you want to stay in one location and build a home-from-home? Perhaps you'd rather buy into a vacation club and have the flexibility of having your vacation in a different location all year around? In some instances a vacation club scheme such as those provided by Diamond Resorts International or Club La Costa can provide the flexibility a fixed timeshare can not. Either way, first establish which would suit you best.

2. What sort of experience do you want?

So what do you want to do while you're away? Spend a week on the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol or skiing in the Alps? This will obviously influence your decision greatly, from the country you choose to the resort you pick. Marbella is a great destination for sun seekers and has the Marriott Beach Club amongstst other top resorts, whereas if you want a highland experience Macdonald is sure to be a better option.

3. Which country do you want to stay?

So you know what sort of experience you're looking for, now it's on to choosing the country. For example, a beach holiday in Marbella is going to be different from a beach holiday on Gran Canaria. The basics are there, but exploring the Canary Islands and mainland Spain is very different. There's the temperature, culture, cuisine, cities, nightlife etc to think about here. Have you been to the country before? Do you have relatives there? Pick wisely and you can not go wrong.

4. What time of year do you want to go?

This is a very important point, but something people overlook all too frequently. Not only do you have to pick a time which is easiest for you and your family to travel to, but you need to keep in mind a whole host of other factors. Cost of flights, can you get flights which suite will your budget? Holiday seasons – if it's easier for you to get away during the Easter or Summer holidays, the chances are it'll be easier for others to do this too. You also must think about what other national holidays might influence how busy the resort is.

5. Which resort do you want to stay at?

So you may have already fallen in love with a specific resort, or hear only good things about it – but there's much more which will dictate which resort you stay at. First thing is cost; while timeshare resales have made many timeshare weeks much, much more affordable, you'll still find that some resorts cost more than others. Beyond that, think about the maintenance costs – the majority of the times these are required yearly. What are the check-in days and times, are the facilities in the resort all you need, is there enough to do within the local area? There are a whole host of questions here which you really must find the answers for first. If you can seek advice or even try and visit first, that way you can see things first hand.


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How to Make Healthy Food Choices


People are struggling with maintaining healthy food choices. It is not surprising because they are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about what’s healthy and what’s not and they are also given numerous choices when it comes to food products. With all these choices and information, it is not inevitable that people will end up confused. You probably share the same confusion. Who can blame you?

If you would visit a local grocery store, you would find numerous aisles of different foods. If you would go to a restaurant, you would find pages after pages of menus. With so man food choices, you probably are finding it hard to stick to your “healthy foods only” diet. To make sure that you would go home with a bag full of healthy food choices, here are some tips that you should definitely take note of.

Shop Only When You’re Not Hungry

Go to the grocery store only when your stomach is full. This does not need much explanation. Doing your grocery when your stomach is empty would definitely tempt you to buy anything that catches your fancy. You’d be practically throwing your “healthy food choices” list out of the window. It is best to do your grocery shopping after you have eaten your breakfast in the morning or your dinner in the evening.

Choose Canned or Bottled Products Carefully

First of all, if you are going to buy meat, vegetables and fruits, do not buy those that are packed with oil. If you need to buy these food products, make sure that you buy those that are packed in water. Chances are the water will likely reduce the calories in meat products. Do not buy products that are labeled “hydrogenated”. These products practically scream, “Fats!” You need to have a discerning and careful eye when it comes to sneaky wordings in packages. This is one way to make sure that you only end up with healthy food choices.

You should also avoid products with high fructose or glucose content. Many products like juices and soft drinks are loaded with high fructose content. When you see these words “high fructose” in a grocery product, you should definitely stay away from it. These words basically mean that you would be drinking something with 100% pure sugar in it.

Many manufacturers add high fructose to their products in order to save money. Unfortunately, this causes obesity and diabetes. Examples of this are pancake corn syrups. This is why it is very important that you first check product labels before you buy anything. To be able to make healthy food choices, you need to make sure that you are making informed choices.

Buy Organic Meat and Poultry

When purchasing meat products like beef, pork and poultry, you should definitely consider opting for organic products. These are free from growth hormones, steroids and other chemicals. When buying poultry, you should look for free range chickens because they often tastes delicious than caged chickens. You should also get skinless chicken because bad cholesterols and calories in chickens are concentrated on their skin.

When buying organic foods, it is better to buy them locally. Not only will you help your community’s economy, you will also save energy. This is the additional bonus you get from making healthy food choices.

Make Wise Grocery Product Choices

First of all, you should make sure that you opt for low sodium prepackaged foods. If you are too busy and you have to resort to buying frozen dinners and canned foods, make sure that you get packages with the lowest sodium count. Making these simple healthy food choices will ensure that you will avoid various illnesses like hypertension or cardiac problems.

If you are one of those people who would like to avoid dairy products, you can opt for food alternatives like broccoli. This vegetable is packed with calcium, so you would still be getting the nutrient despite the absence of milk or cheese in your diet.

When buying breads and cereals, you should opt for whole grain foods. Also, make sure that you always read the labels and get products that are low in fat or zero in fat. You can still give in to your sweet cravings without necessarily placing yourself at risk of developing diabetes.

Eating healthy involves making healthy food choices. You need to make sure that every food that gets into your grocery basket is healthy for you and your family.


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Landmark Sites to Visit on London Tours


The historical and global city of London is among the top tourist destinations in Europe owing to its galore of attractions that have charmed visitors since centuries. If you are planning London tours, then you should not miss visiting the following places of interest.

Palace of Westminster

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Westminster lies on the bank of the Thames River. The original building was constructed in the Middle Ages; however, in 1834, a major part of it was destroyed by a huge fire. Later, between 1840 and 1870, the structure was rebuilt in Gothic Revival style by an architect named Charles Barry. The ground floor of the palace features dining rooms, offices and bars while the first floor has libraries, lobbies and debating chambers. The remaining two floors feature offices and committee rooms.

St Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most important landmarks of the city, St Paul’s Cathedral was originally founded in AD 604. However, the present edifice was built in the 17th century by Sir Christopher Wren in English Baroque style. This building has a height of 111 m and length of 158 m, with its two towers having a height of 67 m. Many important events have been held at this church, including funeral ceremony of Sir Winston Churchill; wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana; and Jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria.

Tower Bridge

This combined suspension and bascule bridge was constructed between 1886 and 1894. Located close to Tower of London, this bridge crosses the Thames River. It comprises two towers that are linked together by two horizontal walkways, which are at the upper level. The total length of this famous bridge is 244 m while its height is 65 m. Pedestrians and vehicles can freely use the deck of the bridge; however, the twin towers, Victorian engine rooms and high-level walkways can only be seen with a Tower Bridge Exhibition.

Buckingham Palace

Home and office to the monarch of the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace was originally built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham as a townhouse. In 1703, King George III acquired this building as a personal residence for Queen Charlotte. A number of additions were made to the original structure in the 19th and 20th centuries. The palace has in total 775 rooms, along with a spectacular garden. As part of the summer opening of the palace, all staterooms are opened for public viewing in the months of August and September.

Westminster Abbey

Established in the 10th century, this Gothic church lies towards the west of the Palace of Westminster. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is among the most important religious structures in the United Kingdom. It has served a burial site and place of coronation for British monarchs.


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Things That People Usually Forget to Pack


Every holidaymaker hopes the daily routine to change drastically during the vacations. Office life, it is hoped, will give the way to undisturbed moments on the beach with a can of beer under the shade of palms. Commuter train or long traffic jams are hoped to be replaced by lazy strolling and exotic meals.

If you are one of those who expect their vacations to be a high point of the year, get ready to face the reality. Most holiday makers fail to meet their own expectations just by not spending enough time in planning the packing.

In our last blog post we made a sincere effort to wake you up for the summer vacations before it gets too late to even begin. Now that you have made your mind to go here are the things that you must not forget to pack, unless getting frustrated is the love of your life –

  • Penknife – A very handy tool that can help you in many ways.
  • Toilet paper – So that you do not have to wipe your body parts with leaves.
  • Memory card – Imagine getting the perfect shot just to realize that the inbuilt memory of the camera is full and you can not proceed unless you delete some other perfect shots.
  • Adapters and chargers – Yes, we are talking about those funny plugs that come with long wires and keep your stuff charged all the time.
  • Sunglasses – Do not pack them if you like sunshine more than your precious eyes. And do you know more than 80% people look better with sunglasses and we are sure you are not among the rest 20%. (This statistic is made on the spot; please do not waste time in searching it on Google!)
  • Effective sunscreen – Our research tells us that not all the sunscreens are effective? If you love your skin as much as your partner, check this link that lists the recommended sunscreen lotions: List of Safe and Effective Sunscreens.
  • Mobile phone – its small size sometimes make people overlook it in hurry. Not being able to communicate freely with your car hire company, hotel where you are staying, restaurants that are on the top of your list and other fun places can spoil the excitement.
  • iPod or an interesting book – Very necessary to keep yourself busy during flights and other modes of traveling. Your best friend in case you are traveling alone.

Well, this is what we could get out of our shackled brain. If you have anything to add to this list, drop in your suggestions and if our super witty editors find it worth inclusion it would be done.


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Costa Del Sol Lodging Options


Literally implying a 'sunny coast' the holiday destination of Costa del Sol is aptly named to portray its lovely beaches and sunny Mediterranean climate. And, though Spain features many other holiday destinations Costa del Sol is the preferred location due to its unique blend of mountainous terrain, beautiful rural landscape and lovely sandy beaches. This stretch of coastline, of approximately 150 kilometers, dominates the southern Spanish provincial area of ​​Malaga, and the lengthy coastal stretch of Andulacia, of Costa del Sol is a much sought after sunny haven and accommodation options are very much in demand.

This fascinating stretch of landscape dominating the Spanish southern coastline features a varied expanse of scenery combining beaches and a mountainous area adorned with cliffs, coves and valleys. The area can be divided in to two regions, the eastern Costa del Sol region leading east of the above mentioned city of Malaga, say about 54 kilometers, to the area bordering the province of Granada. That's to the east of Malaga, and to the west of Malaga city, a stretch of about 100 kilometers, leading up to the coastal area of ​​Gibraltar, is the western Costa del Sol area. The most sought after coastal towns in these regions are Terremolinas, Fuengirola and Benalmadena and they offer some of the best lodging options any one could ever dream of, especially considering the fact that they are coastal holiday getaways. If the inclining is to lead a more luxurious holiday its best to concentrate on the towns of Mijas, Puerto Banus and Marbella. Generally catering to the wealthy these areas feature a range of luxury villas.

The 'New Golden Mile' a west end coastal area is also a much occupied area of ​​Costa del Sol and it features various types of lodging options. Same goes for towns such as Estepona, San Luis de Sabinillas, Pedro de Alcantara and even Sotogrande, the western end of Costa del Sol, and they feature lodging options to suit different budgets as well as the different needs of individual travelers. And apart from the obvious attraction of the beaches the Andalucian mountainous landscape offers adventure for those who seek it. A little further away from the beaches, but overlooking the lovely ocean, are the villages of Benahavis and Nerja offering an incomparable experience, especially as the lodging options here are limited to farmhouses or typical village homes owned by the locals. This type of filing can be directly booked through the owners or if you are lucky the details may already be on the WWW.

Being a golfer's paradise, Costa del Sol offers some brilliant golfing vacations. Featuring a range of excellent golf courses catering to different player standards golfing vacations in this region is very much in demand. Lodging options are plenty around the golfing areas and they too come in a range of prices offering different facilities and amenities, and most often you will be able to book online.

For those who prefer a real adventure, you can build your vacation by checking out the range of lodging options available as you travel through the area and booking into your choice of Costa del sol hotels , apartments, villas or even a shack for a unique Spanish experience


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The Best Christmas Gifts – A List by Age


Depending on the age of your child, you're going to want to choose carefully what type of toy you're looking at when deciding on a present for this Christmas 2008. You do not want to go too old and you certainly don ' t want to go too young, (in a pinch, it's prefer to go too old than too young, since that way at least the child ever grows into it).

Here are a few of the best suggestions you can have when it comes to age-appropriately choosing the right Christmas gift for you son or daughter.

1-4 years: Elmo Live

For the youngest of all, there's really no better choice than Fisher Price's Elmo Live. The toy is a joy to behold, telling stories, directing your kids in dances and games, and even laughing and sneezing in response to being tickled, pinched, etc. What's even better than watching the doll though, is watching your child's face as he interacts with the toy, and realizing that he thinks it really the real Elmo.

3-6 years: Fisher Price Smart Cycle

In this age of child obesity, sedentary lifestyles and laziness, it's really a godsend to at least be able to count on one fun thing that will entice children to exercise. The Smart Cycle mixes the best parts of video games with the best parts of a spinning class to deliver an entirely new experience to your child, one he's not likely to forget, or want to let go of.

4-8 years: Leapfrog Tag Reading System

The 'mind' equivalent to the Smart Cycle's physical, the Tag Reading System will make it so entertaining for your child to learn to read, that he will not even know it's happening. Using an simple, intuitive optical pen or she can guide them very own story to completion, as well as explore the landscapes on the book for sounds and secrets.

5-8 years: Fur Real Biscuit: My Lovin 'Pup

If you've actually attached to a doll in your life, prepare for a very intense wake-up call. Biscuit is not just a Christmas gift for a girl or a boy, it's a new addition to the family. Everyone will interact, appreciate and come to have real affection for him as the days go by and shows off his voice recognition and clever doggy tricks.

6+ years: Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles

The choice toy for the slightly older kid, or that that slightly young-at-heart adult. With these goggles on, the darkness holds no secrets for you. Imagine being able to see everyone while at the same time nobody can see you … or maybe even know that you're there in the first place. Boy especially will love the power this toy gives them, but it really is a gift for all ages.

With this list in hand, a good and age-appropriate choice for a Christmas gift, while far from being all you need to have a happy holiday season, will go a long way towards achieving it.


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Sweet Potato Casserole Made Gluten Free


Sweet Potato Delight from The Taste Of Oregon Cookbook, a staple in our home. We love this recipe for our Thanksgiving Dinner and also love to eat it during the cool Fall weather. Our family has served this dish for years. It reminds us of Mom and her wonderful loving Thanksgiving traditions. We miss Mom, but we love to remember her warm and loving approach to each holiday. She always made an effort to decorate her house and to have traditions that we could count on. There is something so wonderful of familiarity.

Our favorite fall side dish is actually used as a dessert in our house. This casserole has deluted many people who believed they did not like Sweet Potatoes. This year we will be making the casserole / dessert using Agave Nectar and a gluten free flour blend after finding out that three family members are gluten intolerant.

(For each cup of white sugar replaced, use 2/3 of a cup of agave and reduce other liquids by 1/4 to 1/3 cup.)

Sweet Potato Delight Serves 6-8

  • 3 C. cooked mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup granulated sugar (this year I will substitute Agave Nectar)
  • 2 eggs, well beaten
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. butter


  • 1 C. brown sugar
  • 1/3 c. flour
  • 1 C. chopped pecans
  • 1/3 c. butter

Mix all ingredients together except the topping and pour into a buttered casserole dish or stoneware.

Mix topping ingredients together and sprinkle over the casserole.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. If you use the agave nectar, some people like to decrease the temperature by 25 degrees.



Source by Linda Cramer

Recommended Day Trip


One may take trip to a number of places of interest of tourists. These places range from historic sightseeing to boat trip to any of its beautiful islands. The city has some thing to offer every one in real sense. Everyone sees a different picture of the city in accordance with his / her interest and affordability. Although the city is less explores but has many hidden treasures that are worth exploring if you take Egypt flights.

Boat Trip to Tiran Island: It's an exciting activity to have a boat trip to Tiran Island. This is the site of clean and clear waters. The trip to this island can be taken any time of the year but it could result into heat stroke during hot summer days. So the best time to go for a boat trip in this hot African city is September through April. It has a beach along the bank of Nile River. Those getting into this island taking flights to Egypt like to carry out different types of activities such as having picnic parties, and children like to build sandcastles or to bury their hand or feet in the sand.

Egyptian Museum Tour: One of the largest African museums, Egyptian Museum at Egypt is the main attraction of Egypt as well as of Egypt. The museum was established as a part of UNESCO's project of preservation of rare objects of African culture and history. If you take flights to Egypt must go to Nile Avenue in Egypt to have a trip to this Museum and see an array of exhibits associated to African ancient history.

Sultan Hassan Mosque: It is one of the most picturesque land marks in Egypt that belongs to Muslims. It is a sufficient and peaceful place that attracts visitors because of both its scenic beauty and its relaxed atmosphere. Visitors from different parts of the country as well as from other countries frequently visit it by taking cheap Egypt flights.

El Alamein Landmarks and El Alamein Monuments: It is military area that has too many attractions in itself and most prominent one is that it is home to the International Community Club and also ST Francis' School. The cemetery is built as a tribute to the soldiers of World War II, which are buried here. The entire region is well served by guest houses and hotels, which range from cheap economy class to business class hotels. Every one taking flights to Egypt from UK or any other worldwide destination can easily get an accommodation in accordance with his / her needs as well as budget


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Different Colors of Christmas Around the World


Christmas is one of the famous and largest festivals of Christian community. It is celebrated with different colors and traditions all over the world. In India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ and all have their own way of celebrating the occasion of Christmas. Every year 25 December is celebrated as event of Christmas, the day dedicated to the birth of Christ GOD. This festival gives the message of humanity, friendship, world's prosperity and the path of truth and honesty. The day of Christmas is the birth mark of Jesus which is celebrated with great fun and fervor. While celebrating the day of christmas 2010, decorating ornaments, artificial lights, Christmas parties, carols, recipes, exchange of gifts, sending cards, making delegated cakes, arrival of Santa Claus on the Christmas Eve and decorating Christmas trees have played an important role where people have started their preparation from the last two months.

Different countries follow different traditions and customs to celebrate the event of Christmas. Like in some parts of India, Christians uses light small clay oil lamps as part of the Christmas decorations where some of them use to decorate their homes with mango leaves and some other use to decorate the mango or banana trees during Christmas. christmas celebrations around the world Whereas in Europe, Christmas is celebrated with national holiday and all the people, irrespective of their religion and ages, enjoy and celebrate it with complete fun and joy. In these western countries Christmas carols, christmas parties, Christmas songs with different lyrics, Christmas trees and arrival of santa has played an important role while celebrating Christmas in Europe. Christmas is one of the universal festivals celebrated with great fun and joy in all over the world by different communities. There is nothing about standards and rules about celebrity, people can be celebrated with their own way and interest in which they want to celebrate.

With the change in time and generation, the ways of celebrating Christmas is also changes. Now instead of organizing family parties, get together events, now people want to book their Christmas cruises tours and packages, where they get chance of celebrating with luxury facilities, luxury beach resorts and with sand beaches. These Christmas cruises have now become one of the favorable ideas of Christmas celebrity. Apart from these Christmas flowers and artificial lights to decorate indoor and outdoor are usually used to christmas background. This is time of celebration that depicts the arrival of festival week that ends with a new year. In this whole week from 25 December to 31 December people are in celebration mood where you will find decorated street with artificial lights, homes are decorated with different ornaments and shops and other material showrooms are chocked up with different gifts items, recipes products, food items , decoration items, trees of different sizes and lots more that people can purchase during Christmas celebration. Therefore, as you go to different places and destinations, you will find different colors of Christmas with unique traditions and culture.


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