10 Best Things to Do in Florence While on a Language Holiday


The best things in the world never come free. This is especially true in the case of Florence, the city that unfolds the Renaissance mysteries to the world. The city's cultural artistic magnificence makes it a place that one must certainly visit.

While you learn Italian in Florence, there area few good things that you can do to keep your spirits soaring high and learn more about the culture and history of the language that you're studying.

Uffizi Gallery- The Renaissance Glory!

The oldest art museum in the world and the most famous, the gallery houses very famous works of art by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raphael, Da Vinci, Paolo Ucello and Titan amongst other master pieces of the Renaissance era.

Piazzale Michelangelo- A Breathtaking View of Florence

Located on top of a hill, south of River Arno and the historic building, it offers a spectacular view of the city of Florence. You can watch the city in all its glory during sunset when the rays of the sun drape the whole city in its golden rays.

Piazza Santa Croce- Gothic at its Best!

This Franciscan church in Florence is a Gothic wonder. It houses the tombs of famous Florentines like Dante and Michelangelo among others . The stained glass windows, the frescoes, Renaissance sculptures and the Trento paintings are wonderful works of art that should never be missed!

Pizza Della Signoria- A Lively Scene

Pizza Della Signoria plays host to many a socially social and political gathering. Palazzo Vecchio, the City Hall is located in this square. Originally a fortress the city hall is a treasure trove of art collections.

Football Match

Florencehas one of the best football teams in Italy- ACF Fiorentina. You can make a trip to Stadio Artemio Franchi to enjoy a game when in Florence.

The Bargello- Explore the Masterpieces

The Bargello is a remarkable structure that was once a prison. Now it stands tall as one of the most popular museums in Florence. This 800 year old massive structure shelters the works of art of Michelangelo, Ghiberti, Donatello and countless others. The Bargello offers an enigmatic ride into the minds of the masters …

The Great Synagogue of Florence- Tempio Maggiore

An imposing structure replete with vibrant mosaic work, this structure can be traced back to 1874. The temple mirrors Islamic architecture with a blend of Italian taste and is a captivating structure of all angles.

Ponte Vecchio- Bridging Gaps Beautifully

An unrivaled medieval structure, this stone structure holds the two distinct parts of Florence together. You can watch the Arno River absorbing sparkle of the gold and silver shops that line the bridge. The bridge has an amazing history that dates back to over 1000 years, and it's still very much in tact.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore- Renaissance at its Best

This cathedral along with the bell tower, Campanile is one of the most important Renaissance structures in Italy. The Duomo offers a striking view of the city from above. The cathedral houses the tomb of Brunelleschi, the creator of the Duomo and many other statues and intricate works worth taking a look at.

The Baptistery

This 11th century octagon structure of St John is one of the oldest structures in Florence. The bronze doors of the Baptistery depicts intricately carved biblical scenes and the life of St John the Baptist. The beautiful marble interiors and gold mosaics of the baptistery are unsurpassed works of art!