Annual General Cleaning Tips For Holiday Home Rental Owners

A holiday or vacation home rental is one of the most lucrative types of businesses to get into nowdays. This is especially true if your home for lease is located in a popular travel destination, have several bedrooms, bathrooms, and other modern amenities. A holiday home rental will also be more popular and lucrative if you have a lovely pool, lawn or garden.

Holiday home leasing though can be a difficult and tricky business to get into. Aside from being a seasonal kind of business, you will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort in keeping the beautiful condition of the property for rent.

To ensure that your rental property is in tip-top condition, as well as regularly cleaning it before and after travelers will rent it, your house needs to undergo a general cleaning process annually as well. Below are some useful tips you can follow for the yearly general cleaning tasks that you have to do in and out your holiday home rental:

Throw all the unsatisfied items out . Even if they're still functional, if they are not in the best condition or are already looking worn and torn, toss them out. These items include welcome mats, dish towels, and pot holders that look frayed and beaten. If there are plastic plates that look faded, chipped glasses and coffee mugs, throw them away, too. Of course, you need to replace these with new ones as well so schedule a shopping trip as soon as possible.

Open all windows before cleaning. Before you start sweeping, dusting or vacuuming, open all the windows. You need to do this to get a good cross breeze in your home to clear out any stale air. Once this is done, start vacuuming or sweeping under pieces of furniture, remove and wash the curtains, deep clean the carpets, and replace the air filters as well.

Scrub or clean all the areas that you can reach . The annual general cleaning provides you the best opportunity to thoroughly mop and scrub the floors in each room. House cleaning experts recommend using disinfectant wipes to clean door, cabinet, and drawer handles, light switches, phones, chairs and any other surface that is regularly touched. It is easier to clean these spots with the wipes and you can get rid of certain types of bacteria present in these areas, too.

Do not forget your outdoor space, too. Lastly, if your holiday rental has a lawn, it will also be a good idea to do some gardening and cleaning chores here as well. See to it that the grass is mowed and weeded. Get rid of any leaves, twigs, and other types of unsatisfied debris lying around on the lawn. Trees and shrubs that have to be pruned have to be trimmed, too.

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