Bye Bye Holidays and Holiday Eating

Bye Bye Holidays

Hoping everyone had a fun, fantastic, exciting and relaxing mix of Holiday eventfulness or lack thereof. Whatever it was that you did, that it most suited your moods and needs. Since the holidays were shortened into one compact week, Saturday to the next weeks Sunday, there was no time to languish. You had to seize that holiday time with both hands and feet to get the most out of it.

Holidays for me mean visiting family, since they live in another country (Canada) this is only a biannual event and therefore more meaningfulful. I have to inhale everyone to their essence and then painfully let go. Because it's a large family it takes concentration and a lot of energy, especially because there are a growing number of children and I certainly do not want to miss any of the details of their development. I also want them to remember me meaningfully until the next time I see them in six months. Holiday shopping helps.

With family being the central focus of the holidays all the other holiday concerns melt away. Although in the end after we arrived back in New York and I stepped back on my weight scale and I realized something very important. I'm sure you remember my first "diet" experiment which was 'Atkins' and its terrible results. I have since bought the carbs back into my daily period focusing once again on healthy, whole grains, veggies galore plus lean proteins. Also I am trying to eat more meals with smaller portions for blood sugar regulation, meaning no blood sugar spikes that trigger insulin which triggers cortisol causing fat storage around the abdomen. I can usually make time for four meals a day. So these years results from Holiday foods were astounding because my weight had not changed at all. Whereas last year when I had stopped the Atkins I had won four pounds over the holidays. Here's the reason why I had such different results. It was not because this time around I was more disciplined and controlled. It also was not because I avoided food. It was because my body was used to the carbs which are a necessary component of daily nutrients so I did not have this overreaction with water retention to the extra carbs.
I have to tell you here that my brothers wife Bonnie is an amazing cook. I traditionally advised her to share her gifts and take up her talents professionally. Everything she made I had to try because I knew how fantastic it would be. Though I admit she uses sugar and some kind of white flour and butters I allow anything she makes into my stomach because it is glorious and therefore has to be good for me. I know its not rational but the scale does not lie and I earned not a pound. I also had only a few days of eating these foods but enough to have done damage last year.

Another part of the mysterious weight patterns is that once my body got used to the carbs again with a healthy balanced regime, my metabolism found its homeostasis, a set point where the body wants to stay. Yes it's a couple pounds over where I was when on Atkins but it is now healthy and balanced and amazingly easy to maintain … as my Holiday experience shown. Workouts? Well okay I squeezed in a couple, I was not sedentary and walked outside with my mother in eight inches of snow and howling winds for an hour one day. Which I could not have done while on Atkins due to lack of energy.

Now I'm not telling you to go out with reckless abandon and eat whatever tastes good. In your day to day routine discipline and control temped with regular exercise are your mains to health, fitness and keeping young. The good thing about eating carbs is that during Holidays you can kick your feet up, enjoy yourself, relax and make the most of what life has to offer.

Costa Del Sol Holidays Take Some Beating

With sun, sea, nightlife and golf, the Costa del Sol has something to appeal to all British holidaymakers. Only two hours away by plane, it's a world away from the cold, miserable summers we endure in the UK.

The Costa del Sol runs along Spain's Mediterranean south coast, from Huelva in the west to the region of Almeria in the east. The land region here is called Andalucia, but the coast is the "Coast of the sun".

No wonder it is called that; with sun specifically guaranteed in the summer months, it has become a magnet for British holidaymakers in the past 30 years. Sadly in the 70s it gained a bit of a tarnished reputation for various reasons, but there is more to enjoy in this area than there is to worry about.

As well as the miles of hot, south-facing beaches, there are numerous golf courses, giving the title "Coast del Golf" along the more common name. If golf is your sport, then Coast del Sol holidays will give you the courses, the weather and the surroundings to boost your game.

When you think of Coast del Sol holidays , places such as Malaga, Torremolinos, Marbella, Estepona, Puerto Banus spring to mind. Many are the sunny playgrounds of the rich and famous, but many more are within the budget of regular Brits.

Nightlife abounds in these holiday hotspots, but if clubbing, dancing and karaoke are not your thing, then you can just as easily enjoy a quiet meal alongside locals in the midnight warmth, with a carafe of wine alongside.

Stroll among the bars, restaurants and shops as the smell of tapas and roasting monkfish drifts by, with the Mediterranean lapping at the beach just yards away as the evening warmth promises more sun the following day.

Coast del Sol holidays are ideal for the family, as the kids will enjoy the beach, the sea, the hotel pool and the chance to make friends with locals or other visiting Brits.

Take your sun cream, shades, flip-flops and a good holiday book and you'll have a great time on the Costa del Sol. All this and it's only just over two hours by plane to Malaga.

10 Best Things to Do in Florence While on a Language Holiday

The best things in the world never come free. This is especially true in the case of Florence, the city that unfolds the Renaissance mysteries to the world. The city's cultural artistic magnificence makes it a place that one must certainly visit.

While you learn Italian in Florence, there area few good things that you can do to keep your spirits soaring high and learn more about the culture and history of the language that you're studying.

Uffizi Gallery- The Renaissance Glory!

The oldest art museum in the world and the most famous, the gallery houses very famous works of art by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raphael, Da Vinci, Paolo Ucello and Titan amongst other master pieces of the Renaissance era.

Piazzale Michelangelo- A Breathtaking View of Florence

Located on top of a hill, south of River Arno and the historic building, it offers a spectacular view of the city of Florence. You can watch the city in all its glory during sunset when the rays of the sun drape the whole city in its golden rays.

Piazza Santa Croce- Gothic at its Best!

This Franciscan church in Florence is a Gothic wonder. It houses the tombs of famous Florentines like Dante and Michelangelo among others . The stained glass windows, the frescoes, Renaissance sculptures and the Trento paintings are wonderful works of art that should never be missed!

Pizza Della Signoria- A Lively Scene

Pizza Della Signoria plays host to many a socially social and political gathering. Palazzo Vecchio, the City Hall is located in this square. Originally a fortress the city hall is a treasure trove of art collections.

Football Match

Florencehas one of the best football teams in Italy- ACF Fiorentina. You can make a trip to Stadio Artemio Franchi to enjoy a game when in Florence.

The Bargello- Explore the Masterpieces

The Bargello is a remarkable structure that was once a prison. Now it stands tall as one of the most popular museums in Florence. This 800 year old massive structure shelters the works of art of Michelangelo, Ghiberti, Donatello and countless others. The Bargello offers an enigmatic ride into the minds of the masters …

The Great Synagogue of Florence- Tempio Maggiore

An imposing structure replete with vibrant mosaic work, this structure can be traced back to 1874. The temple mirrors Islamic architecture with a blend of Italian taste and is a captivating structure of all angles.

Ponte Vecchio- Bridging Gaps Beautifully

An unrivaled medieval structure, this stone structure holds the two distinct parts of Florence together. You can watch the Arno River absorbing sparkle of the gold and silver shops that line the bridge. The bridge has an amazing history that dates back to over 1000 years, and it's still very much in tact.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore- Renaissance at its Best

This cathedral along with the bell tower, Campanile is one of the most important Renaissance structures in Italy. The Duomo offers a striking view of the city from above. The cathedral houses the tomb of Brunelleschi, the creator of the Duomo and many other statues and intricate works worth taking a look at.

The Baptistery

This 11th century octagon structure of St John is one of the oldest structures in Florence. The bronze doors of the Baptistery depicts intricately carved biblical scenes and the life of St John the Baptist. The beautiful marble interiors and gold mosaics of the baptistery are unsurpassed works of art!

Turkey Holidays – Cheap and a Complete Holiday Deal

Turkey is one of the cheap holiday destinations in the world that enjoys the great reputation. Today it is one of the few European tourist heavens that has so much to offer and do, all at feasible rates. In fact, the key feature that makes cheap holiday to Turkey more feasible alternative is cheap flights which are easily available. Moreover, this tourist paradise even features an abundance of cheap self catering accommodation, which is definitely the best alternative to enjoy your holiday stay at feasible rates.

Today Turkey is one of the few countries that does not have the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations, but yet has much to offer that can make your cheap Turkey a holiday a wonderful and exciting holiday experience. There is an abundance of self catering and bed and breakfast accommodation, which provides a great base for your stay. In fact, holidays in Turkey can include anything starting from long weekend breaks, all inclusive holidays to the ever popular beach-break, featuring all the sun, sea and sand that you always wished for. It has a very uneven and varied terrain consisting of valleys, trails and mountains that makes it the best destination to enjoy hiking. In addition to this, this destination also offer many options to participate and enjoy different sort of outdoor activities like mountain biking on forest trails or even scuba diving in Bodrum.

Enjoying your cheap Turkish holidays you are never far from some of the most unique historical tourist attractions that this country has to offer. Having had a long history that was influenced by the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires to name just a few, this country has lots of destinations that enjoy great historical significance including some incredibly intricate architectures. The fascinating ruin of Ephesus located on the beautiful Turkish countryside is just one of the remarkable ancient treasures that you can enjoy during a day trip.

Neverheless, Turkey is a country where you can do without spending much money and enjoy all what you always imagined. You can do paraglide over Dead Sea, river rafting, and even yachting in the blue coastal line. Adding to this, you may even do hot air ballooning, mountaineering and hunting in national park of turkey. If you are expecting some other sort of outdoor adventure then skiing on the mountains, visiting hot spring and spas, exploring the wild life and green plateaus of turkey are other alternatives that you can enjoy.

Moreover, if you are one amongst those who like shopping then resorts such as Bodrum and its charming narrow streets could be the most feasible option that can offer plenty of good shopping and frenetic nightlife. In addition to this, the versatile Marmaris is the most popular resort where you can find a wide choice of shops and restaurants, along with bars as well. Apart from this, shopping in turkey has own enjoyment if it is done at Istanbul. This is the most famous place in turkey and known for grand bazaar. This bazaar was built by sultan Mehmet, covers 65 streets and 3300 shops.

Today Turkey is not just about sun drenched beaches, nightclubs or remarkable masks, it has many other tourists' attractions. In fact, there is so much to explore and enjoy that holidays in Turkey can provide a complete kaleidoscope of exciting opportunities and wonderful adventure experience. So this season, plan your cheap Turkey holiday for a wonderful adventure and relaxing experience.

13 Facts About Tenerife

As many of us know, Tenerife has become a top holiday destination in Europe, continuing to grow with more visitors going every year. There are many fun and interesting facts about Tenerife, and if you’re planning on visiting, here are 13 facts to start you off.

1. The Tenerife flag is the same as that of Scotland’s.

2. 5 million tourists visit Tenerife every year.

3. Although part of Europe and using the Euro as their currency, it is not part of the EU.

4. Tourism drives Tenerife’s local economy and makes up for 60% of their GDP.

5. One is six people in Tenerife is involved in the tourism/hospitality industry

6. Tenerife has the third largest island volcano in the world – Mount Teide

7. 43% of the entire Canary Islands’ population lives on Tenerife

8. About 5 times more people visit Tenerife every year than there are people living there.

9. The little bumper stickers with ‘SP’ that can be found on many vehicles, doesn’t stand for Spain, but instead for ‘Servicio Publico’.

10. Tenerife offers more five star properties than either Madrid or Barcelona.

11. Tenerife’s Thai-themed water park, Siam Park, offers the highest water slide in the world.

12. The Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands

13. Tenerife has 300 sunny days a year

There are many more fun facts about the place and Tenerife holidays are something that go highly recommended – it is an ideal holiday destination for both young couples (or singles) looking for a busy night life and families that need plenty of activities and attractions to take their kids to – and since it is a top holiday destination, flights are cheap!

Flights from the UK to Tenerife only last between 4 to 5 hours and your entire holiday can be planned on a shoe-string budget, making it an ideal place for a quick holiday getaway.

African Safari Holiday

One of the best kept Safari secrets is Chale Island, 27km off the coastal town of Mombasa -East Africa. Here visitors can cover themselves in natural volcanic mud at Sleepy Creek and look younger than they actually are. Why waste money on cosmetics?

The first time I saw people taking mud-baths was on one of the celebrated Michael Palin's television programs. Little did I know that the very village where I have always gone for holidays, in my own back yard, was a little haven for mud-bath loving tourists. I first went to this location while visiting the Kenya Marines and Fisheries Research Institute during one of my field trips.

The Institute was then working on a very special project studying rare Mangroves species with a University in Italy. Because of my interest in traditional medicine, I wandered off and went visiting a traditional healer and Digo elder-Mzee Abdallah Mnyenze, which I had met through the Kenya Society of Ethnoecology. As an accomplished Ethnobiologist, Mzee Mnyenze knows one or two things that you can not find in Botany books. So when I get an opportunity to visit beautiful Mombasa, I pay him a visit just to listen to his wisdom under the coconut trees enjoying the sea breeze accentuated with the smell of the mighty Indian Ocean. I am digressing, back to the point.

The National Museums of Kenya is trying to conserve this Mijikenda sacred forest for its rare species of mangroves, birds and the colobus monkeys, which are a great attraction to foreign and local visitors.
Experts say that the natural vegetation on the island is very unique. The coastal Kayas, as they are called, are a mixture of marine and terrestrial ecosystems of very old mangrove species which biological diversity has not been seen anywhere in the world.

In this forests are numerous Digo cultural shrines that are scattered all over the island but whose secrets are only known to the few Digo elders, knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Now there are tourist cottages near this beautiful grove. A visit to this area is rewarded with traditional dances and the skin toning mud-bath. It took a lot persuasion for me to drop my clothes but I am glad I did.Do not go for cosmetic surgery before you visit Chale Mud-bath. It is free and the cottages are very cheap but opulent. Why waste money on expensive cosmetics and intrusive surgeries? Go plunge in the mud!

Holiday DIY Project Gifts For Family With Special Meaning For Your Home Team

Letting people pick their own present is safe; you will not risk them not liking or using their gift. Yet you may feel that your own sense of giving has not been tapped. A true gift needs to come from somewhere in your heart and touch their. How can you do that at home?

You are a resourceful person if you do home projects. There are many things you can build, modify or fix that are unique and only will happen if you extend yourself to do them, using your time, materials, and imagination to bring about what they might enjoy.

There are basically two kinds of handy gifts. Those you make and give and those that involve the person in the project. Let's start with the make-and-give kind.

Thinking of small projects that are welcome gifts, you can find plenty of nice designs and pictures to get yourself rolling. Thumbing through your handy magazines or searching online, it is great to see pictures of the finished projects, as it will give you a design in your head to carry you into the project. Most articles will also give you explosive diagrams and handy hints on joinery that almost make the wood jump into place in your head. You know you will be ready to zip into it easily.

With small pieces of wood you have already on hand, you can make bins and organizers, a footstool, a computer lap desk, a remote control organizer, a book shelf, a nick knock rack, a toiletry cubby for your bathroom, a step stool , a coat rack, and more. Just look around at clutter in your home, and see what could use a nice organizer to straighten things out? There you go. Using square cuts and recessing your finish nails, and then a primer coat, you can have a nice looking piece that will look good with some accent paint left over from your last room painting.

You can also think of the animals – a window mount bird feeder is pretty cool and usually best if home made. The beautiful birds can come and have breakfast with you – what a joy! You can also make a gift for your dog, too. Perhaps a platform for his food bowl.

And the cats? A scratching post, a perch or litter box concealer. And, if you want to get quite adventurous, you might design a catwalk for them to explore the perimeter of a room. This can be a shelf that you mount along the upper walls of a room that inclines like a little ramp up to a perch and a house. You can even decorate it as an accent to your décor. It is certainly a fashion risk, so you will want everyone's consent who may be affected by the unusual but fun room project.

Another very nice gift can be to offer a day of handy work to each person in your family. Check your own schedule to make sure you can do it, and see if you can fit yourself into your kids' busy lives for one day each, during their school vacation. You can preview the day with cocoa a day or two ahead, and then be their contractor for a day, for their room or other project they need help with. If their room is all set, you can have them come down to the shop and help them build something they might like to have or give away.

Yet not all kids are into handy stuff, so you will need to respond to their talent leanings. You may pick up where their ability leaves off, to help them achieve a project piece they desire. Then hand over the paintbrush for the parts they can do. Your adaptation to their ability and unique talents will be a loving gift in itself that will connect you afterwards as respecting each other. It is like making a mini team-of-two for a day, to accomplish a little goal that is auspicious to them. Not only do you connect in adapting to their abilities, but your working towards their goal for the day is also a gift. That generosity will stick in their mind in times to come.

Your willingness to consider each family member's talents, desires, taste, and priorities as you team up with each one will be a great gift in itself. Knowing who likes to design, who cuts wood, who likes to cook, gives you an idea of ​​how to adapt roles your teamwork; this will acknowledge their ability. Filling in for their gaps will also communicate acceptance and respect. All of this – adapting yourself to each little two-person team as you do your mini-team gifts, will help them feel special, respected, and loved.

Happy Home Team!

The Perfect Holiday Cruise – Luxury Gulet Cruises

One of the truly intercontinental tourist destinations is the beautiful country of Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey reflects the influences of both Europe and Asia and its coastlines are considered to be the most beautiful in the Mediterranean stretch. Tranquil and lonely coastlines, stunning beaches and amazing resorts dot the enchanting coasts of Turkey and each of them are actually a great temptation to tourists and travelers but the best thing to try is the luxury gulet holidays in Turkey.

First let's get down to the basics- a gulet is a traditional Mediterranean ship that was used mostly by traders and sometimes by fishermen. These traditional boats were made of wood and their length was their main characteristic. The modern day gulets are in no way different in shape but what has changed is that now they are designed more like luxury cruises and are used as such. No longer are gulets the choice of fishermen and traders, but they are mostly used for luxury cruises by holiday makers for a holiday out in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

But other than the Mediterranean only, Turkey also offers the exclusively European coasts of the Adriatic Sea. This side of the Turkish coasts goes by the name of Croatian Blue and the highlights of this region are the medieval European cities and coasts like Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Korcula and Krka Waterfalls, etc.

The historic legacy of Turkey can not be visited in a single day and for that travelers need to charter gulet cruises Turkey. These cruises come in two varieties, one in which you book one along with some other travelers which will keep you in a group. The other one is in which you charter a single cruise where you can spend some real quality time with your near and dear ones. The latter is among the most popular ones as it guarantees immense peace and quiet along with great service and facilities. Be it snorkelling in the clear waters of Turquoise Bay, hiking on some secluded Mediterranean Islands or visiting some historical town on the coasts, Luxury gulet cruises in turkey have all the ingredients for a successful and memorable holiday.

You can find a whole host of gulet holidays Turkey and tour operators on the internet who have a variety of great deals on sale. Check customer reviews and testimonials in the site to better understand the reputation of the site. Before booking any Gulet Cruises Holidays turkey prepare an itinerary for the trip and map out the places that you want to visit. Then accordingly search for the tour provider that gives the best deal on your itinerary and then book it. Have a great holiday !!

Holiday & Travel Guide For Madeira, Portugal


Madeira, belonging to Portugal, is an all year round destination with the heat soaring to over 25 degrees in the summer months of June to August and warm moderate weather through the rest of the year. Funchal has some fabulous beaches to laze on under sunny blue skies for you to top up your tan. Or why not explore the waters by snorkeling and diving, or sometimes something more exhilarating like the jet skis. There are plenty of facilities on the popular beaches with cafés nearby and a variety of water sports throughout the year to keep most people happy and they are ideal for families too.


Funchal is the capital of Madeira where you will find plenty to do while holidaying there. Try deep sea fishing and whale and dolphin watching, or wander around some of the wonderful botanical gardens and parks. The flower festivals are a must see during the month of June, and so are the New Year firework displays. Funchal goes back over 5 centuries so there is plenty to see. It has amazing architecture, impressive volcanoes, wonderful picturesque villas and an amazing cathedral which has a very interesting ceiling. It is decorated in Juniper wood with beautiful ivory inlays. Funchal has decorative paved streets and wonderful historical buildings and many churches to visit. It also has many museums. On Lido promenade where it is lined with palm trees, you can relax on one of the benches and look across the ocean at the breathtaking views. A must see has to be the caves at Sao Vicente. These caves are fascinating tunnels, left after the volcano erupted over 400 thousand years ago. You will also see some impressive stalagmites, but be sure to wear suitable footwear on your tour as it can be slightly slippery. If your budget is healthy, you could treat yourself and family to a balloon or helicopter flight over the city, it is very panoramic and exciting.


Restaurants and cafés are in abundance around the city and with an overflowing wealth of establishments you will not be short on a variety of foods. These range from traditional Portuguese and Spanish dishes like scabbard fish with banana or cod fish in cream sauce. Most dishes are typically made with fresh seafood. The usual international restaurants like pizza huts and burger bars are dotted around for those on a family budget as the restaurants can be rather expensive. You will find some moderately cheaper restaurants or cafés in the area, but as usual the boom in tourism dictates the inflated prices.

Evening entertainment

There are a few lively nightclubs for the youngger crowds and plenty of bars and discotheques dotted around, along with a casino if you want to try your luck on the tables or in the slot machines. Many of the hotels offer themed nights that are ideal for family entertainment. These can range from local folklore dancing and singing to comedians. You will not be short of evening entertainment but it is quite low key during the week and livens up for the weekend. The shopping centers in the center of the city are open until 22.00pm so you can shop away under the coolness of the evening air. Here you can purchase a variety of items from Lladdro ornaments to beautiful lace and many other souvenirs and gifts, or just to treat yourself to the well priced leather items.

Happy Holidays

10 Creative Holiday Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

Now, when the holiday season is just around the corner, it is just the right time to start engaging your customers to maximize sales. As the festive season is approaching, people even start expecting promotional emails from topmost retailers, so that they can be aware of the best deals and make smart purchases. To fulfill the expectations of potential buyers, the online retailers need to execute some creative holiday email marketing ideas so that they can be ahead of their competitors.

As per Hubspot, 86% of consumers expect emails from companies they do business with once in a month and 15% of them would like to receive emails from their favorite stores daily.

Thus, email becomes one of the most effective marketing tools which need to be planned in advance in order to gain maximum profit in this holiday season.

Execute Creative Holiday Email Marketing Ideas to Achieve Your Sales Goals and Make your Festival Merrier this Year

Holiday Curtain Raising Offers

Introduce some early bird offers through email marketing this holiday season and achieve your sales goals. Encourage your customers to visit your store earlier than others and beat the rush by offering them attractive coupons for the festivals in advance. Also, you can offer referral discounts to your present customers if they refer your store to their friends and they make a purchase. In case of new visitors to your store, you can ask them to subscribe for staying informed about attractive upcoming offers in this holiday season.

Provide Attractive Suggestions

Based on previous purchases, you can send attractive suggestions to the consumers. The suggestions should include latest trendy products in the form of appealing graphics powerful enough to mesmerize your customers and motivate them to click and buy your products immediately. Sometimes, in the holiday season, the consumers do not purchase the items similar to their previous purchases as they are planning to buy for gifting someone else. In that case, you can send a very brief question and ask your consumers about which products they would prefer to buy this holiday season. Based on that survey, you can send a targeted trigger email to your consumers and win the sales during the holiday season.

Offer Mysterious Holiday Coupons

Offering holiday coupons to the present and potential customers is one of the most common holiday email marketing ideas. But, to stand out from the crowd, you can send holiday coupons with a suspense. For example – "Click to reveal your deal" kind of call to action can be added to your email and encourage email recipients to visit your store and take advantage of the deals offered by you based on the loyalty of the customers.

Festival Gift Ideas

Many times people want to purchase gifts for their loved ones online during festivals, but are confused as to what to buy. You can send some gift ideas for father, brother, sister, mother, friend, etc., and help people in selecting the gifts from your store. This would help you in boosting sales on your store in this holiday season.

Introduce Black Friday Offer

When holidays are just approaching, you can send emails to your customers introducing Black Friday discounts you are offering this weekend on your store. When it comes to Black Friday offers, the people are extra crazy about it and will probably rush to your store to avail attractive discounts.

Organize Contests Online

Organizing contests is a great way to attract new customers this holiday season. For example, you can ask customers to upload their selfie on a social networking platform and the best one would win a gift certificate. There is a possibility that the winner purchases products worth more than the price of the gift certificate and then you earn a new customer.

Connect through Social Media

This holiday season, send emails to your customers asking them to connect with you through social media to stay updated with the offers introduced by the store on a continuous basis. You can also showcase your products on different social media sites in order to improve sales and grow your online business.

Send Video Greeting

You can send a holiday greeting in the form of the video also showing the range of products you are selling or special offers you are introducing this holiday season. This would help you to greet your customers in a better manner and at the same time advertise your products. Ensure that the video includes animated graphics and interactive elements as that tend to increase the interest of people and motivate them to avail your attractive holiday season offers.

Express Shipping for Last Minute Shoppers

There is always a group of people who remember buying gifts at just a few days before the festival. For such buyers, you can send an email informing them about express shipping facility provided by you, so that they can send gifts or buy products for themselves they need even 1-2 days before the festival.

Email Expressing Gratitude

After your customers have made the purchase from your store, you can send an email thanking them with the recommended products relevant to their purchased items. This can help your buyers to purchase some more items from your store if they feel they have forgotten something or get attracted to your suggestions. Instead of just providing tracking information, this opportunity can be used to sell some more products this holiday season.

Some Additional Tips for a Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign …

Along all the above holiday promotion ideas, you can also consider the below-mentioned tips to keep your email campaign up-to-date and take maximum advantage of holiday season this year –

Ensure that your holiday emails are responsive. Most of the people are now using their Smart Phones to access their emails. If these people are facing difficulty in accessing or viewing your emails, then you might lose some valuable customers and your holiday email marketing efforts can fail. So, just leave no stone unturned and consider investing in mobile technology too.Be careful with your emailing schedule. Try sending promotional emails on weekends to get maximum responses from genuine customers.Be creative with your email content but at the same time maintain your brand image. For example – if you have never used funky texts and images for promoting your products in the past, do not even try doing it as you may lose your brand originality.

So, just do not let this opportunity of holiday season go in a waste. Make the most out of this by using these holiday email marketing ideas and gain prosperity in your business in this wonderful festival season!