Walmart Canada has announced what it describes as “the first blockchain solution for business-to-business development and launched as part of a mission-critical function.” The network will allow information sharing and collaboration between 70 companies of business third party trucks.

The blockchain system is a collaboration between Walmart Canada and DLT Labs. This will increase efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate budget planning and company logistics planning.

Walmart Canada is launching a massive blockchain network for its supply chain
Today’s press release says that Walmart Canada’s blockchain is the largest application of this technology ever made for the logistics industry. It not only controls shipping but also checks transactions and automates payments between the company and the truck with which it operates. It will serve 400 Walmart stores across Canada.


The company expects to integrate with all trucking companies that it operates through February 2020. Companies working at different points in the supply chain can then use a web portal and mobile application to interact with the system. blockchain.