Become naked in St Martin, St Maarten – Optional Clothing Island

St Maarten has a rather timid mindset towards beach nudity and is one of the leading Caribbean naturalist sites due to the Orient Club in Orient Beach.

Free tanning is the norm on all beaches on the French side, as in Europe.

In terms of complete nudity, the only nude beach known is the Orient Bat Orient Club area. Consequently, here is the largest concentration of nudists. Nudity was once allowed in numerous additional places on the beach, however this has recently changed, so it is more appropriate to maintain nudity in the Orient Club area, in the small, designated nude place at Coco & # 39; s and the most desolate north beach between Coco & # 39; s and Palm Beach. It is also good to stroll the entire length of the beach nude in the morning.

Nudity is tolerated (though officially not allowed) on other beaches on the French side. However, as other beaches are not natural-looking beaches, we emphasize that the guidance is to raise awareness of other people, families with children and people's homes. So don't just walk around or sit naked, wherever you want, but choose peaceful places where you are in no one's way and # 39; If individuals exhibit some type of nuisance indication, continue to a more remote beach location, always there a private place. There has been talk there that police men (French law enforcement force) have been returning to some beaches lately asking naked individuals to dress up, so unless of course you're at Club Orient it's best for her dress if there are some formal looking individuals, and if you don't see them arriving, don't worry, just respond nicely and dress if they ask.