10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Live Healthy in San Diego, CA

San Diego is one of the dizzying cities of California. Every year, thousands of tourists gather here for vacations and entertainment. If you want to enjoy keeping yourself healthy, below are the ideal places to go:

1. solid rock fitness and rock climbing. You can stretch those legs and hands as you try to climb the walls in the area. You do not need to be an expert to become one, as there are guides to help you.

2. Loma Sportfishing Point. Don't just be caught by big fish. You can rent a boat or travel with a group for half a day or even a few days. In addition to fishing and swimming, you can also take part in shark trips. Just make sure you can flex those muscles, as it will take you some time to get those big sharks on board.

3. Coronado Municipal Golf Course. It may be a boring sport for some, but golf can actually exercise your feet, hands and even your precision and coordination.

4. Stadium Golf Center. This is not just a golf center. This is also a moving range. If you would like to practice your shooting skills as well as eye and hand coordination, you can go here. You can choose to spend some morning tea and then shoot later in the afternoon or night.

5. Air adventures Windsurfing. For those who want to do some adrenaline pumping activity, you can go up in the air. San Diego actually has an airborne jumping center where you can jump straight from a plane and enjoy the scenery beneath it while sailing.

6. Aqua Adventures Kayak Center. What better way to enjoy and learn to love the waters of San Diego than in kayaking. Aqua Adventures will not only provide complete kayak facilities, but there will also be a guide that can provide you with the right guidance. Of course, you can always have the opportunity to cross rivers and beaches. Just search out the paddlers.

7. Kearny Mesa Bowl. Just when you thought bowling is a very easy sport, think again. Not only are the balls too heavy to carry from time to time, but you need to make sure you can swing your hands accurately to hit the pins.

8. Miramar Speed ​​Circle. When you are too afraid to compete with real fast cars, you can choose to go down the country and use your driving skills in a Go-kart hub.

9. Skateworld. This is one of the places where families can spend their holidays or weekends. You can bring your own wardrobe or borrow a pair from the facility.

10. Mission Trails Regional Park. You have nearly 6,000 acres of land to power by bike or foot. Whatever you choose, however, you're ready to be tired and all sweaty.