5 Features of World Luxury Cruises

The definition of luxury cruises around the world has changed over the last decade and this article will help identify some of the new features you might expect from a luxury cruise line or package.

– Main line appliances
– Famous chefs and cuisine
– Lower staff than passenger ratio
– Prices boast of all-inclusive prices
– Unique call port

Main line appliances

When you start exploring a booking for your cruise, expect world-class luxury cruises that now offer passengers top-of-the-line equipment in their suites. As competition for cruise liners has increased between cruise lines, passenger luxury lines have been forced to offer quality equipment in apartments. Cruise lines, in a bid to attract more discriminating travelers, have upgraded equipment with stylist labels to include items such as bath oils, scented candles, imported coffee, high-count sheets, towels and swimwear. The suites are also designed and furnished with items from renowned decorators, comparable to those found in the luxury suites of some of the world's best hotels.

Famous chefs and cuisine

Passengers booking luxury cruises around the world bring with them a lot of discriminating tastes and that includes their taste in the kitchen. Cruise lines today understand this for their passengers and save no expense to provide only the best in dining. It is not uncommon to find a staff of highly acclaimed gourmet chefs, bakeries and sweets or even dessert chefs for staff preparing some of the best creations for passengers.

Luxury liners are so proud of their culinary accomplishments, they will invite guests to spend a day in the galley learning some techniques about creating these beautiful delicacies from their chefs.

Low Staff to Passenger Ratio

Luxury cruises around the world boast the ability to cater to passengers every need while aboard their boats. Compared to other cruise ships, luxury boats tend to be smaller boats and so the staff-to-passenger ratio is generally smaller.

This means that there is more staff for each passenger as well as more personal and quality services from the cruise staff. When the ratio of staff to passengers is very high, ship service suffers as there are fewer human resources to go around each of their passengers. If you inquire about the ratio of staff to passengers on a ship and make a comparison between ships, you can gauge which cruise line is in the best position to utilize their staff for providing luxury passenger service.

Prices boast comprehensive prices

Many hotels at the top of the line came out first with comprehensive price promotion. This marketing technique was created to give guests a packaged experience. After paying for the kit, numerous complementary experiences and services, when not provided at no extra cost. Visitors responded very well and so it remains a feature of many hotels even today.

Luxury Cruises around the world chose the success of all inclusive fares and began offering many complimentary features as part of their luxury cruise packages. Due to the locations of some cruise lines they can offer some very unique complimentary items that are not available elsewhere. Comprehensive items can be tickets for shows, concerts, continental tours, museums or special events.

Unique port of calls

While passenger tastes have changed over the years, luxury world cruises have also changed. Passengers of yesteryear tend to be much older than today's passengers. In response to this change in demographic cruise lines are offering many new and unique call activities. Today it would not be unusual to fly by helicopter to a remote island for a beach barbecue and wave boarding.

Another advantage of luxury vessels for providing a unique port of call is that they tend to be smaller vessels and can access ports unavailable for larger cruise ships. When booking a luxury cruise expect some unique calling options that will make your trip more attractive and adventurous.