Portugal Holidays Paradise – Algarve is Waiting For You!


Do you like the beach and would love to hit the waves for some water sports? Do you just want to relax and work on your tan? Do you have a family and want to experience a great culture but still want to be by the sea? Well, my friend, if you are looking for the best place to be during your Portugal Holidays, or any holiday for that matter, then Algarve is waiting for you!

Algarve is located on the southern side of Portugal, and is the perfect choice for anyone, because it is literally designed for tourists and motives on tourist attention. Now, when you are in Algarve, the funny thing is, that it's not all that crowded, and in fact, since there are a multitude of resorts, hotels, beaches and theme parks, this means that there is something for everyone, and that also means it will never be "crowded" like Disney Land, or any other "hot" vacation spot, like Hawaii.

In fact, Algarve has quickly beat out other popular vacation destinations, just like Hawaii, and let me tell you why. You see, the climate in southern Portugal is perfect for holidays, because it generally ranges from 15 to 28 (° C), and that makes it either too hot nor too cold.

When you choose an accommodation in Algarve, you will find that most are centralized around the beaches, but of course if you want one that is not, you can try renting a villa if you have a family. The hotels, however, are a little bit of a different ball game as they can cater to tight shoestring budgets, as well as the more luxurious hotels which are luxurious, but of course it depends on your price range.

However, if you really want to experience Algarve, you would be best trying to get a villa, apartment or resort, because you can get a hotel in literally every country, whereas a villa or resort is more exclusive to the country, and of course the experience itself for your Portugal holidays.

Faro is the beautiful capital of Algarve, and you will easily find plenty to see and do there, especially when it comes to the historic architecture. The highlight of Faro is the Nossa Senhora do Carmo church which houses the regions most eminent religious icons.

If you are more adventurous or have children, the sand stoned west coast is one of the best places to visit, as there are many natural grottos, caves, and other unique landscapes for you to explore. The colors are also absolutely breath taking, and if you are visiting during the late afternoon, you can watch the colors change with the sun set, it's quite a unique experience!

Family attractions and other attractions are available during your Portugal holidays, and the most common of these are the Zoos. There is the Zoo Marine and the Lagos Zoo, however the best one is the Zoo Marine, as it is both a water park and a marine zoo. You can also find lions and dolphins within this zoo.

The Algarve is only about 3-4 hours from Lisbon (the capital of Portugal), and if you want to go there, you can consider spending a day in Lisbon going there by train. If you do decide to take a train ride from Algarve, you will most definitely see some of the most beautiful scenery of hills and valleys. But, even if you do not visit Lisbon, you most certainly will find Algarve to be one of the finest destinations to choose for your Portugal holidays.


How Retired Couples Can Benefit From a Holiday Home


Once retired, many people take more frequent holidays, traveling abroad to far off places they dreamed of visiting during their careers. In some cases re-visiting relatives and friends they have not seen in decades.

Tourism being such a massive industry across the globe it is no wonder the cost of holidays is ever rising, especially to very popular destinations. Couples everywhere have dreams of escaping to the perfect holiday home. Owning a holiday home means that you will not have to worry about high hotel room rates around peak season and you really can enjoy time away whenever you like!

For anyone who has already retired or near retirement age, there's nothing more appealing than the idea of ​​actually making their holiday home their full-time residence. Purchasing any type of property is an investment and, by purchasing a holiday home, you can integrate into society gradually. This makes it easier when you do ever make the move since you'll be acquainted with the locals and your surroundings.

Another benefit of buying a holiday homes is that you can rent it out if you're not living there permanently. This way, you can enjoy earning an additional income from this property instead of just letting it stand vacant. Once you do move in permanently, you can decide whether you wish to sell or rent out your initial home. You could even pass that home on to your children if you like.

The unfortunate reality for many retirees is cash may not be readily available to make a dream of a holiday home abroad come true. Pensions or investments may fall short, utility bills are forever on the rise and ensuring you live within your budget is increasingly difficult.

But if you are retired and own your home outright then there it always the option of releasing equity from your primary residence to fund a second home. Downsizing the family home for a smaller, less expensive property is one viable option which will give you a cash lump sum for investing in property abroad. Equity release is another such option which can allow you to remain in your property while releasing cash for you to fund your dream holiday home.

Retirement is all about enjoying your golden years as much as you possibly can. How better to do this than to getaway to your dream spot in the mountains, by the beach or even overseas?


Spa Resorts and Spa Holiday


Fancy going on a holiday for Spa treatment and detox. There are many beautiful beaches and resorts in Thailand that catering for this.

In many Thailand spa resorts, the well-trained therapists will ease away your stress and tensions with a wide range of treatments and therapies. Pamper yourself everything from traditional Thai massage to various types of exotic massages and treatments with special oils and scrubs imported from many destinations in Asia and in the West.

If you visit Koh Samui and Chiang Mai, there are a lot of Spa and Resort facilities that offer a wide range of spa, health and beauty treatments.

Ask your travel agent to choose for you a Spa holiday packages that includes Rejuvenation, Body Detox, Health Management, Fasting & Weight loss programs. Choose a Spa takes a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Visit to a spa cultivates your inner harmony and promote health and beauty.

Many Spa Resorts in Thailand offers a range of spa treatments, facials and Thai massage, all to the highest standards in town. A spell at the spa will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to continue your adventure in Thailand city.

In most of the Thailand Spa resorts, you can have your treatments in one of the wooden, Thai-style homes or in a traditional sala at the water's edge. You can choose from a wide range of massages, including Foot, Facial, Aromatic Oil, Herbal Steam, and Classical Thai treatments, or pamper yourself with a body masque. They also offer a comfortable bathroom with jacuzzi.

Modern Spa use a combination of tradition and modern techniques, such as herbal remedies, steam compresses, natural ingredients and some spa even have the state of the art facilities such as the salt flotation tank to ensure clients satisfaction. Most Spa Resorts in Thailand offers a holistic spa and salon approach, such as:

1. Ayurvedic Aroma Therapy

2. Herbal Steam Room

3. Classic Thai Massage

4. Body Masque

5. Jacuzzi

6. Facial Massage

7. Aroma Oil or Herbal

8. Steam Massage

9. Aroma Therapy

10. Foot Massage

11. And many more treatments.

While on holiday, Indulge yourself in sheer indulgence and excellent pampering. You can choose from a wide selection of spa services: from romantic treatments to comprehensive one-day packages combining hydrotherapy, massotherapy and aromatic body, beauty and skincare treatment. You are certainly spoiled for choices. Relaxation through Spa allows you to focus on harmony between the mind, body and spirit. So after a relaxing spa holidays, you should feel more refreshing and more energetic back at work.


Christmas Games


The Christmas holidays are a time of expectation and joy for young and old alike. If you're feeling that your celebrations have become routine and boring, there are plenty of ways that you can spice up your holiday season. There are so many things that can be experienced from creating new holiday traditions, such as making new memories for you and your family and friends to reminiscence about again and again. The benefits are numerous, and there is not a shortage of ideas that you can implement this Christmas season and add to next year.

Depending on the occasion you can modify and creatively explore any of the activities you would like to do. For example, any Christmas games or craft activities can be either for adult or church centered party groups, family night, your child friends, or just for a personal one on one experience with the child in your life. Inspirationally you may center all of your activities on a theme, and you may choose to center the activities on a secular or religious perspective. Then again you may also choose, depending on the appropriateness and circumstance of the occasion to mix it up, but investigate the different options for both.

The focus of Christmas is usually in most households centered on children, and this time of year for them is a magical experience. Not only can Christmas day be the day for anticipation of fun, but all through the month can be. Opportune times exist for creating memories that last, such as bad weather, winter school breaks, sick days, and sleepovers as a time to not only entertain, but to learn about personal abilities and creativity too. If your child is going to have a few friends over during the month of December, why not create, or search for some christmas time tongue twins? Also, there are numerous songs to sing about the holidays, so dig out some carol sheet music and sing. Sick days are no fun for kids, so if they are able to use some ole fashioned crayons and coloring books, add some stickers and a Christmas story to pass the time away. Creative times can be spent independently playing and learning holiday crossword puzzles and mazes. Personal or party time games and activities can be done with board games, such as bingo, scrap booking, or even in the kitchen. Making special sweets like taffy or food for Santa's reindeer can be healthy and nutritious by munching on a few carrots before leaving them for Rudolph.

There are no shortages for ideas on games and activities, and places to shop for your supplies. Crafts and party idea books can be found in most book stores, discount stores such as Wal-Mart, craft supply stores, and even many free articles in newsletters on the internet can lead you in the right direction for new Christmas celebratory ideas. You do not have to break the bank account either to have lots of fun for the holidays either. Many ideas are free on the internet and you can use a lot of the household products in your home to make crafts. Items such as construction paper, glue, marks, scissors, cotton balls and paper plates can be made into face masks for Christmas characters such as an elf or a Santa face. There are other ways to create new traditions for your family such as inspiring them to take their crafts and use them as gifts for the less fortress. May be a lonely neighbor, or a child or adult that needs a little compassion would be thrilled to receive them.

Christmas games and activities bring back the magic for adults and inspire children to dream. However, more importantly it teaches valuable lessons about not only creativity, and the necessary skills of problem solving, but it solidifies a sense of unity with in the family and community. Its life long lessons hopefully develop into unselfish habits of cooperation and thinking about the welfare of others. The time spent with others exemplify what the real meaning of the spirit of Christmas is – loving and treating others as we would like to be treated. Through your Christmas games and activities your holiday season will be one with a real spice of life and love. Remember, there are no better types of traditions than those.


Family Holidays in Italy – Fun Filled Adventures!


If you and your family are getting fed up going to the same family resort year in year out and you and want to try something different and exciting with your kids this summer then why not try an exciting family holiday in Italy? Some people are fine with going to the same place but for others they need a good change!

There are many fun and enjoyable family activity holidays based in Italy and there are many places to visit and see. Some of the most popular include: Horse Riding in the Tuscan countryside, Quad Biking in spectacular Tuscan sunny surroundings, fun-filled watersports holidays in Sardinia, great city sight-seeing breaks in Rome or Milan, skiing in the Italian Alps and much, much more!

Family holidays in Italy are perfect for families who love nothing more than being outdoors and having lots of activities to take part in. Young people and children need something to keep them entertained while they are away and with family holidays in Italy you definitely will not hear the words "I'm bored"!

Many travel companies offer family holidays in Italy and choosing one to book with really depends on exactly what you want. For example, you may want a hotel with a pool, with sight-seeing and shopping, or perhaps a campsite near the beach with lots of exciting watersports activities to try, the choice is endless and entirely up to you and your needs. The price range varies too, from luxury to budget, but make sure to browse around as some companies offer much more for your money than others!

For example, you and your family could spend time in a 3 * hotel with an abundance of activities on offer, such as horse trekking, swimming in the pools or at the nearby beach, excursions and picnics, walks, mountain biking, hiking, quad tours and lots, lots more! If all that seems a bit too much there is also time to relax and enjoy a hydro massage in the heated mini spa pool and indulge in some spa treatments.

If you and your family like active holidays, family holidays in Italy are ideal for you! Sounds like fun does not it? Do not take my word for it, get online and do some exploring of your own and maybe even book your own fun-filled family holidays in Italy and see if you can handle all the excitement! You will not be disappointed.


The Best Holiday Locations in Australia


As a holiday destination Australia has a wide variety of different locations to visit. From beach holidays, to rural retreats, to luxury island resorts and the great outback, you are sure to find the perfect holiday to suit. Enjoy first class accommodation, no matter what your budget and taste, visit amazing tourist spots and incredible natural wonders. Whatever you are looking for you will be sure to find it.

Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is a trip back to nature. Only accessible by ferry you will need a four-wheel drive if you plan on driving on the island. Go camping, fishing, bush walking and swimming, and enjoy the rainforest, creeks and lakes and the world's largest sand dunes. There is a wide range of accommodation available to suit every budget, with a five-star resort, self-contained cottages and camping grounds.

Queensland's Tropical North

Stay along the coast in Queensland's far north, from Mackay right through to Cape York, at the very tip of Australia. Known for being where the Rainforest meets the Reef, it is a beautiful part of Australia with plenty to see and do. Take a trip out to the reef and go diving or snorkelling, and visit one of the islands. Drive up through the Daintree Rainforest and experience the diverse range of plants and animals in this World Heritage listed area. Go for a cruise on the Daintree River and see huge crocodiles lying on the river bank. Visit the Cairns Zoo, go fishing off the coast, visit one of the many National Parks and stay in accommodation to suit your budget and your needs, either you are just passing through or holidaying with the family.


Sydney is a fantastic city to visit with plenty to offer visiting tourists. With spectacular views of the harbor around every corner, there are many hotels, apartments and back pack hostels in the center of the city to choose from. Visit the Opera House, scale the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Tower, visit the Taroonga Zoo and the iconic Bondi Beach. Take a ride on a ferry across the harbor, or take a day trip right down to Manly and enjoy lunch on the beach. The Botanical Gardens are well worth a visit and in the warmer months you can enjoy the Moonlight Cinema, although make sure you book in advance as it is extremely popular.


The largest island off the coast of the mainland, Tasmania is a fantastic holiday location as you can easily travel around the whole island and see a lot in a fairly short space of time. The capital city of Hobart is a historical town, rich with convict history and beautiful old buildings. Visit the oldest brewery in Australia, travel out to Port Arthur, an old convict gaol and enjoy the views from the top of Mount Wellington. Stay in bed and breakfasts and enjoy the rural aspect of Tasmania or, for a great family holiday, hire a camper van and explore the island, stopping whenever you find something of interest.


Christmas Holiday Traditions From Around the World


Christmas is a wonderful family holiday and the perfect time to create new traditions and memories. You may have your own family traditions already such as baking cookies, going ice skating or even a family trip to choose the Christmas tree. People across the world celebrate different traditions at Christmas, read on to see if there are some you can adopt for your family.

United States of America

Traditions vary across the country but most towns and villages are lit up with sparkling lights and colorful decorations. Many churches and houses also put up a Nativity scene tableau.

Families open their gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and the Christmas meal features turkey, duck, goose and ham.


The Germans were the first to use glass ornaments on their trees as decorations. Local families make the decorations and sell them at winter markets held at the beginning of the advent season.

The Christmas Tree also hails from Germany; during the Middle Ages plays were stagnated to teach peasants the stories of the bible and an evergreen tree was placed on the stage to represent the tree of life.

The first trees were undecorated until one night Martin Luther was out walking in the woods and was so taken by the twinkling stars amongst the evergreens that when he got home he tied candles to his Christmas tree.

Germans have a wonderful tradition known as a Christmas Pickle. The last ornament that is placed on the tree is a glass pickle, and on Christmas morning the first child to find the pickle receives an extra present.

New brides receive a glass carrot ornament to hang on her tree as a symbol of fertility.


Christmas in Scotland is a very somber affair which is observed quietly with friends and religious services, however come New Year's Eve the party gets started.

A midnight church service takes place on New Year's Eve and then Hogmanay celebrations begin to welcome in the New Year.

The first person to cross the threshold on New Year's Day precedes the family's luck for the year. The best luck of all comes if the "first foot" is a dark haired man.


In Switzerland gifts are given on St Nicholas Day on December 6th. People put out their shoes before they go to bed and in the morning they find them filled with small gifts, fruit or nuts and special Nicholas candies and cookies. These gifts are meant to be shared, not hoarded for yourself.


In Mexico a Fiesta is held and blindfolded children have three chances to break a Pinata which is filled with fruit, candies and nuts.


India Holiday Packages for Hill Stations


Bestowed with varied topographical features, India has huge mountain ranges. In the lap of these mountain ranges are located several beautiful places that are visited by travelers for their pristine beauty. With many hill stations in India, millions of tourists come every year from different parts of the world to experience the natural beauty closely. The misty hills, the green landscape, lakes with rippling water, gorgeous waterfalls, everything has an alluring charisma. If you plan to visit a tour in India, it is best to book India vacation packages.

There are several popular tourist places in northern part of India having beautiful landscape such as Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Nainital, Sonamarg, Dalhousie and khajjar amongst others. Kullu Manali is a highly popular hill station in India. People from all corners of the country come here to enjoy and relax in nature's lap. Beside natural attractions, there are several cultural attractions too. There are some popular attractions such as Hot water springs, Rohtang Pass, Tibetan Monasteries and Solang Valley. A trip to Kullu Manali can bring you very close to snow-capped mountain ranges. Another popular places is Shimla that has several beautiful locations in and around it. You can book holidays package in India to any of these hill stations.

It is not only North India, but South India also has several beautiful places that are famous for their scintillating lakes, lustrous waterfalls, lush green plantations, caves and more. One of the popular tourist place South is Kodia kanal that is home to venturous forests, monolithic rocks and waterfalls and pristine tranquility. Anotherought after hill station is Ooty, Coonoor, Yelagiri, Munnar and others.

In the east, Darjeeling is said to be the queen of hill stations and is home to world's third highest peak. It is known for its beautiful landscape and chilling weather. Other places of interest are Mirik, Kalimpong, Shillong, Tawang and Peling. Western India also has its share of tourist including Lonavala, Panchgani, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar and Saputara.

If you want to spend a few days at any of these places, you can consider booking well designed India holiday packages.


How to De-Stress A Stressful Holiday For You and Your Children!


Holidays can become hectic often overwhelming the time for our children which makes it hard to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for them. Delicious treats, traveling, family gatherings, cooking, cleaning and decorating all create great memories but safety issues that need to be addressed. Keeping all those electrical wires, fun foliage and treats up and away from both your own and your guest’s children.

Holiday decorations are a time and true aspect of tradition, but many pose an extreme risk to our children including; mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and Jerusalem cherry plants. Symptoms can include rash, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Choking hazards can come in a variety of shapes such as; small tree ornaments, light bulbs, icicles, and even sparkling tinsel. If you have toddlers or crawling children, make sure to keep these decorations in the closet or at the top of the tree out of reach. The act of cooking and sharing food is a large part of the holidays, but in order to reduce the chance of food poisoning, wash hands, utensils, dishes, and anything else that comes in contact with raw meat, including poultry and fish, and raw eggs before and after use. Make sure not to leave food out too long, always store leftovers properly and heat them thoroughly before serving again.

One of those "no brainer" safety issues is alcohol poisoning, which still happens at an alarming rate every year. We can’t always have our eyes on everything but try to place all empty and partially empty cups out of reach of children. Intoxication happens much quicker for children than adults so even a small glass of leftover champagne can be dangerous. With the hustle and bustle that is the holidays it’s easy to forget the core of it, love and family! While children get excited for tangible gifts and new toys sometimes the best gift you can give is simply attention. Include them in the cooking, even if it’s handing them extra dough to play with. Ask them to help you "clean" the house for your guests or help wrap gifts with you.

Making sure their room is off limits to guests provides them with a space to retreat to if they feel over stimulated, so they can re-energize. Plan decorations ahead of time, inform your guests of limitations such as keeping cups up high and making bedrooms off limits, these can all contribute to your and your child’s sanity. Using calming touch, hugs and inclusion will help maintain your bond as well as calm them during this crazy time of year.

If you suspect poisoning from anything during the holidays please call the National Poison Center at (800) 222-1222.

Copyright (c) 2013 Liddle Kidz Foundation Infant and Children’s Pediatric Massage


Visit the Canary Islands for a Spectacular Holiday Like No Other


Those who plan Tenerife all-inclusive holidays tend to get more than they bargained for. As a popular tourist destination and the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain, Tenerife has much to offer. Sands vary from yellow to black, and it is home to a large active volcano, Mt. Teide.

There are plenty of upscale resorts and a huge carnival put on pre-Lent that draws thousands to this desirable locale every year. Interested in what fun can be had in Tenerife? Read on and learn what an all-inclusive holiday in this beautiful location can offer to even the pickiest traveler of any age.

Beach Time

The perfect climate year round makes Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain ideal for spending days at the beach. One popular beach is Playa de las Teresitas. Here visitors can swim with tropical fish, and bask in the sun on the pristine, white sand beach that features desert sand. It's nearby Santa Cruz but very secluded, which means visitors can go into town if they choose. It features warm waters in which to swim.

This is just one of many beaches that can be visited on Tenerife all-inclusive holidays. Many feature watersports such as snorkeling and parasailing among others. Playa de Benijo is also a popular beach where visitors brag of phenomenal views and a perfect sunset. It's certainly worth the trip if staying on the opposite side of the island.

Siam Park

This Thai themed waterpark is one of the hot spots in Tenerife. It's even home to a white sand beach much to the surprise of unsuspecting visitors. This is in addition to many thrilling water attractions.

There's a long, lazy river where visitors can grab a raft and float lazily. A very steep and exciting waterslide is one of many that offers excitement, and a children's water play area where they can safely have some fun. These are just a few attractions in the park for those who want to add it to Tenerife all-inclusive holidays.

Submarine Safaris

There are no lions and elephants on this safari, because it's deep in the ocean below the waves that crash on the shore of Tenerife. This is the perfect addition to a Tenerife all-inclusive holiday as it's a bit different than other activities.

Colorful marine life waits for visitors who would only be able to see them via diving otherwise. Venture down on this submarine cruise that leaves from San Miguel Marina and discover a whole new world. Then go back to the resort and enjoy a meal after an adventurous excursion.

Monkey Park

Get up close and personal and feed monkeys and lemurs in the Monkey Park. Visitors get specially prepared food and should arrive as early as possible to see the monkeys in their most hyper state.

This gem of an attraction is located near the southern resorts on a Tererife all-inclusive holiday. Exotic birds and reptiles are also featured, and one can easily spend a good few hours here exploring. It's a good morning stop after breakfast and then the group can head back to the resort for lunch and relaxation.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Anyone who loves the water will enjoy hopping aboard a boat and heading out to locals where dolphin pods and whales hang out. Over 20 types of species pass through the area including bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

No Tenerife all-inclusive holidays are complete without seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Most boat cruises come highly rated with a friendly staff who are happy to answer all questions. Kids will thrill at seeing the animals up close.