Coping With A Loved Ones' Eating Disorder During the Holidays

For most people, the holiday season is a wonderful time of year. It is often a time of family reunion, socializing, and celebration – a time when families, friends, and coworkers come together to share good will and good food. The season is meant to be bright, happy, and full of the best of relationships. Yet, for those who suffer with eating disorders, this is often the worst time of the year. For those who are trapped in the private hell of anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder, the Holidays often magnify their personal struggles, causing them great internal pain and turmoil.

At Center for Change, we have asked many patients over the years to share from their private experiences what the holidays have been like during the years they injured with an eating disorder. The women quoted in this article are of different ages, but all suffered with the illness for many years. As you read the following passes you will feel something of the agony of suffering with an eating disorder at this festive time of year.

"Unlike any other normal teenager, I always hated it when the holiday season would roll around. such a wicked child in such a happy environment. I was the only person who did not love food, people, and celebrations. Rather, holidays for me were a celebration of fear and isolation. one else gained weight over the holidays, but just the smell of food added weight to my body. -Nineteen-year-old woman

"The holiday season is always the most difficult time of year in dealing with my eating disorder. Holidays, in my family, tend to center around food.The combination of dealing with the anxiety of being around family and the focus on food tends to be a huge trigger for me to easily fall into my eating disorder behaviors. I need to rely on outside support to best cope with the stresses of the holidays. " -Twenty-one-year-old woman

"Over the past few years, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season I have felt horrible. I felt trapped and like the food was out to get me. the holidays. I felt horrible about my body and did not want anyone to see me eat for fear they would make judgments about me. " -Eighteen-year-old woman

These quotes from women suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating reveal the emotional intensity that they feel during the holiday season. Their fear of gaining weight and becoming, in their minds, fat, gross, and disgusting, is the monster they must deal with every time they partake of any of the foods that are so wonderful and common to the holidays.

Starving for the Holidays – A Tale of Anorexia

Those struggling with anorexia are terrified of the holidays because they have no idea what a normal amount of food is for themselves. Most of them feel that anything they eat will mean instantaneous gain gain. In fact, some of them have said that just the sight or smell of food is terrifying to them because their fear of being fat or becoming fat is so ever-present in their minds. For some, just thinking about food is enough to create intense turmoil, pain, and guilt. Anorexia creates tremendous guilt about any kind of indulgence involving food. The eating of food becomes evidence, in their mind, that they are weak, out of control, and undisciplined. Anorexic men and women are often terrified of being seen eating food or of having people look at them while they eat. One client felt that every eye was on her at holiday gatherings. Many suffering with anorexia have shared their feelings of being immobilized by their fears about food.

"My life with an eating disorder during the holidays is a living hell – constant hiding and fear, confused about life and hating every moment being surrounded by food. There was so much pain and guilt inside of me and I did not know where to turn, except to my eating disorder. -Twenty-two-year-old woman

"It's hard to be around all the food and festivals. When I'm hurting inside and struggling with what" normal "food portions are, I need the help, emotional understanding, and support of family and other people." Handle with care , but please handle. "Accept me the way I am Let me back in the family" -Twenty-three-year-old woman

The importance of these quotes from clients in treatment for anorexia is found in their honest expression of the tremendous pressure and conflict that feel inside in response to the normal food and social activities of the season. Their internal suffering and pain are often hidden from those around them by their continual remarks about "being fat," or may also be hidden in their patterns of avoidance and withdrawal from social involvements.

The Hidden Beast of Holiday Feasts – Tales of Bulimia and Binge Eating

On the other end of the eating disorder spectrum, a woman with severe bulimia or binge eating disorder finds the holidays are a genuine nightmare because there is so much emphasis on food that they become preoccupied with it. Binge eating and consequent purges become even more precalient because many of the foods and sweets that are associated with holiday celebrations are very enticing to them. The holidays can be a time of convenient indulgence, but also a time of great shame and self-reproach because of their secret life. Some even use the binge eating and / or purging as a form of self-punishment through the holidays.

Women who suffer with binge eating or bulimia often live out this painful eating disorder hell in private and in secret, and often feel great self contempt. To many of their family and friends things may look positive and normal even while the sufferer feels significant despair and negativity about their loss of self-control. Those who family members know about their eating disorder carry this awful feeling that they are the main attraction at the holiday dinner, where every trip to the food or to the bathroom is seen as a major defeat and disappointment to their family.

"Christmas is the hardest time with my bulimia. So much food, so much love, and so much joy, but I could not feel the love or joy, so I indulged in the food as a replacement. happy before I made the trek to the bathroom. I felt undesirable to be happy. -year-old-woman

"The secrecy and lying make it very difficult for me during the holiday season. I have to decide whether to restrict my food or binge and then sneak away to purge." -Twenty-two-year-old-woman

Some of the painful consequences of binge eating and bulimia are found in the time, planning, and dishonesty that is required to protect and cover up their eating disorder during the holidays. They often feel hatred for themselves for the ongoing deception to family and friends to excuse or explain their behaviors. In addition, they live in constant fear of being "found out" by their significant others, or in fear of continuously letting others down because of their inability to stop their compulsive behaviors.

Family and Friends – Turning Potential Triggers into Gifts of Support

Holiday ideas epitomize what is good about family and other personal relationships. Activities during this time of year can involve family members and friends in intense and often emotional ways. Unfortunately, those with eating disables can find it terrifying to be emotionally close with other people. In such situations they may feel vulnerable and unsafe, and then revert to their eating disorder to restore a sense of control and self-protection.

Some family dynamics, such as conflict, can be triggering those with eating disorder difficulties. Struggles with perfectionism, feelings of rejection, disapproval, and fear of being controlled, are all cited frequently by women who suffer with the illness. Harboring strong feelings and beliefs that parents, family members, or friends find them unacceptable, inadequate, or disappointing is challenging for anyone, but is particularly devastating to someone with a painful eating disorder. Being immersed in a family setting during the holidays has the potential to dredge up old issues, fears, conflicts, and worries about family relationships. The resulting emotional disruption can feed the eating disorder and exacerbate the problem.

"Having an eating disorder during the holidays presents quite a contradiction in my mind. I know that they simply want to reach out and help, but I feel that a big help would be to make a concerted effort to shift the holiday focus from the food to the undering purpose. an accessory to the holiday, rather than the focus. " -Twenty-year-old woman

"Holidays, with all the food and family commotion, are pure hell when you have an eating disorder. me out with this one, but I had to do most of it internally. Remember, it's just food, and we have more power than food. " -Thirty-nine-year-old woman

The following suggestions resolved from a survey question we asked patients in treatment: "What three suggestions do you have for family and friends who want to help the holiday season go a little better for a loved one suffering with an eating disorder?" The women offering these suggestions range in age from fourteen to forty-four, and their suggestions offer some valuable insight and understanding that could be helpful to you as a friend or a family member. Being compassionate about the struggles of the eating disorder illness can help make the holidays less of a battle for those you love. The suggestions are:

– Do not make a big issue about what your loved one is eating. A little bit of encouragement is okay.
– Do not focus too much on food, it may only fuel the eating disorder.
– Ask her how she is doing and see if she needs any help.
– Do not become angry about how the she feels, just do your best to support her.
– Offer a lot of support and be aware of what may be creating anxiety and try and understand what she feels. Be understanding, kind, and supportive.
– Spend quality time with your loved one.
– Make sure that the primary focus of the holiday is not on the food but rather on the family and the valued time you will share together.
– Allow for other activities that do not involve food, such as games, singing carols together, opening gifts, decorating, and spending time just talking together.
– Allow her to make a dish that she would feel comfortable eating.
– Before the Holiday itself, and before family gatherings, make agreements about how you can best help your loved one with food. Honor the agreements you make.
– Do not give her loud and attention drawing praise when she does eat.
– Do not talk about diets, weight loss, or weight gain. It causes great anxiety and may increase a felt need to engage in eating disorder behavior.
– Do not stare.
– Learn enough about the illness and the triggers to help your loved one develop skills as well as strategies to defy eating disorder thoughts and urges.
– Know something about her struggles, triggers, and behaviors. Then, if you see those, you can approach her after a meal in private and suggest ways she might be helped in some of those behaviors and learn ways you can be helpful and supportive.
– If you see her struggling, ask if she wants to talk, but ask this in private.
– Focus on how she is feeling inside, what issues she is worrying about, what her fears are, what she needs, rather than just how much she is eating or not eating.
– Try not to focus too much attention on the eating disordered behaviors.
– Be patient and nurturing.
– Treat her with love and respect no matter what is going on.
– Let her know that she is loved.
– Help her take her mind off of food by generating a conversation with her about general or important topics.
– Do not allow her to excessively isolate.
– Be there for her emotionally and physically with hugs and messages of love.

There are several themes that are evident in these suggestions for loved ones and friends by those suffering with eating disorders. One of the most important is to keep the primary focus and interest on the family member or friend – the individual beyond her eating behaviors or eating disorder. Consider well these suggestions, they are actually heartfelt requests.

How Family and Friends Can Help During the Holidays

Family members and friends need to know ways to help a loved one suffering from an eating disorder during the holidays. In addition to those suggestions offered above, the following suggestions from clinical professionals may also be helpful:

– If your loved one is a child or adolescent in treatment, and / or if you are involved in Maudsley / Family Based Treatment, then continue with your regular outlined treatment plan through the Holidays.
– If your loved ones is a child or adolescent with anorexia, then learn about the Maudsley / Family Based Treatment approach. It is important to give this approach consideration.
– If your loved one is an acute medical or self harm risk then arrange for intensive medical / psychiatric care immediately.
– Get professional help for your loved one with those who have experience and expertise with eating disorder treatment.
– It is important for everyone to be honest and up front with each other.

When going into a family or social event, especially if people are aware of the eating disorder problem, it is helpful that everyone talks honestly about what will help and what will not help during the event. Armed with this knowledge, family and friends can set up some structure around holiday activities that is agreeable to all parties involved. Give reassurance about your desire to "be supportive" of them without trying to control every problem. You can respond to their feedback about what may be helpful to them by making positive adjustments. It helps to express love, gratitude, respect, and acceptance for your loved one.

– It is important to emphasize the purpose for the celebration of the holiday and focus less on food or meals.

If the focus is on the holiday itself and its true meaning and purpose rather than the food or eating disorder, it will be easier for your loved one to focus less on it herself. Emphasize time together, activities, and traditions that transcend meals and eating. Let food become a support to the holiday rather than its central focus.

– It is important for family and friends not to feel responsible and guilty for the eating disorder.

There is no need and there is no good time to feel guilty or at fault for your loved one's eating disorder. The Holidays are especially not the time. Eating disorders are complex illnesses that are not caused by one person or one relationship. It is also important for the eating disordered person not to feel responsible for their family and friend's emotional response to the eating disorder. One helpful agreement around the holiday season is, "We will spend time focusing on the need for nourishment as previously agreed upon, and primarily, we will spend time focusing on each other and that are meaningful in our family or social setting. " Let them know that you can look beyond the outward manifestations of the eating disorder because you are also concerned about the hurt, pain, fear, and guilt that they feel inside. In acknowledging the pain inside, no one has to be at fault or to blame for the eating disorder, allowing positive family associations and caring to become the emphasis. There is no need to "walk on egg shells", especially when everyone understands and acknowledges the undering needs associated with the eating disorder. Compassion is a wonderful holiday gift for someone with an eating disorder.

– It can be helpful during the holiday season to break activities into smaller numbers of people, when possible.

It is easier and less overwhelming to deal with five people than fifty people. Invite your friends or family members to participate in smaller, queterer, and less chaotic social activities and events. Simple talking and sharing as a small circle of family members or friends can do much to increase the sense of belonging and safety for someone with an eating disorder.

– Encourage your family member or friend to gather extra support around them during the holidays.

Additional support can come from extended family, other friends, community, and even treatment team members. If you recognize the benefit of these additional support people during the holidays, you can encourage this extra involvement rather than be hurt and offended by it. Sometimes, a person with an eating disorder might not be ready yet to receive the full love and support family and friends offer, but support and love them anyway! You can send the message, "We're here to support you and it's okay if others support you as well.

– It is important for family and friends to remove any unreasonable behavior expectations or pressures of performance.

Sometimes you want so much for things to be better that you do not realize how your disappointed hopes and expectations actually play out as triggers for the eating disorder. Letting go of these specific expectations in your own mind frees you up to respond to and enjoy whatever your loved one is capable of during the holidays. It would be more helpful to express a lot of warmth, love, kindness, and acceptance towards the person – "There is no pressure to prove anything to us during the holidays. Eliminating specific, overt, or implicit expectations will be more beneficial than almost anything else you can do.

– It is important to offer care "giving" and not care "taking." Being a self declared nurse, dietitian, therapist, or detective takes you out of your most important role – "loved one"

It is not your job to fix or solve the eating disorder. It is your job to encourage nourishment of the body and provide nourishment to the soul. Working too hard to stop the eating disorder behaviors during the holidays can fuel dishonesty and defensiveness which actually feeds the problem. You are not responsible to say or do everything right. Nothing you do or not do will take away your friend or family member's own responsibility to overcome and recover from their eating disorder. She / he is the only one who can do that job, but you can care, empathize, encourage, and share the process with them. The good intent you express is often more helpful than what is actually said or done. If your friend or family member knows that your heart is on their side, then you become a source of comfort, support, and safety to them.


These general holiday suggestions by patients and professionals are not a complete list, but they do emphasize some positive approaches to help and support someone suffering with an eating disorder. The specific ideas, strategies, and agreements that can come out of your interactions with your loved one before and during the holidays will allow these ideas to be personalized and unique for each situation. Remember also, that the person struggling with the eating disorder has her own list of positive things that she can do to help her through the holiday season as well. We hope this article is helpful in better understanding the significant and difficult ordinal those who suffer from eating disorders will face at this season of the year. We hope this awareness and understanding will help us identify the best gifts of the holidays for those we love and care so much about at this time of year.

Source by Randy K. Hardman, Ph.D.

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Tips When Looking For An Outstanding Holiday Home In Albany

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Albany? Perhaps you're in the lookout for the best accommodation deals and holiday packages. If you have your eyes set on Albany Western Australia, then it's a good idea to consider staying in holiday homes in the region. But why should you choose a holiday home in Albany WA? What is so great about such vacation rentals?

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Search online. Research comprehensively.

Checking online is somewhere the easiest way to find the kind of holiday accommodation that matches your preferences and budget. You can also make online reservations and bookings with ease. If possible, directly contact the owner of proportional accommodation or anyone who's in charge of bookings and customer service. It is way better if you can talk to them so things are clearer and prearranged.

Remember to compare the facilities provided. Are basic necessities available? Examine the prices and features as well as the location. Is it accessible? Is it safe and comfortable? It's also a good idea to be informed about the property's restrictions and regulations. In addition, refer to a map of the region so you can determine which places to check out. By doing this, you can also assess your budget and the amount of time you can allocate to your desired activities. It will help you plan effectively.

Moreover, read some reviews from previous customers. But, do not be fooled by the reviews you can see posted in websites offering holiday rentals and holiday accommodation. It's wise to check out other resources such as prominent travel guides and credible travel blogs designed to present honest reviews. Look at some photos taken and how people describe their holiday experience at a particular holiday home in Albany.

Create an itinerary. Be systematic and organized.

Plan out the activities and places you want to visit in and around Albany, WA. This way, you can easily work out where to stay. Check out the nearest or most convenient accommodation in Albany. Through this, you will not have trouble going back and forth to your choice of holiday house. The closest the areas of your interests are to your vacation rental, the wiser and less stressful it is. This is why it is so important that you do careful research. Evidently, those people who failed to make efficient arrangements end up getting anxious when they bought to be relaxing and enjoying their holidays.

One of the most recommended places to visit in Albany is the King River. Fortunately, there is a noteworthy holiday home on the King River in Albany. It is best to consider a holiday accommodation that is near the King River where you will have a perfect panoramic view of the Oyster harbor and the King River itself. Find a holiday house in Albany WA that can provide you with exclusive amenities – one that will allow you to enjoy a scenic view of the exquisite river landscape and dazzling water views in Albany, Western Australia. A holiday home near the King River is a perfect holiday accommodation for families, couples and friends wanting to savor a blissful escapade.

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There are of course many options within the UK for city / countryside based Bridge holiday locations out there but how about the same options abroad? Would you consider Poland and specifically Zakopane and Krakow as a possible destination for your next Bridge holiday? A combination of time spent between the countryside of Zakopane in Southern Poland and the city of Krakow, a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Are You Looking For Work Now? The Holiday Season Can Be A Dark Place To Be Without A Job

How many times have you tried looking for work or applying for a job but found yourself unemployed because companies are now winding down for the holiday season?

If you are unemployed, then the holiday season can be a dark place to be. You could be balancing your cash flow, expenses, family commitments, and Christmas gift buying.

It’s generally known that hiring managers in most industries will start winding down recruitment and hiring tasks from November onwards until January or February when these tasks start to pick up again.

Here are some actions you can take.

Be flexible

The holiday season can be a great reason to reach out to friends and acquaintances. You can reconnect with people who you may have fallen out of contact with.

Networking is a great way to seek out those jobs that are not advertised. Whilst some industries will definitely wind down for Christmas, there will be others that will require more staff. Seek them out.

If you do get a call, be prepared to be interviewed at unusual times. Be flexible to the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s busy holiday schedule.

Philanthropic organizations are active during the holiday period. Volunteering in these organizations can be a great way for you to network, gain additional skills and fill the gap that unemployment might otherwise leave on your resume.

As you would expect, people want to take time off during the holiday season. Employers may be actively looking for casual or temporary staff to fill these gaps left vacated by employees going on holidays. A casual, temporary or part-time job can be a great way to get your foot into the job market. It’s also a great way to manage your cash flow and earn some money.

Keep an eye out for a variety of part-time and temporary jobs available in retail and hospitality. The retail work includes sales, customer service, merchandising, stocking, and gift-wrapping. In hospitality, hotels, restaurants, and caterers need additional staff to run and manage their year-end events and parties.

Finding creative ways to make money

There are many more jobs you can do during the holiday season, to tie you over until the recruitment season starts off again.

Let’s talk about some examples of how you can earn some money.

My friend Joe has been unemployed for several weeks after leaving his sales job due to an organizational restructure.

What I like about him is his positive attitude to life.

When I asked him what he was doing, he said; “I am Uber driving now to maintain my immediate cash flow. It’s only a transition period for me until something else comes up.”

Acknowledging that he’s in a transition period takes courage, strength and a belief in his capability.

Interestingly Uber driving has been a popular method for many people including some of my friends to earn some money if they have a car that meets Uber’s requirements.

As a family man, Joe is motivated because he has bills to pay.

The main problem for Joe was that his car wasn’t fuel efficient. His profit margin wasn’t that great after paying for fuel and commissions.

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However, he needs to think about the long-term commitment especially when he finds his next permanent employment or job.

In between school drop off and pick up times, in addition to Uber driving, he could also consider transporting older or people who do not have cars to do their shopping or going for their appointments (e.g., medical, social, etc.).

With a regular pool of clients, he can build up his cash flow over time, whilst looking for a permanent job.

I also suggested that he considers becoming a local courier service provider to lawyers, accountants, shops, etc. operating in the community. This is where he could link up directly with these businesses to deliver same day delivery documents, parcels, and goods for customers.

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Unexpected things do happen

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An internet marketer sells other people’s products and services and makes a commission on each sale. He can sell products on Amazon or eBay.

There are so many YouTube videos to show him the how-to’s of internet marketing, how to sell on Amazon and eBay and how to market the products. With technology, there are no shortage of resources to help anyone with starting their online business or how to make money with a computer and internet connection.

The bottom-line

There’s no shortage of money making ideas when there’s a desire to succeed. It requires thinking outside the box, a different mindset. It requires flexibility and a strong why, or a strong reason to make money in addition to a normal job.

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4 Exciting Activities for Your Holiday in Morzine

When you decide to go to Morzine for your holiday, you may well want to stay in a catered chalet. Morzine has a number of these to choose from, and it can provide you with the freedom and comfort you need to enjoy your stay there even more.

But when you arrive in Morzine, what can you get up to? Skiing is the main attraction in the winter, and mountain biking in the summer. But there are plenty of other things to do here for everyone.

Here are four of the best to keep you busy during your time here.

1. Fishing

Morzine joins a lot of fishing enthusiasts, mainly for the excellent trout fishing on offer here.
One of the best places to go fishing is the River Dranse, but another place that may be worth visiting is Lake Montriond. Something to remember, though, is that you will need a fishing permit, and you can get one of these to a day or for your entire holiday.

2. Horse Riding

There is no better way to see the surrounding countryside of the Morzine area than by Horseback. Luckily, in Morzine there are plenty of opportunities to go horse riding. You can choose a number of places to organize your adventure, including Parc des Dérêches and the Ranch de l'Avenir. You can also choose to go donkey trekking if you prefer, so there is plenty on offer whatever experience you are looking for.

3. Swimming

If you want to freshen up and go for a swim then you'll have plenty of opportunities during your time in your catered chalet. Morzine has a huge outdoor pool next to the Palais des Sports, so if you head during the summer this will be at your disposal. It is the ideal way to cool off after an energetic day's cycling in the summer day.

4. Rock Climbing

There are some excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to go rock climbing whilst on a holiday staying in a catered chalet. Morzine has a number of challenging routes on offer, many of which are found on the Pas de l'Ours cliff. If you'd prefer to practice on an indoor climbing wall to start with, or the weather is too bad to go outside, you can find an excellent wall inside the Palais des Sport.

Get Active in Morzine

There are plenty of things to do in Morzine when you book a stay in a catered chalet. Morzine is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and the above is just a small selection of all the things that there is to do during your time here. So get searching for your perfect chalet and start looking forward to your holiday!

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Holiday Knitting Jobs

How many times have you gone through all of the effort and expense to knit something as a gift for someone only to have it end up in some dark, moth-ridden corner of their closet? How many times have you knitted that "perfect hand-knitted Christmas sweater" only to wonder why it is not really appreciated? We have all been there at one time or another. Granted, it does not happen all the time but it does happen. This holiday season, why not knit some things that, even if they will only be used on the holidays, will always be treasured and cared for?

I remember when I was a kid; one of the best Christmas experiences that I ever had was after spending weeks wondering when my stockings would be hung by the chimney with care. There were countless jokes at the expense of the children there. Granted, they were good-hearted and not malicious in any way but it did make us kids wonder just what was going on. Imagine our surprise when we woke up Christmas morning to see the knitting job that had been done for us … and created gifts that even as children we knew to take care of and could fully appreciate.

There hung over the fireplace were some of the most beautiful hand-knitted Christmas Stockings that we kids had ever seen. We kept those hand-knitted Christmas Stockings for years to come and had they not ever worn out from being over-stuffed during the holiday seasons, we would still have them today. Some knitting jobs for the holidays really will always be appreciated and while they may end up being stored in the closet, they will never be discarded and forgotten there.

If you are looking for a knitting job to keep your memories (and your knitting work) alive through the ages, holiday decorations are another area that many people never really consider. No matter what your personal beliefs are, there are holiday occasions that you are very likely to celebrate. Why not concentrate on knitting holiday decorations that will be not only beautiful reminders of that particular holiday but also a reminder of the knitting job that you performed with such love for so many people to enjoy?

Remember those silly paper "chains" that you used to make in school to decorate during the holidays? Hand-knitted chains like these are fairly easy to make once you master the "linking" process and will last for years. Your knitting work may actually be brought out on more than just a single occasion when you do it this way. Tassels, chains and other ornamental hangings are usually much more beautiful and much more durable than a little colored paper and glue.

Rather than spend all the time up to the holiday season working on knitting projects that will be lost and soon forgotten, why not try working on a knitting job or two that is going to be not only appreciated, but very kindly handed down from generation to generation? The possibilities are endless!

Source by Liz Raad

Jazzing Up the Holiday and Christmas Decor

If you are crazy about Christmas, or maybe just like to impress the neighbors, then Yuletide is a good time to show off your festive spirit with a flourish of more modern, and possibly more flamboyant, Christmas decorations.

It is so easy to just drag out those same old 20th century artificial Christmas trees, with their worn and abandoned balls which lost their sparkle long ago. If, that is, they ever had any sparkle. Then there's the bedraggled tree topper fairy which Grandma left you in her will, remembering you had once advised it, out of politeness and curiosity, some 30 years earlier.

If you have had a good year, then surely it is worth seeing out the last few weeks of the year with a new, bright and cheerful display around, and outside, the home. If you have had a bad year, well, why not shake off those blues with a festive display of lights, decorations and ornaments that makes your previous holiday decorating efforts look simply bland?

Such is the variety of large and small Christmas ornaments these days that, once you have decided to take the plunge and festoon your home and garden with the best holiday décor you can find (and afford), then you will surely have a great time making your selection, planning the display, and then setting it all up around the home.

Style, Restraint and Beauty For Your Indoor Christmas Decor

It is true that the old style Christmas decorations still look great. There is nothing like a large Christmas tree with lights to act as a focal point for your living area, plus all the hangings ornaments we have all gotten used to over the decades. Even so, if you are ringing in the changes for your holiday décor this year, then there is much you can choose from that will add a modern touch to your decorating. Plus, there is no need to go overboard with vivid colors and garishness; mixing a bit of Christmas glitz with restraint can bring some pleasant effects.

There is no reason why you should not create a beautiful festive décor, incorporating traditional elements while adding a few contemporary developments too. You could start with the Christmas tree itself, if you are not intent on keeping to the real tree. Artificial Christmas trees have become much more realistic compared to the old ones, and may include effective extras such as pine cones and a frosted effect, so it is worth having a good look around to find one that really stands out from the crowd.

The other modern development with these trees is the option of having them prelit. With a prelit tree you can be assured that the lights are neatly spaced, giving a better effect and saving you a lot of time and frustration getting them set up.

It is not just the realistic artificial trees that can be effective. Even the blatantly unrealistic versions, such as pure white or gold, can look quite charming, especially as part of a color theme. When adored by the right colored lights, such trees, if of good quality, can look exceptional, whereas they first appeared on the market they could seem quite hideous and tawdry.

When it comes to ornaments, there is a much wider choice than there used to be, with different styles emerging. It is worth exploring some of the hand made and hand painted ornaments, especially those with a humorous touch, as some can not be only be very attractive, but unique and in some fine detail. Another possible source of decorations that are delightfully unusual, colorful and artistic, is through Asian imports. The plain old Christmas ball looks very pale indeed against a finely decorated Chinese equivalent. Whatever your tastes, if you have a bare tree to decorate, whether prelit or unlit, you will surely find a far wider choice of tree décor than you would have done even thirty years ago.

If you do not like, or do not have the time, to go searching around for tree decorations and ornaments, then there has been a further modern development just for you: a prelit Christmas tree with ornaments included. So, everything comes ready for setting up in the chosen place in your home, leaving you just with the final task of plugging it into a power source. If you want the whole process outsourced, you could even hire a local electrician to come and plug it in for you!

Finally, back to the tradition of nativity scenes for those who see Christmas as their celebration of the birth of Jesus. There is such a wonderful choice nowdays, both in nativity sets and individual pieces, which will help you maintain some old Christian traditions that will bring a new and fresh touch to your holiday season decorating.

Source by Roy Thomsitt

Great Holiday Business Gift Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive market, great holiday gift ideas for businesses and their employers/employees are quite hard to come by. Business gifts are a way to show you as a company have remembered that business, and value their custom. The nicer the gift, the more likelihood there is that you’ll be remembered. However, holiday gift ideas are even harder, because so many people utilize that aspect of business marketing at holiday times of year and try hard to think of new creative gifts which will delight the recipient.

Candy Jars with your business’ name and logo on. Definitely one way to get you remembered AFTER the holiday season when the employees are sitting popping candies from the jar after returning to work feeling that bit jaded. A bit of comfort eating every now and again is good for the soul, don’t let anyone tell you any different. What about gift certificates? Not so personal you might think, but why not be a bit impersonal? It is business to business after all, and this way you know they’re going to be able to spend that certificate on something they really need without having to ‘use up’ those seventeen hampers they got from their best providers.

If you really put your mind to it, you can come up with a veritable plethora of different ideas:

o Padfolios

o Business Card cases

o Cufflinks

o Umbrellas

o Letter openers, money clips, paperweights – the list goes on.

You can use these same tried and tested gifts, and enhance them a little – so they don’t seem so uniform. Tie a red ribbon with a Happy Thanksgiving card to the padfolio, umbrellas with a ‘Christmas’ version of your logo embossed upon it; sure it might not be used all year around, but people will see your logo at that time of year and think about your generosity. What about mothers’ and father’s day gifts? Perhaps cufflinks with a ‘courtesy of your business at father’s day’ card attached. Utilizing older ideas in a fresh and unique way will always get you noticed, it’s just that tiny bit more time and creativity which is obviously put into these things which make them that touch more memorable.

Never forget your own merchandise! Mugs, t-shirts, pens, binders and even diaries – these objects are designed to capture the attention of the people watching their boss sip coffee from that mug you sent, your logo will be remembered, and the office workplace always needs extra supplies so it should never be unwelcome. No matter what you sell, you can send gifts to show your unique ideas and pro-active attitude towards gaining future business with valued customers. There is no need to not consider more creative ideas, which other people very probably aren’t employing in their marketing campaigns – in fact you should make extra effort to make sure you are doing something very few others will do. Giving business gifts is more than just about holiday spirit, it’s about being remembered and gaining future work too.

Source by Leah Lee

Holiday Dangers – The Top Three Threats To Your Dog This Winter And How To Prevent A Calamity

The Holidays can be such a joy for many families. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or none of the above there are plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays with your whole family and that includes your pet. To be on the safe side, it is important to know that while there are plenty of times to include your pet in your holiday festivals, there are some things you have to watch out for. The holidays should be a time of joy, but those pet owners who are not careful may have a tragedy on their hands if they do not know what to look out for.

To help you make the holidays as painless and joyful as possible, here are the top three threats to your dog this winter and how you can prevent a calamity from occurring to dampen your holiday spirits.

Holiday Greenery

One of the best parts about Christmas is the fact that there are so many traditions that require upholding, and these are great ways to make sure that your holiday is as pleasurable as possible. Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, poinsettia plants-these things all complete the Christmas atmosphere but they can all pose a threat to the health of your pet. All of the above are poisonous to your dog if enough is consumed, so just to be on the safe side never put any of these things anywhere where your dog can reach them. Have some type of gated system around the Christmas tree to keep your dog from getting too close, and put other plants up out of the reach of your dog, no matter how clever they may get.

Our canine companions have a tendency to get rather intelligent when it comes to figuring out how to get into things that can hurt them; cut them off at the pass and make sure everything is out of their reach.

Holiday Sweets

The holidays are a time of sharing and caring, and who said that we can not do that with our pets? While it may be tempting to want to pass a few pieces of candy from your Christmas dish to your faithful four-legged friend, you would be doing them much more harm than good. Sugar does awful things to a dog's system and chocolate does even worse. Baker's chocolate and concentrated chocolate can be a real killer, as is the case with other highly caffeineated products or those with a high concentration of chocolate.

If you are being tempted to share, think twice. Chocolate can send your dog into massive convulsions, and even a coma from which they may never return. Do the right thing and get a candy dish for puppy-approved Christmas trees so that every time you have a treat your dog can have one too. That way you will not have to worry about them wanting or getting any of what you have.

Cold Weather Products

When the winter months hit, people tend to break out a whole slue of products designed to help them combat the cold weather. This includes salts, antifreeze, and other things of that nature. There is no doubt that having a safe environment would be more difficult without salt for your sidewalks, and if you do not want your car engine to freeze antifreeze is a must-have, but did you know cause both internal damage to your best friend?

Antifreeze is the main culprit that gets dogs every year, and if you do not be careful you may have to deal with a tragedy along those lines this year. The bad thing about antifreeze is that dogs like the taste, so avoid a tragedy by getting pet-safe antifreeze alternatives or keeping it under lock and key, far away from where your pet will ever be able to get into it. Do not allow them to drink out of puddles or lick their paws after a walk either as it does not take much to get them sick.

The worst way to spend your holiday is to spend it mourning over the loss of your pet. Take the necessary precautions and protect your best friend from these and the many other dangers that winter months pose.

Source by Lisa Failla