Tips For The Perfect Holiday Gift

It's commonly assumed that men can not buy their wives good gifts. Family jokes include the story of the time Dad bought Mom a lawnmower or an outboard motor. Or the blender that caused the largest family argument ever. Have you heard the one about the husband who offered to pay for his wife's liposuction?

Over time the incident is downplayed and becomes the stuff of legend.

Women are as guilty of this as men; I've heard many wives state that they picked out what they wanted, wrapped it up and told their husbands what they purchased. One Father's Day Iave my husband the standing jewelry box I'd always wanted.

We all laugh about it but secretly I believe there's a bit of hurt in that laugh. There's a sense of not being heard, of being overlooked or even ignored.

It does not have to be that way.

Here are some helpful tips in finding the perfect gift for your Significant Other:

1). Listen. Make a mental note of the theme of your wives' conversation. Does she talk about something new she discovered during the week? Is she excited about a new author she's reading, a store she typically likes, a new sport she'd like to pursue? If so, look those things up online and get ideas from various websites.

2) Look. Are her winter gloves getting worn? Replace them with an upgrade. Is she leaving subtle hints around the house such as magazines or store ads opened to something special?

Seriously, women are not all that subtle; If there's something she wants, you can believe she'll be talking about it more or will make a comment while you're watching a commercial on television. The trick is to WANT to find the gift she'll love.

3) Take the time to research the right gift. I'm not talking about how it is manufactured or how many models of it there are or where its company is on the NASDAQ market. I'm referring to checking around to see what is available in that category. If you know she'd like a massage, ask coworkers for suggestions for great spas in the area. Ask her girlfriends what they think she would like.

4). Love her enough to put some time into the gift. It does not have to be expensive. Often the perfect gift reflects how important she is to you.

One of my favorite gifts from my husband Don came when we were still dating.

We had been seeing each other for a few months and I needed to know if he was as invested in the relationship as I was. We were both poor college students so I knew money was nonexistent; still, I thread out a challenge to him.

"Why do not you ever send me a sweet and mushy card?"

I did not know if he heard me and I quickly forgot about my comment.

The next day at breakfast he handed me a handmade envelope. Inside the envelope was a card with a cartoon mouse saying, "You wanted a sweet and mushy card." Inside the card was a square of dry cornflakes glued on it with the words, "Just add milk."

It was not the greatest artwork and it was not the most expensive gift, but the fact that he listened, looked, and loved me enough to spend the time on that goofy card meant so much to me. After 31 years of marriage I still have it despite I'm sure the cornflakes are thoroughly disgusting by now.

Heed my warning here fellas. DO NOT offer to buy her a weight loss program program membership no matter how much she says she wants one! This will come back to haunt you. Do not purchase sexy lingerie if she's the flannel pajama type. Do your very best to purchase clothing in her size; unless she's the type to cut all the tags out of her clothes, look in the closet to discover her current size. When in doubt, purchase the next size down. When she protests about the size tell her that's how she looks to you.

Do not cop out with generic gift cards without she specifically says she wants them. If so, find a creative way to wrap the card rather than just handing it to her under the mistletoe. I've been known to take a box, fill it with pebbles, add the gift card and wrap extravagantly. My son Ryan and his grandpa have exchanged gifts entirely wrapped in duct tape. The fun is in the unwrapping.

Finally, remember that it's not the expense of the gift but the thought that goes into it that matters. Purchase something at the last minute at the local gas station and she will know it instantly. Make this a memorable Christmas for both of you by taking time to listen, look, research, and show your love by giving a memento that shows you are invested in her life.

Source by Karen Wasoba

Little Holiday on Ice or How Jochen Schweizer Changed My Life

Doubtlessly, I was totally thrilled about this extraordinary present. I could not deny my nervousness and pretty much looked forward to the tenth of February at 7 pm when I had to show up in the well known and traditional Olympia Eishalle in Munich.

Beforehand, I badly needed to update my skating skills whilst practicing with the Medientigers, a club specifically founded and tailor for interested sportsmen and women over 40 years in Freising, the famous cathedral town north of Munich.

I was lucky to join this club for about 3 years in order to improve my deficits in terms of backwards skating. We regularly met every Thursday evening for 2 hours at our artificial ice-rink, where we were obtained valuable instructions from a 70 years old passionate man.

I should not neglect the fact that I could enjoy a psychological advantage: since I took advantage of a summer ticket allowing me to slide over the skating rink in Munich in a very glamorous way.

The next weeks I could not help adequately preparing for this overwhelming event in particular clarifying all essential organizational prerequisites.

The fundamental assumptions were as follows:

Minimum age 16 years
No health restrictions whateverwever
Basic ability to move
Own skating shoes, ski socks and functional underwear

Fortunately, I could use my full equipment including stick which I proudly took with me on this spectacular evening.

The provided achievements are listed such as:

Professional training including the total range of learning units
Professional coach taking care of the applicants
Penalty competition versus goalie
Cap symbolizing the club of Munich
Ticket for the next home game

Now time has come to start off for that unique happening;

I was accompanied by my wife and my oldest son, Tobias; he had already proved to be a passionate fan of my beloved club, the Straubing Tigers, which turned out to be a tough opponent for the EHC Muenchen through the season.

The video camera definitely guaranteed exciting and long-lasting memories.

Apart from me there were 3 other guys gifted with near the same skating knowledge and experience on ice. Moritz in fact had already enjoyed the opportunity of joining a so called VIP training with the professional team of Munich.

Mentally, I felt safe and well – doubtlessly I was ready to game. Primarily, we were picked up in front of the player's entrance by our two professional coaches, Mr. Christian Winkler and Mr. Martin Hinterstocker, known of his bronze medal during the Olympic Games in 1976. Both coaches appeared to be very relaxed and looked forward to taking care of us. We had been provided a separate changing room, however, we were able to even spot some greetings from the professional players, who slowly finished their training before and went by our locker booth.

Those magic moments even more incites our stimulator for the incoming training. Neverheless, getting dressed turned out to be a tough job as always trying to proceed as pragmatically as possible.

Before we luckily ended up with a special jersey which we were given for this event, Pat Cortina, the head coach of EHC Munich stopped by and wished all the best to us. This was the Dot on the I – it was simply terrific.

Occasionally, I was ready to walk through the hall of fame out to the rink. I was already wondering what kind of special units and tasks would expect us during this training.

Outside, my wife and my son waited for me near the entrance doors to the iced area to fix the first historical pictures for our family diary.

There was in fact room for a personal cat walk; I could not deny that I loved this way of self presentation shortly before the big easy.

Upon strolling around a table with sophisticated looking technical equipment stroke my attention; I never believed that the heart frequencies of the players are going to be professionally evaluated during the training. Those devices really impressed me.

All of a sudden, I detected Kevin Lavallee once performing for the Straubing Tigers; we had a short lively discussion about the measurements and his former time in my home city before he headed for the cabin.

Now the excuse could be literately felt – only a few minutes away from entering the iced area, what a feeling

To be on the safe side I chose a full face protection due to my short-sightedness.

At the beginning we were offered a briefing in terms of the overall procedure and the required attitude on ice. That way we got the necessary security regarding the following units, which were always commented and adequately improved.

Apart from these welcomed short interruptions we had to intensively perform through the evening; sweat and tears made of luck were the logical exit. On the contrary, sufficient bottles of water had been provided for us to balance the biological household.

The primary longer task was to warm up with all players from the junior team of Munich; the first rounds without puck and then including the decisive material, which had to be lead close to one's stick and then be scored into the empty goal. The ground rule was not to skate behind the goal; Initially, I did not complain with it and got an appropriate advice from the coaches.

One of the coaches Martin Hinterstocker had so much expertise which was amazing. He even praised me upon acting out a specific unit.

After the usual warm up session the coaches told us the next activities, which should consist of different specific tactical units. These tasks happened to be fairly difficult, since the Jochen Schweizer group had to be properly involved.

In the end, I am sure we did a great job, in particular because the coaches acknowledged our performance once in a while.

Last but not least, the game plan had to be implemented accordingly in a real match 4 versus 4 players. During this rather intense game we got a lot of shifts on the ice. I almost scored which would have been appropriately appropriated. One of my colleagues in fact managed to shoot a goal. He felt like a real champion.

Unfortunately, time is flying when you are having fun; at 9 pm sharp the training was over, although penalty practice was supposedly to be on the agenda according to the voucher. Due to time constraints this could not be realized. Neverheless, we had a great time and were happy to move our tired body to the locker room to get undressed again.

We said Farewell to the congenial coaching team and were finally rewarded with the promised cap and the well deserved ticket for the upcoming derby against the traditional rival from Riesserse.

This thrilling game happened to become a dramatic match ending with a 5: 4 victory for Munich after Penalty. It was an awesome game which I happily enjoyed with two colleges.

Now I could perceive an ice hockey game from a different perspective since I recently practiced on the same ice a week ago. Above all, I could critically analyze the professional goalie, which I got to know then. In addition, I attentively observed Kevin Lavalle with his number 71 who played great.

I felt like on cloud nine when I went home that night. At the same time I was wondering if and when I might be able to take part in an event with the VIP players of EHC Munich.

I seriously planned to realize this dream, but after surfing the net I figured out that Jochen Schweizer surprisingly did not offer this training any more. Perhaps, this was due to the probability of getting injured too easily despite the coaches assured us these special events have always been taken out carefully.

Neverheless, I felt proud that I bravely mastered this extraordinary situation.

Source by Hermann Grassl

A Gastronomic Delight During Dorset Holidays

You will have a gastronomic delight as you try a plethora of flavors that will satisfy your senses. Make your Dorset holidays unforgetable as you relish comfort foods, home cooked meals and exotic cuisines. Stay at the self-catering holiday cottages for maximum comfort and luxury. You can find most holiday cottages near major tourist destinations. You will be pampered like VIPs at the excellent accommodations of the holiday cottages. During your Dorset holidays, explore the contrasting beauty of the county and strengthen your bond with your family. For a flavorful quake, here are some places worth visiting.

Riverside Restaurant

The Riverside Restaurant is a wonderful place to bring your family during your Dorset holidays. Schedule a visit here as you celebrate good times in the south west of England. It is known for its excellent service and equally tasty dishes. Any discriminating palate can enjoy fine dining here with a plethora of choices such as English, French, Mediterranean and European cuisines. If you love fresh seafood dishes you can have it here like the pan seared sea bass, lobster and rock oysters. If you are craving for some classic fish-n-chips meal, the restaurant serves one of the best in the county. If you fancy some Greek salad, French roasted chicken or some Italian pasta, you will not be disappointed when you order some here. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can have a fine dining experience here. The restaurant is always packed to the hilt so make advanced reservations while at the holiday cottages. You will be treated with warm hospitality by the efficient staff members and will get a great view of the serene river. There is no better place to be during your family vacation than here at Riverside Restaurant.


If you can not get enough of heart-warming Italian dishes, visit Prezzo during your Dorset holidays. The famous Italian restaurant serves authentic dishes that will bring you straight at the heart of Italy. It is just a stone's throw away from the holiday cottages. If you do not want to cook, just order whatever you fancy here. Only the finest ingredients are used in the preparation to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Patrons highly recommend goat's cheese Al Forno, Quattro Formaggi pizza, crab cakes and spaghetti Carbonara. The ambiance is very cozy and welcoming. Ask a friendly staff to assist you in choosing the best wine or beverage to complement your meal. Treat your spouse here with a romantic dinner for two and have a gastronomic delight during your Dorset holidays .

Source by Ana Hopkins

Spend Great Dorset Holidays With Your Family

Dorset holidays would be well spent if you have your family with you. This is due to the various exhilarating events that you and your family can take part in. These activities include coastal explorations, historic places, thrilling adventure parks, sightseeing, and a lot more. Staying in one of the holiday cottages would be convenient for you because it would be easy to go from one local attraction to another. It would also be cost-effective because you will not be spending much on transportation. You can also cook using the best kitchen ware in these spacious holiday cottages. The services are prompt and reliable and you can always count on the friendly and helpful staffs. Here are some thrilling activities that you can engage in during your Dorset holidays.

Mega Paintball Zone

From your holiday cottages, you can easily reach the Mega Paintball zones. You can take your family to play exciting games and enjoy your quality time together. Your Dorset holidays would be a great time to renew relationships within your family circle or among friends. The events at this awesome venue will provide many chances for you to conduct group or team activities. Your group will learn how to work as a team and how to cooperate with each other for the success of the activity. You can reserve the place if you want to celebrate a birthday or an event at the Mega Paintball zone.

The Pirate Adventure

The Pirate Adventure is a mini-golf course which is designed with a pirate theme. Your family would surely enjoy the 19-hole golf course amidst scary pirates and captains assailing them. You can teach your children basic golf moves amidst the presence of pirates’ traps and dangers. It would be fun for you and your children to be playing golf and devising ways to avoid the pirates. After your game of golf, you can then retire at the holiday cottages for the night. Spending time with family in one of the greatest places in Dorset like the Pirate Adventure would be one of the most memorable events during your holidays in Dorset.

There are still countless of happenings you can participate in that would make your holidays in Dorset extraordinary. The opportunities are countless if you you’re your trip well. Whatever your interests are, there will always be an activity that would respond to your needs. Make sure you book one of the classy holiday cottages to ensure a cosy and luxurious lodging once you get there. It pays also to plan your budget for everything during your Dorset holidays: the food, the lodging place and your itinerary, so that you’ll get back your money’s worth.

Source by Mary Godago

Catered Chalet Holidays – The Pros and Cons

If you've never been on a catered chalet holiday, the following overview might give some useful insight on whether it's something you might enjoy.

What catering includes

This is an important area to look at because different companies offer very different packages. At the top-end, you'll typically have meals prepared and served to you to a very high standard. That may include breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner. Some services may also offer pre-dinner aperitifs and so on. Lunch is usually expected to be something you'll take care of yourself as you'll be out and about on or around the slopes.
The standard of food may vary depending upon the company you're using and, inevitably, how much you're paying.

Accommodation sizes and options

Once again, catered chalet options here can vary. Some may be based upon multiple occupation of a very large place by several different parties. If you're a very sociable person and like meeting lots of new, like-minded people and spending time in relatively close proximity to them, this will suit you fine. These options are typically at the lower-end of the budget spectrum for catered ski holidays.

If you're shy, do not enjoy living along people you do not know or like lots of privacy, then it might be better to look at catered options that involve private accommodation.

Do not immediately assume this means you'll need megabucks, though! Relatively small versions are available at a modest cost. Alternately, you could take a smaller chalet and share it with family and friends. That may give you the best of all worlds – sharing the cost but not needing to live alongside strangers or casual acquaints.

Catered versus self-catered

There's no real general answer to this one other than to say you probably know yourself better than anyone else does. For some, the first option is the ultimate. After all, you're in the Alps (or wherever) to engage in some serious skiing or other snow sports. Doing things like preparing meals and, even worse, the clearing up afterwards, is not how many people really want to spend their precious holiday time. True, you can eat out in restaurants but that can prove expensive and sometimes a little impersonal – particularly when it's over several days. If, however, you enjoy cooking the very specific food you want to eat and buying local produce and trying out local cooking techniques is high on your holiday agenda, then a self-catered chalet might be best for you.

In passing, do not write-off the fully inclusive option just because you have special dietary requirements or strong personal preferences (eg vegetarianism). Just contact your holiday provider and ask them the question. Some may be able to be very flexible in that respect – within reason of course.

If you like the ultimate in ski luxury, it might be worth checking out the many excellent catered chalet options. There are some superb accommodation options out there with incredible facilities – they could help make it the ski holiday of a lifetime for you.

Source by Danielle Hodges

Advice for Holiday Food Poisoning Abroad

Your holiday could have been ruined by unsafe food. You will find a couple of simple rules that will help you avoid the distress and disappointment associated with being ill while on holiday. Both food handlers and overseas travelers may find this article useful.

This article is based on information associated with World Health Organization's advice.

The most common causes of food poisoning.

Gastric illness frequently contracted on holiday and is often referred to as Traveler's Diarrhea. When people travel abroad, often to developing countries the risks of becoming ill are increased. Many places outside Europe may have infrastructures that are less well developed than are own. Utilities including water supply, refuse disposal and sewerage often do not have the same amount of investment and regulation that applies to what we are used to in the UK.

Gastric infection and food poisoning can be controlled by sound hygiene procedures. Whilst on holiday it is vital that you have an awareness of health risks so that you stay healthy while on holiday. Typical vaccinations that you will take to prevent illness such as polio and tetanus before you go away will not guard against water or food borne sickness.

What causes food poisoning whilst on holiday?

• Contamination by bacteria in water and food that the local population may be immune to.

• Poor local sanitation.

• Poor hygiene by food handlers.

• Contamination by insects such as flies and wasps.

• Consuming contaminated food in restaurants with poor hygiene procedures.

• Overuse of facilities such as swimming pools and buffet restaurants.

• Ingesting contaminated meat, chicken, beef, pork and fish.

What Safeguards can be taken to prevent Holiday Illness?

Before you travel seek medical advice about any vaccinations that you may need. If you are going to an area affected by Malaria, you may need to take medication in advance of traveling

Disinfection tablets can be purchased in pharmacies and camp site stores in advance of travel and can be used to decontaminate water

It is vital to observe high standards of personal individual hygiene. Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and after handling food. If you come into physical contact with an animal, again hand washing is a necessity.

Make sure any water you drink comes from a reliable source. Boiling water for 15 minutes is likely to kill the most dangerous of bugs. Try to stick to bottled water (that has not had its seal broken) .Sparkling water may also be dangerous, particularly if served with ice.
It is well known that ice can be dangerous if contaminated water is used in its production or it has come into contact with human hands. Salad may also be washed in contaminated water and should be cleaned in treated water before consumption.

Bottled drinks including coffee, beer, tea and carbonated drinks found in tins are usually the safest drinks to consumer while at home.

Freshly prepared food is often safer to consume than food that has left left for a long time. Food, often stored in buffets, may have been left out at room temperature which is ideal growing conditions for bacteria.

Make sure your sea food is freshly cooked and stored at the correct temperature. If there is a funny smell, you may end up with an infection caused by dangerous toxins.

Keep in mind that leisure water such as with pools is frequently contaminated.

If you do become ill make sure you seek medical advice and keep hydrated.

Source by Shelley Sonnei

How To Have An Enjoyable Dive Holiday

Diving holidays can be some of the most interesting if you have a passion for diving. You will get the chance to explore underwater nature and learn some amazing things about life underwater. The sights under the water are stunning and unique which is why many people opt to go on dive holidays to take a break from what is considered normal. To have the best time during your holidays holidays however, you will need to do your homework and play your part as well.

1. Decide it's what you really want

Diving can not be fun unless you really are interested in the activity and are ready for the challenges it might bring your way. Not very many people are excited by water bodies so make sure that diving is what you really wish to do on your holiday. When you are excited about the holiday, you are bound to have a time of your life all through.

2. Choose a good dive resort

Fortunately, dive resorts are numerous and you get the chance to select the one you feel is best for you. Everyone has their favorite holiday destinations, but it is important to remember that not all places are good for diving. To find the best resort, settle for destinations popular for amazing diving holidays. With several spots at your disposal, it should be easy to finally choose the best one for your holiday expectations.

3. Get your finances in order

This is important for any holidaymaker wherever you are traveling locally or internationally. You may need to travel far to reach your preferred dive resort and your holiday may take several days making it very important to take control over your finances. Know how much you are willing to spare for the holidays so you can choose the right holiday package and one you can afford comfortably. The budget should include everything from travel expenses, accommodation, insurance and other activities or needs you might have when traveling.

4. Know what to carry along

Some of the dive resorts offer the needed diving gear and equipment. You might however, find it more convenient to have some of your personal effects when leaving for the holiday. You can easily tell what to pack before the holiday by looking at what your resort has to offer you. Apart from the diving gear and equipment, find out the amenities made available and how convenient they are for your holiday needs. Depending on what is available, you will know what else to carry to make the holiday most enjoyable for you.

5. Consider dive lessons

The fact is that not everyone interested in diving knows how to dive. Luckily, most resorts offer lessons before the real dive. This means that you will have a time of your life, whether you are just a beginner or a professional. Consider the dive levels offered within your preferred resort just to be sure that all your needs will be taken care of to fetch value from your holiday.

Source by Jovia D'Souza

Have an Exciting Family Day During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

If you have selected the Isle of Wight holidays as your vacation package; you have the best choice. This is because the Isle of Wight can provide all sorts of exciting indoor and outdoor events that you and your family can explore and indulge in. You can stay in one of the classy and comfortable holiday cottages to make sure that you are safe and secure. The cottages also provide high-quality services and world-class amenities. Your holidays would be perfect for a family vacation get-away from your fast-paced daily routine. The following activities are recommended for the whole family.

Try the Sandown Attractions

This amusement park in Sandown is great for your kids who want some adrenaline stimulating happening. You can take them to this adventure park to join in several thrilling Sandham rides and endeavors. The Go-Kart ride, the Giant Slide and the Bumper Ride will provide the excitement for kids seeking during their Isle of Wight holidays. If you have not cooked food from your Isle of Wight cottages, you can always buy snacks within the vicinity. The Sandown beaches are also just nearby so you can drive the short distance and enjoy sailing and swimming. There are also novelty shops around the area that you could delight in. Admire local artist and design from the different items sold at the novelty shops. You will have fun selecting a memento to take back home to loved ones you left behind.

Go Paragliding

From your holiday cottages, you can drive to the Butterfly Paragliding School. This famous school provides durable and efficient gears for paragliding. You can try Tandem Paragliding with your friends during your holidays. If you are new to the sports, you can always enlist the services of a professional and highly skilled paragliding instructor to teach you the basics. The flight stimulator will help you learn securely and safely. The staff will not allow you to go paragliding without your knowledge is sufficient enough to glide reliably. You can allow your children to participate to experience the joy of being up in the sky and feel the rush of fresh, rejuvenating air against your face.

Try Swimming

The beaches at Sandown are one of the best in the island. You can reach this awesome beach from any of the Isle of Wight holiday cottages very easily. This is an ideal beach for the whole family because even small children have a safe, shallow and clean place for a swim. You may want to cook your specialty dish in the Isle of Wight holiday cottages and take a picnic basket to Sandown. The whole family will have quality time with each other while basking in the fine, golden sand and relishing the serene and peaceful surrounding during your Isle of Wight holidays .

Source by Ana Hopkins

Ultimate Checklist to Welcome Holiday Guests

As the arrival date of holiday guests quickly approaches, there are a number of little things that can be done to ensure a very warm welcome.

Surprising your guests with little goodie baskets and an inviting bedroom that makes them feel at home is key.

Some of these items might even be mandatory depending on how much assistance with last minute tasks and help with the kids you plan on requesting.

In a bedroom and bathroom that have been cleaned from top to bottom and adorned with a little bit of holiday decor, considering adding a few of these ideas …

Bathroom Counter:

* Fresh set of towels

* Goodie basket filled with trial-sized products:

  • shampoo, conditioner, hairspray
  • moisturizing soap and / or shower gel
  • disposable razor
  • disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
  • moisturizing lotion, lip balm, soft cloth wipes
  • Tums, Visine and Ibuprofen

Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers:

* Hair dryer

* Fresh towels, wash cloths, hand towels

* Toilet paper – 2 to 3 rolls

* Sanitary supplies

Inspired Note: The hand towel hanging by the sink should be for guest's use. However, put a big beautiful bow around any other decorator towels that you would prefer are not used.

Guest's Bed:

* Made with fresh linens

* One blanket that is soft and warm

* Second blanket that is folded in half and covers the bottom half of the bed

One Bedside Table:

* Lamp

* Bottle of aromatherapy lotion

* Candle, lightly scented

* TV remote control

* Interesting short read book

* Variety of magazines

* Box of Kleenex

* Coaster for drinking glass

* Alarm clock with correct time set

* Power strip on floor for chargers

Other Bedside Table:

* Lamp

* Homemade welcome card from the kids

* Small plate of sweet trees

* Couple of packages of light snacks

* Water bottles

* Coaster for drinking glass

* Instructions for Wi-Fi connection

* House key on a ring with a bow

* Power strip on floor for chargers

Bedroom Closet:

* Plenty of open hanging space and floor space available

* 10 or more unused hangers


* Folding luggage rack

* Drawer space for folded clothes

* Nightlight in the bathroom

* Nightlight in the hall to the bedroom

* Nightlight at top of stairs


* Cold bottles of water in the refrigerator

* Ingredients for making sandwiches

* Cookies, fudge and other sweet treats on counter

* Fresh fruit on counter

* Napkins in plain sight

* Sinus, cold and allergy medication in cabinet

Getting the Bedroom Ready Immediately Before Arrival:

* Turn bedside table lamps on

* Turn the bed down

* Put mints on the pillows

* Open or close blinds depending on the time of anticipated arrival

* Turn the ceiling fan on low (moving in the direction that pulls heat from the ceiling)

* Spray a light mist of a room deodorizer around the room

Ambiance through the House:

* Christmas music playing on the radio / stereo

* Holiday movies or sporting events on TV

* Christmas trees lit all day

* Fresh, lightly decorated candles or brick warmers burning

* Christmas or winter décor in all main living areas

* Daily newspaper sitting on the kitchen table

* Fresh, warm breakfast ready when guests come down in the morning

Dogs & Guests:

* Take dogs out to go to the restroom before guests arrive

* Give them a treat and let them hang out in your bedroom, while guests greet the family and bring in luggage

* After everyone has had a few minutes to get settled, then let them out to say "hello," too

These are some ideas that I have come up with over the years to welcome our guests.

This is a comprehensive list and rarely do we do every suggestion listed at the same time.

A thoroughly thought through combination of ideas will make them feel very welcome!

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

Source by Tracey Farmer

Why Tailor Made Holidays Are Considering Superior Holidays

There can be no denying that a holiday, by definition, is all about escaping the trappings of normal life. We can toil and trudge our way through the year, focusing on paying bills and meeting deadlines, but our holiday is something we have deservedly earned. For many, the common package holiday suits just fine, but this is not the case for everyone. The more discerning preference tailor made holidays that serve up exactly what is needed.

Whether it is heading to some far flung corner of the world, to white sand tropical paradises in exotic lands, or whether it is heading to the mountains for its crisp clean air and snow covered slopes, it is possible to get practically whatever holiday is desired . For example, holiday makers can stay at luxury ski chalets in the French Alps, take in some skiing and enjoy the famous Alpine views. Alternatively, for those more interested in sun and surf, but unhappy with the standards of public resorts and package deals, one can take advantage of luxury villa holidays. Through the mixture of privacy, luxury and pampering that these holidays provide, the whole experience is simply far superior.

Winter Holiday Possibilities

It might seem that a tailor winter holiday is more limited in terms of range, but this is actually untrue. The whole basis of the concept is quality, rather than quantity and the rat race that surrounds it, is concentrated upon. So, the first part of considering a winter holiday is what kind of experience is desired. There are professional holiday agencies that go far and beyond the typical high street travel agency. Their job is not to simply book the flights and hotel, but also to provide a higher degree of service. So, a chalet maintained to the highest 5 star standards is a certainty. Typically, these chalets house between 4 and 16 people, allowing groups of varying sizes to stay together, a logical preference to those who travel with friends and family and want to enjoy their company. The contemporary design of the chalets guarantees comfort, while modern facilities, like jacuzzis, steam rooms, home cinema and games systems, means entertainment and luxury are equally guaranteed. But even more significant is the fact that these holidays also include personal staff, such as a dedicated house keeping team, nannies provided to look after children, and even an on-site chef producing exquisite cuisine to greet the group when they return from a day on the slopes.

Summer Holiday Possibilities

For those who prefer the exoticism of sun drenched beaches, there are equally impressive choices available. For example, it is possible for a holidaying party to stay at luxurious villas overlooking the white sand beaches of Sri Lanka. These villas have everything that one could possibly want, to make the experience a magical one, from infinity pools that seem to stretch out into the Indian Ocean, to fresh green lawns littered with mature coconut trees, to onsite spa treatments and excellent cuisine arranged by a dedicated concierge. But staying at a villa is only part of it, with a range of excursions and activities also specifically arranged to enhance the experience of being abroad with friends and family. Whether the guests want to visit national parks to view wildlife, or go scuba diving to see the colored variety of marine life in the area, these trips can easily be arranged.

Culture is what sets different areas of the world apart, and getting close to local culture is often an essential part of the experience for guests. Thankfully, there is little difficulty in having visits to age old temples and other cultural sites in the area organized. This is the great advantage with tailor made holidays. The luxury of the accommodation, the culture and exoticism of the particular corner of the world, is not simply bought, but is fully experienced. There are no preset activity timetables, with activities swamped by a hundred other guests. Instead, there is freedom, independence and choice. So, with bespoke luxury villa holidays , the dream of floating in peace on an infinity pool is standard, while for those who prefer a break on the slopes, staffed luxury ski chalets ensure their stay is everything they could dream of too. Quality, rather than quantity, always provides a greater experience.

Source by Leah Williams