Marbella, Obama Family’s Holiday Destination


Spain is becoming one of the favourite destinations for foreigners and even for residents in Spain. They arrive attracted by it’s culture, history, cuisine and beaches. We will now talk about Marbella, the destination chosen by Obama family to enjoy their holidays.

Marbella is located on the south coast of Spain and it belongs to the province of Malaga, in Andalusia. It is one of the top favourite for European travelers and what was once a village of fisherman with the genuine, Mediterranean architecture is now a cosmopolitan and luxurious place where most of the famous and popular figures like to have a break. Antonio Banderas ( popular Spanish actor ) was born in Malaga (Benalmadena).

The city offers a touch of the ancient and the modern and beaches, great climate, mountains, golf courses, casinos, and a lively nightlife.

Legend in Malaga

There is a very popular legend among the fisherman in Malaga, city with a great maritime influence and where the inhabitants are very religious. It is told that a group of fisherman where surprised by a storm while they were fishing.

Unfortunately they were swept out to sea and were not able to reach the coast in spite of their determination. In between huge waves and black storm clouds they entrusted their souls to god thinking it was the end, but suddenly a ray of light appeared in between the wild waves and floating on the water a carved, wooden cross with a crucified Christ. They reached for this figure and they realised it started to blood from one of the sides, so they brought it onto the boat and after that the storm died down and they managed to survive.

This Christ was taken to the “Convento de la Merced”,where it is venerated since then, as the “Christ of blood”.

Gastronomy in Malaga

Malaga’s cuisine is very healthy, light and Mediterranean like the most. The seafood and fish are very common in this place. One of the most popular dishes is the “Ajoblanco”, this is a sophisticated, cold soup made of olive oil, garlic and almonds. You can also taste the ” Gambas a la Plancha” ( grilled prawns ), “Almejas” ( clams) and “Boquerones en vinagre” ( anchovy with vinegar).

Places to visit

Marbella old town, Alameda Park, Orange square, Banus Port, Basilica Vega del Mar, Arab Castle of “Alcazaba”, King Fahd’s gardens and at Rio verde you will find remains of a roman village.


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Travel Groups for Seniors – How to Organize Your Own Holiday Group for the Elderly


Travel groups for seniors are beneficial to new traveler’s or for seniors with past holiday experiences. There comes a time in the lives of most seniors when they will need to book a hotel, flight, or arrange a holiday cruise.

You might be accustomed to traveling with other groups or you might even want to try your hand at arranging a vacation group yourself. There are so many benefits to organizing groups. In this article, we will offer useful information on creating travel groups for seniors.

Travel Groups for Seniors – Putting Your Operation into Action

Where do you begin creating holiday groups for seniors? If you don’t have any previous experience, you might want to team up with a local travel agency in your area.

With their backing and professional support, you will have the tools and knowledge to begin rounding up interested senior citizens for your first trip.

You should always compare the best overall discounts with the type of services and amenities that travel agencies can offer. Cheap holidays are great, but you cannot always equate low prices with quality service. You want to make your group happy, and you also want your members eager to be the first to sign up on the next trip.

Some seniors are not aware that the person organizing these tours can receive very low rates and sometimes they can receive free vacations if they sign up enough people to their group. I hope this is enough incentive to start your own travel groups for seniors.

You can appoint yourself as the chaperone and leader of the group. You will have a lot of responsibilities, but you can also reap the financial rewards and discounts.

The size of your travel group usually determines the size of your discounts and places you can visit once you reach your destination. You are not going to find as many seniors who are willing to cough up their life savings for a luxury holiday. However, you will be able to get enough seniors together if they can compare prices and see how much of a bargain you are providing for the group.

Once you have organized a few travel groups for seniors with a travel agency, you might be ready to kick it up a notch and begin running your own tours without the help of an agency. You can build up valuable contacts during each trip. You might be able to find cheaper travel guide or hotels, and you might be able to shave off a few more dollars by approaching business owners at each travel destination.

What started as a single project could easily turn into a part-time business for you if you enjoy traveling and being a coordinator.

The modern senior traveler is demanding more personalized trips and access to the travel industry. A personally guided tour that is provided by people that they trust can offer unique insights into new destinations around the world. You can become an expert in the field of travel by careful planning, and by providing a unique experience for other seniors.

Travel Groups for Seniors – Conclusion

Everyone needs to program their holidays carefully. Good planning is challenging, but it can help provide an extremely pleasant experience for most seniors. Your final destination could be anybody’s guess.

Try organizing a few travel groups for seniors today for an enjoyable holiday experience.


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Enjoy Cheap Holiday Deals to Hammamet With Your Family Today


Cheap holidays deals to Hammamet, or anywhere else for that matter, are difficult to come by these days. When you find an amazing deal that allows your family holidays to Hammamet to happen without returning you home with empty pockets and bellies, then you’ve found a deal worth holding on to. Just remember not to spend all the money you save on travel at the local markets in Hammamet.

When it comes to shopping the local markets Hammamet has to offer, be sure that you are willing to haggle for a better price. Not only is it necessary in many cases to get a fair price but it is also expected. At the same time it is considered poor etiquette to engage in a lengthy haggling process and then walk away without making the purchase.

Family holidays to Hammamet will be remembered for a lifetime when you make the sacrifice to include destinations such as Carthage Land (an amusement park) or Acqua Palace (a water park) on your list of things to do. Carthage Land is Tunisia’s first amusement park and a great deal of fun for the entire family.

Not only does this amusement park offer the exciting rides, food, and shows you expect from a theme park but also offers a walk through the hallowed halls of history. Your kids may not know why things happened but they will leave associating names with the events they study about in history lessons. Carthage Land is a must for those taking family holidays to Hammamet so be prepared to fit it into your budget. When you consider the money you save by booking cheap holiday deals to Hammamet you should have no trouble covering this small expense. Your children will love you for it.

Golf. Is it even possible to have a nice relaxing holiday without a round or two of golf on the itinerary? The good news is that despite its desert locale, you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy a nice round of golf when taking holidays to Hammamet. Other ways to enjoy the outdoors while visiting Hammamet include: quad riding, sailing, fishing, camel rides, and Sahara tours. Be careful that you remember, at all times, the importance of sun screen and that you avoid booking outdoor activities during the hottest hours of the day. You should also bring water with you everywhere you go so that you can lessen the risk of dehydration.

Don’t forget to enjoy your day at the beach. No exotic family holiday to Hammamet is complete without spending at least one day at the beach. There is much to see, do, and explore on these gorgeous beaches. In fact, some happy holiday goers are content to only leave the beach to eat and sleep. Spending time at the beach is a great way to save money and broaden the experience of cheap holiday deals to Hammamet. The more you can make your money stretch the better your overall cheap holiday deals to Hammamet will be.


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See More On All Inclusive Holidays To Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a very popular holiday destination and it’s not difficult to see why. This sun-soaked island doesn’t only have beautiful beaches, it also has incredible scenery unspoilt by tourism. Whilst here, don’t leave without going to one of the beautiful national parks or well-preserved historic attractions. The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to go for all inclusive holidays, as they are affordable yet luxurious. So consider having an extra special holiday on this stunning Caribbean island.

Although discovered only in the 15th century, the Dominican Republic has historic attractions that are well-worth visiting. Whether you know much about the past of the island, you’re bound to find the museums and historic attractions on the island interesting. Head to the Museo Nacional de Historia y Geografia or visit the Museo de las Atarazanas to explore the discover of a 15th century shipwreck. Other notable historic sites on the island include the Fort San Felipe, a 15th century fort and the Parque Nacional La Isabela, which holds the remains of Columbus’ second settlement in the New World. Make the most of cheap flights to the region, from the UK and Europe to discover these historic attractions.

You can’t go to the Dominican Republic without relaxing on one of the island’s perfect beaches. The beaches here are beautiful, and extensive – stretching on for over 1000 miles. Most all inclusive resorts offer a variety of themed private pools, as well as a number of different water sports and activities, including parasailing, snorkeling and diving. Golf is another popular activity on the island. The Dominican Republic is home to several championship golf courses, including the Las Aromas Golf Club in Santiago, the Guavaberry Golf and Country Club in Juan Dolio and the Playa Dorada Golf Club in Puerto Plata.

All inclusive holidays allow you to relax completely, so take this relaxation to a new level by heading to one of the island’s spas. Many all inclusive resorts offer spa services, including facials, massages and body treatments. Asian spas are also popular on the island, with many offering open-air yoga and tai chai for those seeking serenity. The variety of activities available, combined with a choice of restaurants and bars, make all inclusive holidays incredibly popular.

Although there has been an influx of tourism to the island in recent years, the island has retained much of its natural beauty. The island has five national parks which help to preserve the landscape and surrounding environment. One of the best parks is the El Choco National Park in Cabarete, which has a huge lagoon that is home to a variety of tropical birds, and the Damajagua Casacades, a series of 27 amazing waterfalls in the jungle near Puerto Plata. Another notable park is Parque Nacional Jaragua, home to the island’s largest flamingo population and some of the best beaches on the island.


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Family Holidays to Africa – Exploring The Terrain


Africa is a mecca for big game enthusiasts. Home to more than 1100 mammals, it also has the highest concentration of wild animals roaming free on open plains. There is such a diversity of wildlife here that the continent boats an amazing 50 biosphere reserves and 80 wet land reserves. Small wonder many tourists come here on holidays to experience the wildlife first hand. There are a number of safari trails across the continent, National Parks and Game reserves where the indigenous wildlife is protected and where you can see it in safety under the guidance of trained ranger.

If it’s your first time on a safari, it’s better to travel to a game reserve like the one at Mount Kenya. This was deemed a World Heritage Site in 1997 and covers an area of 715 square kilometres. Here trained guides with marksmen will take you around in a 4X4 Land Cruiser for you to see the elephants, buffalo, lion and several species of antelope including the rare Bongo, that roam here. Giraffes will be seen grazing the acacia trees and you might see packs of hyenas – but keep your distance, as they have the most powerful bite of any animal in the world! Leopards are around but are more active at night when they hunt as they have excellent night vision. Your guide will probably point out the occasional hippo that can be quite aggressive and you’re sure to glimpse crocodiles in the basins and swamps. One rarer animal is the rhinoceros which is being relocated to safer environments, although many wild rhinos still frequent water holes on the plains.

Further north, in Egypt, tourists on family holidays can also take safaris to see the indigenous wildlife. Transport is either a 4X4 Land Cruiser, jeep or even camel. These generally travel to the Mount Sinai region where it is possible to see mongoose, hyenas and wild boar. Unfortunately, the Egyptian wolf you’ll not likely to see as he is now endangered and quite rare. Ibex are found around Sinai whilst deeper in the deserts, gazelles are seen. Herds of wild camels are a common sight. Egypt is home to only 98 species of mammals, 123 species of birds but of course, this is the land of the snake with asps and horned vipers being the most common. Crocodiles, especially the famous Nile crocodile used to be a common sight but now is restricted to the shores of Lake Nasser only.


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Get Away From The Norm On Nile Cruise Holidays


Everyday life will eventually start to get anyone into a rut. There is a cure to the malaise of a typical routine people tend to find themselves in. The cure is to get far away from home and have some real fun. A whole planet of fun and adventure are waiting for those who want it badly enough. The best way to find an adventure is with Nile cruise holidays.

A holiday is also known as a vacation to some. No matter what it is called, a holiday is a great way to relieve stress and get that hop back into a persons step. It can be tricky finding the right way of spending this quality time. Planning will help to make the expense match the fun.

The destination is what it is all about in vacationing. Often times the farther one goes the better the adventure. A new setting helps create a different way of thinking. Breaking the habits of a repetitive life can improve health and happiness in one go. Ancient lands with culture and intrigue hold the best of old an new.

Finding a great location is a big step, but after the place has been selected the mode of travel starts to become a major issue. Everyone wants to have a good time without giving up life's conveniences. The key to having it all and getting from one place to another is in taking a cruise. Everything the modern world can offer without having to drive or search all day for it.

Traveling on the oceans and seas is not only relaxing, but it is also a great deal of fun. Comfort is king, but activities are what keep each day on the water fresh and exciting. Culture will also flow from every possible pit stop. Old world history and beauty with a taste of everything on the ancient river is hard to beat.

When the time comes to finally take that big vacation, be sure to go somewhere that leaves an impression. See the lands that time has never forgotten and bring home some new stories. A voyage into the past with the pleasures of the world of today is the tops in travel. Make a Nile cruise a top choice when planning the next great holiday.


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Quick And Easy Home Made Holiday Fudge


I can not believe it. Soon the holidays will be here and before we know it will be time to exchange holiday gifts with those we love. This Christmas will be harder than any other I can remember. You see last year my auntie passed away with breast cancer. It was shock when she got sick and for a while while everyone thought she would be okay. But when it came back it came fast and she died early this November. So this year would be hard. Auntie Anne never married. I once heard she had a secret love back in high school but she died at 74 as a single woman. She always had so much love to share. I guess because she did not have her own kids she had extra love to go around. Auntie Anne never missed a birthday, graduation or special event in her niece and nephews lives. I miss the stability of knowing she was always there. If not in person you knew she would be praying for you.

Each Christmas Auntie Anne had the tradition of making an awesome holiday gift: fudge for everyone she knew. And I mean everyone. She would set up shop and go for it. The mail man, hairdresser, neighbor, pastor would all get Auntie Anne's fudge …. It was a tradition that we all waited for. Each year our holiday gift of fudge would be waiting no matter how old I grew or how my life changed.

So this year, I decided to honor Auntie Anne and make the very fudge she made. Along with it, I will frame her recipe and deliver this special holiday gift in hopes that her love will never be forgotten.

Auntie Anne's Holiday Fudge

  • 1 1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
  • 1/3 cup skim milk
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 1 cup butterscotch chips (toll house were her favorite)
  • 3/4 cup marshmallow cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (the extra vanilla is the key)
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa

Grease one 8×8 inch pie pan and set aside.

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the powdered sugar, milk and butter. Mix well and stir constantly until candy thermometer reads 238 degrees F (112 degrees C). This part is tricky so be sure you get it right.

Remove from heat and add chocolate chips, marshmallow cream, vanilla and cocoa. Quickly stir together and pour into prepared pan. Cool and serve. Refrigerate in an airtight container.


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Exciting Holidays in Mykonos of Greece


Mykonos was once exclusively known to Europe's exclusive crowd. Thanks to the efforts of the local tourism board, Mykonos became one of the hottest island vacation destinations in Greece. It is as haven for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Along its mile-long beaches, you will see a fine promenade of luxury hotels. They are sprawled through the area, extending Greek hospitality from amongst its local as well as foreign guests. These hotels are also works of art, from their architecture to the schematic designs of their windows, which perfectly frame island's picturesque landscapes and seascapes. The world-class service of the Mykonos luxury hotels managed to continuously increase the popularity of Mykonos as one of the world's premier holiday makers.

Mykonos is known for its cosmopolitan character and exciting night life. Here, spending holidays in the island will give anyone a worthwhile experience, spending holidays in an exotic Greek island. From its selections of fine restaurants, bars and taverns, tourists are simply given numerous facilities to enjoy quite an exciting night. They can dance the night away in the island's famous beach parties or they can spend indulge in a quiet dinner of the local's restaurant's signature and authentic island dishes.

Mykonos' day scene is usually comprised with tourists flocking around the bazaars and local novelty and specialty shops. Here, you can find a great time haggling and getting discounts for the items that you fancy. Shopping is actually more productive when done during the day because it is the time where shop keepers are still in good mood and replacing old items, much like a great chance to ask for a discount. Whether you spend a night out or a day shopping, it is comfortable to think that the Mykonos luxury hotels will attend to your every need. Just pick from amongst its world-class relaxation amenities and restaurants and you are set for the day's treat.


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What to Do on a Frankfurt Holiday


Holidaymakers planning their next trip might want to consider heading to Germany for a break in Frankfurt – a truly charming city.

While it is probably most famous for being one of Europe's largest financial centers, Frankfurt has much to offer as a tourist destination in its own right, rich as it is in history and interesting sights.

If you're a culture vulture, why not begin with a trip to the Museumsufer? Here, you will find 11 famous museums waiting for you to discover them – all lined up next to one another on both sides of the street.

Visit Hirschgraben and you will find the birthplace of the acclaimed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, an attraction that is so popular it is visited by more than 130,000 people every year.

The Romer is another must-see sight, as this is where the councilors of the city meet and you are likely to recognize the building's three-gabled facade, which was restored in 1975 and features a balcony from which many famous people had traveled to the crowds below.

Another idea could be to make your way to the Frankfurt opera house to take in a performance. The Tiger Palace Variety Theater could be a great way to spend a few hours, particularly if you're looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Here, you will be able to listen to music from Las Vegas and watch acrobats from Italy, trapeze artists from Kazakhstan, gymnasts from Switzerland and jugglers from New York.

If you've bought your children along with you for the holiday, you should make your way to the Papageno Musical Theater. You will be able to treat your little ones to productions of famous stories and fairytales, such as Jim Knopf, Tom Sawyer, The Little Magic Flute and Little Peter's Journey to the Moon.

You do not need to worry about yourself either, as adults are also catered for, with performances such as song recitals, opera plays and Die Fledermaus.

Those keen to go shopping while on holiday should certainly head to Zeil – the famous shopping mile – in the heart of the city.

Here, you will find well-known store chains and specialist shops hawking a wide variety of products. You could also go to the Zeilgalerie shopping center. There is a viewing platform on the roof of this building that gives you wonderful vistas of the whole city and across to the Taunus mountains – perfect for photos.


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Why Choose Kyrenia North Cyprus for Your Summer Holiday?


As you sit by the pretty Venetian harbor, watching boats bob on the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you'll be glad you chose Kyrenia in North Cyprus for your summer holiday!

North Cyprus is the unspoilt face of the Mediterranean, a country where the sun shines for 300 days a year and the local people are genuinely pleased to welcome you to their homeland. In North Cyprus you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of stunning beaches or lofty mountains, ancient ruins or medieval cites, or enjoy the thrill of watersports, scuba diving or even paragliding. Choose the town of Kyrenia as your base, and you'll be staying in the prettiest town in North Cyprus, and it's an ideal base for exploring this fascinating and beautiful country.

Kyrenia, or Girne as the locals call it, is centred around its almost impossibly perfect Venetian harbor. During the day, café and restaurant waiters invite you to sit and relax over a coffee and baklava, or a leisurely lunch of fish, fresh from the sea that laps the harbor walls. After an afternoon of browsing the shops in the medieval streets that lead away from the harbor into the old town, you'll probably want to return here for a well-earned dinner too. Try the Carob Restaurant, an old 19th century carob bean warehouses now converted into an elegant restaurant. Dining on their rooftop terrace is an absolute must for romantics and lovers of great sunsets!

Explore the streets and you'll discover the local restaurants that offer excellent Turkish Cypriot menus at lower prices than you'll find around the harbor. The owners of the famous Niazi's Restaurant in Kyrenia claim to have created the 'full kebeb', a belly-busting meal of various charcoal grilled kebabs with accompaniment meze dishes. Turkish Cypriots reckon it takes a really hungry person to actually finish a kebab meal at Niazi's!

Luckily, Kyrenia is such an interesting town, you'll soon work up an appetite for all this good food! Kyrenia castle stands guard over the harbor, and the views from its battleships are well worth the climb through its fortified gates and ramps. The castle also houses the fascinating Shipwreck Museum, containing one of the oldest shipwrecks ever recovered. Climb up the hill and away from the sea, and you may here the calls to prayer from the Djafer Pasa mosque, built in 1570. Here you are literally walking on history; under your feet the ground is honeycombed with miles of catacombs, cut from the limestone rock

Shopping in the maze of streets behind the harbor is rewarding, simply because you never know quite what you might find! North Cyprus is known for its unique and historic lacework, basketware – and excellent brandy. It's worth seeking out the Lusignan Art and Cafe Bar, where you can buy jurisdiction Cypriot wood carvings in the art gallery, or quench your thirst with a refreshing lemonade made by the owner's mother on the concessions.

Kyrenia is surrounded by some of the best beaches in North Cyprus, where golden sands dip into shallow waters, ideal for sunworshippers and watersport fans alike. From Kyrenia, you can easily visit some of North Cyprus' most famous sights. Just a short drive away is the beautiful village of Bellapais and its famous ruined Augustinian abbey, immortalized in the author Lawrence Durrell's book "Bitter Lemons." The village square is a lovely place to stop and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, but do not sit for too long under the Tree of Idleness or you may never get up again!

Choose Kyrenia in North Cyprus for your summer holiday and you'll enjoy the best the Mediterranean has to offer, without the hassle, high costs or high-rise buildings of other summer sunshine resorts!


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