5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Rental Rip-Offs

We've all been there ….

It's the middle of winter, it's darn cold and the days rotate around the start and finish of work. Not fun. And so we start thinking or fantasizing about long hot summer days when the nights seem endless and you can actually do something other than …. well let's see …. work.

We need a rope to cling to, a bright spark to look forward to. What better than a summer holiday with the family? We trawl the web while sitting in our cold study looking at luxurious hotels, motels, holiday apartments and then a listing catches our eye. An amazing holiday rental located in just the area we want. Well what the heck we say and investigate further. The holiday rental is glitzy, it's glamorous, it has amazing views across the sparkling sands, modern décor, you name it – it has it. Wow! we say. Bet that will cost a fortune. So we hesitantly press the check price button. The price flashes up, we hastily do the math and calculate that, well, it's actually not too bad. The daily price per person is not much more than the local caravan park. What the heck. We send off an email inquiry.

Several days later the owner contacts us with availability, prices and bank details for us to pay the deposit. It all reads okay and so we go ahead, confident that we have secured the family a great holiday at a great price. We sit back with a smug smile feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Holiday time comes around. We load the family in the car and set off down the road. After six hours battling the roads and other drivers we're tired, the family is grumpy from being forced to sit in a car bulging with holiday requirements and our partner is complaining about a migraine caused by the kids constant fighting. The destination can not arrive soon enough.

And then we're there. The owner has clearly provided us with a map. Sure it's a little sketchy but hey you navigated the London Tube. How difficult will it be to locate a holiday house? Your partner with the impending migraine navigates for you, issuing instructions that you know can not be right. What do you mean turn off the highway? It is still 10k to the beach. Ahhh, you comfort yourself, the holiday rental was advertised as private. A side road winding down to the coast is all part of the plan. The bitumen road turns to gravel and after a few more k's becomes a narrow twisty path that resembles more of a goat track which inevitably causes to swallow the car in one of the more impressive potholes. The beginnings of nervous perspiration bead on your forehead. Your heart however, lifts with relief when your partner yells "There it is!"

You swing the car into the driveway, wincing as branches from unkempt bushes whip along the side of the car. 'It will all be okay' you mutter reassuringly to yourself. The house emerges, a quaint woodsy cottage surrounded by freshly mown lawns and bush. You stare in disbelief at the heavy native forest surrounding you. This can not be right. You grab the map and check it again; confident your partner has made a mistake. No mistake.

You sneak a look at your partner whose face is frozen into immobility. Your teenage daughter, as usual, sums it up perfectly with the classic one liner 'You can not be serious! I'm not staying in that dump! ' Even your son, an adventurous soul, appears lost for words.

Ever hopeful, you clamber out of the car, confident that the beach and stunning ocean views are tucked away. You just have not discovered them yet. You stand on the verandah and see the ocean. A pale patch of blue far, far away in the distant. In the meantime your partner is scanning the instructions provided by the owner on where to find the keys. You both set off in pursuit of the keys. Okay, the view was not quite what you expected but hey, maybe the house will be better.

After ten minutes of fruitless searching you return empty handed. No keys. By now you're losing it. You punch the owner contact details into your phone and mentally prepare yourself to give this owner a serve, growing more frustrated when your call clicks through to voice mail. Resisting the urge to leave a few choice explets you go with a short, terse message. Call me. Now. '

Conveniently your partner 'finds' an open door and you step intrepidly inside. To your relief the inside appears okay, better than expected. On closer inspection you find dead flies and much to your daughter's horror a large spider has nestled with an extravagant web over a doorframe. There are breadcrumbs on the bench; fat splattered on the hotplates and the oven resembles an open fire roasting pit. The mattress guards are stained, the window ledges are dusty, there's a few choice cockroaches scuttling for cover and quell horror, your partner finds a condom under a bed.

You think you have finally hit rock bottom when a screech from the bathroom has the entire family running to find one grossed out daughter staring at a pubic hair on the tiles. You admit defeat. There is no way your family is going to allow you to get away with this.

Half an hour later having exhausted every holiday accommodation site for the area on the web you come away with a small victory. A campsite at the local caravan park and the park owners kindly offer to provide the tent and bedding for an extra 100 bucks a day. 'Bargain' you mutter sarcastically while bemoaning the unwarranted damage to the bank account and the exciting prospect of pursuing the MIA owners for a refund.

Yeah, we've all been there. So how do you avoid holiday rental rip-offs? Read these handy tips and while you may not avoid all problems you'll definitely learn how to eliminate some of them.

1. Do your research. And then research some more. When you find a property you like, Google the name and address. See what other sites the property is listed on and check for different photos so that you get a good idea of ​​what the property really looks like. Look at the property on Google Maps. Is it as close to the services as the ad claims it to be? Check the amount of bookings – it is likely that if the property is regularly booked the owner has a good reputation.

2. Check the terms and conditions of the website that you are ordering through. Do their terms and conditions cover the individual properties advertised or are they a set of generic website terms that state 'all care and no responsibility' or refer to owner?

3. Take a look at what other guests have said about the property. Have a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor or look at reviews of the property under the Google Business listing.

4. Be careful about payment. Read the cancellation and refund policy carefully. Chances are if you have booked for Easter or Christmas it may be difficult for you to obtain a refund for other than genuine reasons. Your booking has received the owner from accepting other bookings for that period and as one of their major income weeks – they will want to be paid and will have terms and conditions to cover that very eventuality.

5. Unless you know the owner of the holiday rental personally, have booked the property previously, or know someone that has, it pays to go through an established holiday rental business. The properties are managed by experienced and qualified property managers, standards are set and if not met will be corrected, there will be a local office and staff that you can actually see to speak to and as holiday rentals are their business and you are their client they will be very eager to ensure that you are well looked after.

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Holidays in Ibiza – The Party Paradise

Also famous as the party city of Europe, Ibiza a part of Spanish Balearic Islands located in Mediterranean Sea. The island is quite a tourist destination for those looking forward to some parties and lots of beach. A holiday in Ibiza might start with party but has more to it, such as pine forests, ancient UNESCO acknowledged town, amazing village beauty and a great cuisine.

Ibiza is more of a summer destination with its beaches and nightlife being acknowledged by tourists. Following are some of the popular tourist attractions to visit when holidaying in Ibiza:

Hippy Market – Punta Arabi

This hippy market is present on the land of famous club Punta Arabi, Es Cana. The market near Santa Eulalia is held on Wednesday and offers a huge collection of goods, such as clothing, batik wraps, East-Asian ornaments and jewelry and much more. The market is also known to have some of the real hippies roaming around.

C'an Marça Caves This tourist attraction of Ibiza is surrounded with magnificent views and has temples, figures formed by stalactites and stalagmites as well as an impressive show of light and sound. The caves also have the facility of multilingual guide for all kind of tourists and visitors.

Galleria Van der Voort

Visitors and tourist when holidaying in Ibiza are often smitten by the beautiful collection of pictures and arts, coming from great artists.

Ibiza Old Town

Established around 2,500 years back, the old and ancient town of Ibiza, Dalt Vila, has been quite a tourist poleer. Visitors on a holiday in Ibiza never miss opportunity of experiencing whitewashed homes, cobblestone streets with narrow designs and all of it surrounded with beautiful harbor. The town also has shops, galleries and markets to wander and to buy some souvenir for back home.

Scenic Tour Train Popular among families holidaying in Ibiza, this is a 2 hours of ride that takes you through the stunning view of countryside.

Museum of Archeology

The museum of archaeology is situated in the old town of Ibiza and is know for its spectacular collection and Punic artifacts. Apart from artifacts of Arab, Christian and Moorish, some of the things one can not miss in this tourist attraction are the collection ranging from Punic era, prehistoric sites of Formentra and Ibiza as well as 7th-2nd century BC sanctuaries of Cuieram and Illa Plana.

When on a holiday in Ibiza you can always find leisure in following ways:


The summer island Ibiza has an amazing line of exotic beaches making it an ideal tourist destination. From parties, nightlife, nudity to lots of sand and water, the beaches of Ibiza are always crowded with youngsters. Some of the best beaches are Playa Talamanca, Santa Eulalia, Figueretas, Playa des Cana, Cala Llonga and Cala Lena.

The waterline of Ibiza is also loaded with amazing water sports, snorkeling and diving. The island of Ibiza also has great sports facility and amazing Golf and Go-karting courses too. For those who need something more to take back from apart from the fun and excitement, try out the shopping experience in Ibiza.

Best time to visit or holiday in Ibiza

The best time to visit or holiday in Ibiza is the summer time, usually the island is crowded with tourists and visitors in the sunny, hot and humid months from may to October.

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Summer Holidays in Tuscany

Summer is a great time to travel and spend your holidays in the places we want.

In Italy one of the regions most frequented by tourists from around the world is certainly the Tuscany region in summer. It is famous in the world for many aspects: cities, art, the beauty of the rural areas, exclusive seaside resorts and also for fine food and wine.

Between the cities of Tuscany, the most visited one is definitely Florence.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany. Every year this city is visited by millions of tourists most of which come during the summer. After the heat the historic center of Florence is full of people. They follow the routes of major tours and important monuments and gather in the streets and squares of the old town in the summer.

This famous Italian city offers the opportunity to visit monuments and unique works of art of great historical and artistic value. Florence also offers a great choice for lovers of good food and good wines that are produced not far from the city in the popular countryside of Chianti.

In Tuscany ,ides Florence, there are other important cities renamed for their artistic beauty. Among these there is Siena, Pisa, Lucca and many other ancient and medieval villages. These places represent exceptional testimonials of a past and are one of the richest and full of the history of centuries.

Those who love the beauty, moreover to the art, Tuscany can offer the magnificent countryside. For those who love to spend their summer holidays in seaside resorts is the perfect place.

Nature lovers can choose from many types of locations, ranging from hilly areas that offer scenic views and even more mountainous areas that reach over a thousand meters high.

There are also flat rural areas which offer the opportunity to spend relaxation time immersed in a wild nature and, suddenheless, fascinating with its beautiful landscapes.

Even those who love to spend their summer vacation by the sea has a huge selection. The area of ​​Versilia offers large and comfortable beaches with excellent facilities. In Versilia there are famous resorts of Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and Viareggio.

This area has become famous for being frequented by the VIPs and not only Italians. These places have a huge choice of hotels, restaurants, bars and discos that enliven the days and nights of summer. For those who prefer to experience the sea in the most savage way, down the coastal area to the south you are kindly to encounter areas characterized by excellent reefs with possibilities to enjoy underwater fishing.

Whatsoever, Tuscany also offers to spend holidays in great, charming and beautiful islands such as Elba and the island of Giglio. These places are designed for boat lovers who can spend wonderful time in the search of hidden coves and beaches accessible only by sea.

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Kerala Tours – Holiday in Land of Marvelous Attractions

Kerala is no doubt the most beautiful state in India, located amidst the high hills of the Western Ghats and the azure Arabian Sea. It is blessed with all the expressions and is famous all over the world for its fantastic tourism attractions which are one of a kind, unmatched by any other holiday destinations in the world.

Kerala is a beautiful state and is one of the sought after holiday destination visited by swarm of national and international tourists. It is amazingly blessed with the blissful aura and mind-blowing attraction that include the pristine beaches with crystal clear water and un-polluted surrounding; astonishing backwaters truly gifted with natural wonder and astonishments, beautiful hill stations blessed with refreshing natural beauty and attractions, etc. All these have truly made Kerala a hot and top holiday destination in India that magnets large number of tourists from all the nook and corner of the world.

On your Kerala tours visit to a famous and scenic hill station Wayanad. It is amazingly blessed with all the expression of nature with exciting attractions which are worth a visit. Though it is a small place it has plethora of attractions among which some of the top ones to visit are the Bansura Dam, Lakkidi, Tusharagiri Waterfalls, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Pookot Lake, Edakkal Cave, Kuruva Island, etc. Truly speaking you will have wonderful time in this beautiful hill station of Kerala which offers you much more than your expectations to make your visit an experince to treasure for lifetime.

This beautiful state is also famous for its stunning beaches, which are also the integral part of Kerala tourism that provide tourists blissful ambiance to enjoy holidays with friends, families and dear ones in a delightful and memorable way. Popularly visited beaches in the state by tourists on their holidays are Kovalam Beach, Cherai Beach, Allappuzha Beach, Marari Beach, Padinharekara Beach, Pallikere Beach, etc. These beautiful beaches count the maximum number of tourists and provide them wonderful opportunity to enjoy water fun activities as well as leisure holidays in the blissful surrounding in a delightful and memorable way.

In addition, Kerala tour packages also provide visitors to enjoy wildlife safari in the exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries and see varied species of birds and animals in their natural home. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Palakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Raja Mala Wildlife Sanctuary, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Nayyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Peechi Vazhini Wildlife Sanctuary, etc are some of the famous wildlife parks and sanctuaries which are worth to visit and explore on visit to Kerala.

Well if you want to enjoy your holidays in this beautiful state of India, Kerala, you are most welcome. Book tailor made tour package from the well known tour operator and take back home delightful memories to relish in forever. Truly speaking you will have wonderful time in Kerala which will take a long time to replace by other memorable memories.

Welcome to Kerala, the God’s Own Country also remarked by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine as One of the Ten Paradises of the World.

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Taking a Holiday in Germany – Cities Await You

When you plan you vacation in Germany, cities and towns with plenty of attraction will no doubt be high on your list of places to visit. Berlin is obviously the first city that you will visit if you fly into the country. This is the capital city of the country with a population of about 3.4 million. It is known for its cultural attractions, many of which have international renown. There are over 400 art galleries and over 150 museums. Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the old Museum, called the Altes Museum, you can view the bust of Queen Nefertiti. Performing arts is alive and well with over 50 venues and the Zoologischer Garten Berlin, one of two zoos in the city, is home to the most diverse range of species in the world.

The Hanseatic City of Lubeck dates back to the 15th century when it was founded as the first western city on the Baltic Coast. This city is actually an island and boasts seven church steeples in its historic center. The superb Gothic brick architecture that survives makes it a World Heritage Site. The Holstein Gate dominates the skyline. This is one of the best-preserved town gates that date back to the Middle Ages in all of Europe. In places the walls are 3.5 meters thick.

Bonn is a city in Germany located on the Rhine River about 20 km from Cologne. The history of the city dates back to the first century when the Roman army had a garrison here. It is the birthplace of Beethoven and you can visit this home located at Bonngasse. Walk the Poppelsdorfer Allee, which is a beautiful alley lined with chestnut trees. This will take you to the Poppelsdorfer Schloss, a palace that was built in the 18th century. See the Guggenheim Collection at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Republic of Germany and relax for a while in the Botanical Garden.

The economic center of Germany is the city of Dusseldorf. Here you can attend one of the many fashion and fur trade shows, for which the city is famous. The city is located on the east side of the River Rhine and is divided into ten districts. It does have an international airport that sees planes landing and taking off for all parts of the world. If you plan to be in the city anytime from November to February you can experience the annual Karneval which runs for this length of time with parades, parties and many forms of entertainment.

The name of the city, Koblenz, describes its geographic location. The word means confluence and the city is located at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. There were early fortifications here as far back as the 10th century and roman troops under the command of Julius Caesar built a bridge here in 55 BC the remains of which are still visible. Forts still remain in the hills around the city and the Church of Saint Castor in the center of the city dates back to the 9th century. Lahneck Castle is close by and is open to visitors in the summer months.

This is just a sample of what awaits you when you choose Germany for your next vacation destination.

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Enjoy a Relaxed Ski Holiday in Peisey-Vallandry

Whether we like it or not, winter has arrived in the United Kingdom! Although the autumn season was remarkably prolonged this year, rain and colder weather has finally reached the shores, just in time for us to begin planning a Christmas break!

And while many Britons will take the chance to catch up with friends and family during the holiday season, just as many are likely to head out on a slightly more exciting type of break – like a stay in a catered chalet in a ski resort in Europe .

The Unbeatable French Alps

For many, a preferred destination is sure to be the French Alps. After all, it is here that some of the best skiing and snowboarding pistes and slopes in the world are located, as well as some of the most famously luxurious resorts. Over the decades, this part of Europe – along with neighboring Italy, Switzerland and even Austria – has deservedly carved a reputation for itself as the winter holiday destination par excellence, explaining its popularity among tourists both in Britain and further afield.

But for every person willing to pay top dollar for a catered chalet in Val D'Isére or Morzine, there will be another looking to scope out quieter or more affordable options elsewhere in the country. Inevitably, this type of traveler will discover that France holds more than meets the eye in terms of the scope of its ski resorts.

With plenty of scenic places to visit – and a few excellent ski resorts – the Savoy region is ideal for those wishing to enjoy a catered chalet holiday while staying reliably secluded from the winter-sport crowds yet within easy access of quaint villages and natural attractions.


One of the best resorts from which to enjoy all that Savoy has to offer is Peisey-Vallandry. Part of the Alpine region known as Paradiski, this resort offers the perfect mix of challenging pistes, breath-taking scenery and extra activities and sports – making it perfect for families as well as for individual travelers or groups of friends.

Adrenaline junkies for whatever the thrill of whisking down slopes is not enough, for example, will delight in the opportunity to engage in ice climbing – up frozen waterfalls, no less – or paragliding, while families might enjoy snowshoeing, pedestrian walks, or even cultural sessions held at the resort itself.

Peisey-Vallandry also offers special nursery days, so that parents with small children may have a personal day to enjoy the slopes on their own. A health club and regular entertainment events are also a fixture at this resort, ensuring that tourists who choose to book a catered chalet there get an extra something out of their skiing holiday!

For all these reasons and more, Peisey-Vallandry is an excellent under-the-radar option for a Christmas break in France.

Source by Danielle Hodges

Travel Itinerary – Consult Professional Holiday Planning Services

Anytime that someone plans a holiday, they have to plan what they will do and when they will do it. Some travelers enjoy going on holiday and just going with the flow to see what they can find in each area they visit. However, there are many reasons why just 'winging it' is not going to be an effective means of enjoying your vacation. Plan a travel itinerary for New Zealand instead, and you will be much better able to have an experience that you will never forget and make sure that you get to see all the best places while you are in the country.

Planning a travel itinerary for New Zealand is not difficult. Of course, if you prefer to have someone plan it for you, you can do that too. There are travel companies and holiday planning agencies that offer people the chance to just pick a package that includes things that they enjoy for their holiday, making planning easier than ever on the traveler. These companies have many different things to offer, but the selection will be up to you to determine. You can choose from pre-built itineraries or customized holiday plans, allowing you to have the ultimate vacation without having to plan it yourself.

If you are going to plan your own travel itinerary for New Zealand, you need to choose activities that suit your interests, allow for travel time, and make sure that everything revolves around your accommodation, the car hire or transportation that you choose, and the dates that you will be in town. It can be a lot of work to plan a vacation to New Zealand, which is why professional planning services are available and why they are so popular.

Professional holiday planning services can give you the chance to pick and choose the things that you want to do, the places that you want to go and the sights that you want to see while you are in New Zealand. You can select the exact activities that interest you and let the company plan your perfect travel itinerary for New Zealand, saving you time and hassle. Plus, you can often find better things to do with these companies because they know the country and are experienced within the travel industry so they know what they are doing much better than you might. Planning your own New Zealand holiday is possible, but if you prefer you can have professionals take care of your planning and sit back and wait for your vacation time to arrive.

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10 Marketing & Social Media Tactics to Boost Holiday Sales

Tis the season for holiday sales!

Shoppers are flocking online in search of gift giving ideas. According to Mashable, "65% of shoppers tap social media looking for the perfect gift … and two out of three shoppers purchased a gift they found via social media."

So what are the best ways to cash in on seasonal sales with your business?

Whether you are a service-based business or sell products, here's some suggestions to get in the spirit with holiday sales.

1) Learn from the Ghost of Christmas Past

Look at metrics from last year's holiday sales. What products were bestsellers? Which promotions created the largest lift in sales? What special offers were a total bomb?

Discover what worked and did not so you can capitalize on it when you plan this year's promotions.

2) Make a Holiday Social Media Cover Image

Decorate your social media business pages with a specially designed cover image. It's the perfect place to announce special holidays promotions and deals.

Be sure to create one for all of your social media accounts.

3) Use Holiday Hashtags

Twitter shoppers may use hashtags to find their next purchase. So take advantage of hashtags to get discovered.

Some popular hashtags include: #blackFriday, #DIY, #holidaysssavings, #stockingstuffers, #holidays, #Christmas, #Hannukah, #Kwanzaa, #NewYears

4) Create Social Media Graphics for Promos and Deals

Everyone loves getting a great deal when holiday shopping. Make festive graphics promoting special promotions that make purchasing the perfect item irresistible.

Deals can include:

• one day only,

• limited quantity sales,

• buy-one-get-one free,

• special discounts or holiday coupons.

Consider offering a "12 days of Christmas" promotion with a special deal each day!

Canva makes it easy to make custom holiday social media graphics.

5) Boost Sales with Free Shipping

Consider offering free shipping for holidays gifts. Create highly visible buttons or banners promoting it on your website.

Or you can boost the order size by offering free shipping on orders over a bigger dollar amount such as $ 100.

Studies show that shipping costs are one of the largest detracts to making a purchase online so this one tactic could result in big returns for you.

6) Offer Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping can be frustrating when you do not know what to buy for the person who has everything. You'll want to promote your bestselling gifts.

Make gift buying easy by sharing gift suggestions like:

• 5 gifts for mom,

• 10 gifts grandparents love,

• 5 gift ideas for tech savvy teens etc.

Then offer links to purchase each of the items you mention on your blog and on social media.

Better yet, if you have a blog, write articles based on these topics and refer to your products within the article with links back to the purchase page.

7) Write Reviews

If you offer one of the hot new products of the season, consider writing and reviewing a review about it on your blog. In this review you could mention your own offers that would be a great gift accompaniment.

As an example, do a review of the top three smart phone accessories for Mom this Christmas and share pictures of them with a red bow on them along with a side-by-side features comparison. Then mention how your offer go great with these gift ideas while including links to purchase.

You could also incorporate your Amazon affiliate link for those products

8) Suggest Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Help idea stumped shoppers by offering suggestions for small items for everyone on their shopping list!

Write a blog post with the hottest stocking stuffers for the season. Share daily stocking stuffer ideas on social media using hashtags like: # beststockingstuffers2016 #cheapstockingstuffers #stockingstuffersforwomen

9) Reward Loyal Customers

Offer to give a $ 100 Gift Card to a randomly selected customer cutting posting a picture or video with your product on social media. Set up a campaign having them use a special hash tag like #christmascountdown.

This can help your promotional campaigns to go viral as customers share on their timeline and family / friends see their post.

10) Share Holiday Spirit

Connect to the spirit of the holidays in your customer's hearts. Engage your customers by asking them their favorite holiday tradition.

Get people to interact with your brand by asking them to share:

a. Their most-loved family recipes from Thanksgiving or another holiday event.

b. What their most loved Christmas song is.

c. DIY Christmas decorating tips.

d. Easy gift wrapping suggestions.

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How a Luxury Home Rental Could Enhance Your Family Holiday

While staying in a hotel has its own benefits, if you’re going away for longer than a few days, renting a villa or holiday home will make your experience that bit more enjoyable. Not only will you have somewhere to rest your head after a day of sunbathing, swimming or seeing the sights, you will also have your own space to relax, cook and entertain in.

People often tend to steer away from renting private accommodation, fearing it will be too expensive and subsequently blow their budget. But think of all the money you’ll save by cooking your own meals in a vast and beautiful kitchen. Instead of dining out in pricey restaurants and spending money on entertainment, you can find it all inside a villa.

If money is no object, there are plenty of holiday homes that will provide extra services such as a chef to cook your food, as well as maids and butlers. These are optional and will come at an additional cost, but it goes without saying that hiring someone to care of your day-to-day chores will have a big impact on your relaxation and enjoyment levels.

Plus, if professional staff are taking care of your washing, cleaning and cooking duties then you will have more time to spend with your children and partner. This will enable you to truly take a break from the duties of your everyday life, letting you really switch off and unwind or spend more time exploring the local area as a family.

A villa rental is a great alternative for families who don’t want to stay in a hotel. Hotels typically provide little entertainment for children, and while there may be a family lounge available, you probably won’t want to spend all of your time in there. Plus, if you don’t want to eat out in restaurants every night, you may be stuck for an alternative.

What’s more, if you’re sharing a hotel room with your children, there will be little opportunity for you to spend time with your partner or friends once they have gone to sleep. By renting a holiday home with multiple rooms, you will have plenty of space to relax and entertain in, including vast dining rooms, lounge areas, stereo systems and even home cinemas.

What’s more, some luxury accommodation options include access to a pool that both you and the kids can play, swim or relax in. In some cases this offering may even extend to an outdoor bar or even a spa area. Some of the larger holiday properties may also include gyms, while others offer a full concierge service and waiting staff.

In order to truly reap the benefits of your surroundings, try to find a holiday home with a beautiful view. Depending on where you’re planning to stay, you may be able to find one up in the mountains or with an ocean view. Being able to enjoy these views will make your whole trip feel more like a break from normal life – something we all need once in a while.

A luxury rental will undoubtedly make your family holiday more enjoyable. You can rent houses, villas, condos and apartments – in some cases at a very reasonable price. Whether you opt for a small, two-bedroom property or something larger (villas can sometimes accommodate 8-10 couples) it will have a big impact on your trip.

Source by Kent J Thompson

Holidays in Florida – Where to Go and What to See

Florida, also known as "The Sunshine State" is so called for its clear skies and warm, inviting climate year round. And one of the Sunshine State's top destinations is the centrally located city of Orlando. Attracting international tourism for decades, Orlando is action packed with many places to see and things to do.

Hotels in Orlando range from the first-class and deluxe accommodation to the budget-friendly two star and up lodging conveniently located near to the city's main attractions. If your destination destination is Disney World, you may choose from Orlando hotels located inside the park and enjoy a special discount with Disney park admissions. In addition, you may opt for the surrounding Orlando area hotels, many of which will provide free shuttle service to and from Disney World.

Orlando is located in the center of the state, so first time travelers to Florida may wish to spend some time on one of the state's pristine beaches. Try an international flight into one of the seaside resort areas such as Miami, located about two hours from Greater Orlando. Miami hotels abound with options for sea view rooms or moderately priced accommodation that is walking distance to the beach.

Disney World and Epcot Center are the main attractions for the millions of visitors that make their way to Orlando each year. Tickets may be purchased at the main gate for a one-day's admission, or preferably, you may opt to purchase a multi-day pass.

In addition to the Disney attractions, Orlando is teaming with interesting places to explore. For an adventurous evening out for dinner and floor show, try Medieval Times for a hearty meal and interactive entertainment. The show is set in a lavish English-style castle with a thrilling performance from the knights on horseback. Watch the jousting and expert equestrian showmanship while pampered by your "wench" with a four course meal. Medieval Times is opened daily and reservations are strongly recommended.

And when you need to find that perfect souvenir, Orlando is a shopping paradise with many outlet malls to serve you. Shop till you drop at Orlando Premium Outlets for best bargain deals and savings up to 75% off retail. Located at 8200 Vineland Ave, this mega shopping center has over 150 stores that carry international brands to include Armani, Barney's of New York, Fendi, Nike and more.

Another popular choice for best bargain shopping is the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, located just minutes from Walt Disney World at 15657 S. Apopka Vineland Road. This favorite shop spot features Disney merchandise at huge discounts and has an action-packed playground for the kids. Free shuttle service may be arranged from participating Orlando hotels with pick-ups listening at 9 AM.

Booking your holiday in Orlando may be made through a pre-planned itinerary or a self-guided tour with local hotels. The length of stay in this bustling city should be at least five nights to enjoy everything Disney has made available and take in the sights, sounds and flavors of Orlando's fine restaurants and nightlife.

Source by Richard Bryce